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About Resident Evil: Death Island

Resident Evil: Death Island is the latest installment in the popular zombie horror franchise, and it boasts an impressive cast of voice actors who bring the beloved characters to life. Matthew Mercer lends his talents to the role of Leon S. Kennedy, a skilled agent who is tasked with finding a missing DARPA scientist amidst a terrifying zombie outbreak. Kevin Dorman voices Chris Redfield, a seasoned veteran of the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (BSAA), who teams up with Leon and the others to investigate a series of strange occurrences.

The film is set in San Francisco, where the city is under siege by a new and deadly T-Virus that has turned its citizens into mindless, flesh-eating zombies. Jill Valentine, a former member of the elite Special Tactics and Rescue Service (S.T.A.R.S.), is on the front lines of the battle to contain the outbreak and protect the city's residents. Meanwhile, Claire Redfield, the younger sister of Chris and a dedicated activist, is investigating a series of grisly attacks by a monstrous fish that is terrorizing the bay and killing whales.

As the various storylines converge, Leon, Chris, Jill, and Claire all find themselves drawn to the mysterious Alcatraz Island. There, they uncover a sinister plot by a new and powerful enemy who has taken up residence on the island and is using the T-Virus to create an army of the undead. With the fate of the city hanging in the balance, the group must band together and use all their skills and training to take down the evil mastermind and stop the spread of the T-Virus once and for all. Resident Evil: Death Island is a thrilling and action-packed addition to the franchise that is not to be missed by fans of the series.

Full Cast of Resident Evil: Death Island

Matthew Mercer
plays Leon S. Kennedy (voice)

Matthew Mercer as Leon S. Kennedy (voice)
Matthew Mercer's performance as Leon S. Kennedy in 'Resident Evil: Death Island' is a standout aspect of the film. Mercer's voice acting is not only a perfect match for the character's rugged and determined personality, but also brings a sense of authenticity and realism to the role. His delivery of Leon's iconic one-liners and witty banter adds a layer of charm and charisma to the character, making him a fan-favorite. Mercer's ability to convey Leon's emotions, whether it be his determination in the face of danger or his compassion towards his allies, truly elevates the character and makes him a memorable addition to the Resident Evil franchise. See Matthew Mercer's other roles

Kevin Dorman
plays Chris Redfield (voice)

Erin Cahill
plays Rebecca Chambers (voice)

Erin Cahill as Rebecca Chambers (voice)
Erin Cahill's performance as Rebecca Chambers in 'Resident Evil: Death Island' is a standout among the ensemble cast. Cahill brings a sense of vulnerability and determination to the character, expertly portraying Rebecca's struggle to survive in a world overrun by the undead. Her voice acting is nuanced and emotive, capturing the fear, desperation, and resolve that define Rebecca's journey. Cahill's performance adds depth to the character, making her a relatable and compelling protagonist in the midst of the chaos and horror of the Resident Evil universe. See Erin Cahill's other roles

Nicole Tompkins
plays Jill Valentine (voice)

Stephanie Panisello
plays Claire Redfield (voice)

Salli Saffioti
plays Ingrid Hunnigan (voice)

Salli Saffioti as Ingrid Hunnigan (voice)
Salli Saffioti delivers a captivating performance as Ingrid Hunnigan in 'Resident Evil: Death Island'. Her voice acting skills bring the character to life, infusing Ingrid with a sense of authority and urgency that is crucial to the film's narrative. Saffioti's ability to convey emotion through her voice adds depth to Ingrid's interactions with other characters, making her a standout in the ensemble cast. Her performance is a testament to her talent and versatility as a voice actor. See Salli Saffioti's other roles

Cristina Valenzuela
plays Maria Gomez (voice)

Daman Mills
plays Dylan Blake (voice)

Frank Todaro
plays Antonio Taylor (voice)

Lucien Dodge
plays JJ (voice)

Isaac Robinson-Smith
plays William Gunner (voice)

Alejandro Saab
plays Reporting Student (voice)

Bob Carter
plays SWAT Captain (voice)

Bill Butts
plays Zombies (voice)

Ananda Dawn Jacobs
plays Derrick Dover

Dawn M. Bennett
plays Additional Voice (voice)

Joe Hernandez
plays Additional Voice (voice)

John Bentley
plays Additional Voice (voice)

Kenta Nitta
plays Takeyuki Honda

Keren Louis
plays Jeffrey Rowe

Kim Gasiciel
plays Additional Voice (voice)

Masaaki Sasaki
plays Alexandria Kayy / Joel Dickerson

Momotaro Sakae
plays Kai Kitamura

Runa Kitanoe
plays Ryoko Gomi / Natsumi Sano

Ryan Colt Levy
plays Additional Voice (voice)

Ryuhei Higashiyama
plays Tsubasa Mukaida

Takahiro Yoneoka
plays Shunya Sasaki

Tiana Camacho
plays Additional Voice (voice)

Zeke Alton
plays Additional Voice (voice)

Luis E. Bermudez
plays Additional Voices / Zombies

Crew of Resident Evil: Death Island

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