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  • Released on June 19, 2004

A love story starring Tamaki Hiroshi, Konishi Manami, Ikeuchi Hiroyuki, Hirayama Aya and Kamiki Ryunosuke. Hiroyuki, a fourth-year law student who has just broken up with his girlfriend Miwa, is approached by Satoshi, a student at the same university, on his way home from school and asked to do something strange. He wants to make a will for himself. Satoshi, who calls himself the "God of Death," begins to tell him about his mysterious past. He wants to get close to people but cannot. He says that everyone he was close to would die. So he has lived his life without befriending or loving anyone since he was a child. But when Satoshi meets a woman named Mizuki, he unexpectedly falls in love with her. And that was the beginning of a very sad love story...

Full Cast of Renai Shousetsu

Hiroshi Tamaki
plays Satoshi Kubo

Manami Konishi
plays Mizuki Sawai

Hiroyuki Ikeuchi
plays Hiroyuki Takei

Aya Hirayama
plays Miwa Ogaki

Kaoru Okunuki
plays Chinatsu Onuki

Ryunosuke Kamiki
plays Young Satoshi Kubo

Ryunosuke Kamiki as Young Satoshi Kubo

Ryunosuke Kamiki is a Japanese actor. He entered the industry in 1995 when he was only 2 years old. He made his drama...

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Arisa Mizuki
plays Emiko Suo

Sansei Shiomi
plays Yuya Kubo

Yoko Maki

Yoko Maki

Maki Yoko, born October 15, 1982 in Inzai, Chiba, Japan, is a Japanese actress. Maki has appeared in several films in...

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Crew of Renai Shousetsu

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