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The CIA hears of a KGB scheme to assassinate the Soviet General Secretary and enlists Stoner, an agent retired for 10 years, to go to Russia to investigate. He verifies the plot, but then has trouble leaving the country. In the meantime, the U.S. policy makers struggle over whether or not to inform the Soviets of the plot. Stoner's problems are complicated by the renewal of an affair with Anna, a Russian, as he tries to convince her to defect.

Full Cast of Red King, White Knight

Tom Skerritt
plays Stoner

Tom Skerritt as Stoner

Thomas Roy Skerritt (born August 25, 1933) is an American actor who has appeared in more than forty films and more th...

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Max von Sydow
plays Szaz

Max von Sydow as Szaz

Max von Sydow (10 April 1929 – 8 March 2020) was a Swedish actor. He also held French citizenship since 2002. He star...

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Helen Mirren
plays Anna

Helen Mirren as Anna

Dame Helen Lydia Mirren DBE (née Mironoff; born 26 July 1945) is an English actor. The recipient of numerous accolade...

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Tom Bell
plays Tulayev

Neil Dudgeon
plays Vlasek

Barry Corbin
plays Bentick

Barry Corbin as Bentick

Barry Corbin is an American film and television actor. His most well-known role came in the television series Norther...

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Clarke Peters
plays Jones

Clarke Peters as Jones

​From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Clarke Peters (born 7 April 1952) is an American actor, singer, writer and d...

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Lou Hirsch
plays Baetz

Kerry Shale
plays Viktor

Kerry Shale as Viktor

Kerry Shale was born on June 4, 1952 and is currently 72 years old.

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Gavan O'Herlihy
plays Clancy

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