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  • Released on July 17, 2017
  • Comedy

When nerdy high schooler Dani finally attracts the interest of her longtime crush, she lands in the cross hairs of his ex, a social media celebrity.

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Nesta Cooper
plays Dani Barnes

Nesta Cooper as Dani Barnes

Nesta Cooper was born on December 11, 1993 and is currently 30 years old.

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Keith Powers
plays Cameron Drake

Alicia Sanz
plays Alexa Medina

Alicia Sanz as Alexa Medina

Alicia Sanz was born on April 10, 1988 and is currently 36 years old.

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Jake Borelli
plays Freddie Myers

Jake Borelli as Freddie Myers

Jake Borelli is an American television and film actor.

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Anne Winters
plays Holly

Patrick Davis Alarcón
plays Miguel

Michael Provost
plays Shannon

Ryan Malaty
plays Vinny

Kate Walsh
plays Dr. Fiona Shively

Kate Walsh as Dr. Fiona Shively

Kathleen Erin "Kate" Walsh (born October 13, 1967) is an American film and television actress, currently known for he...

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John Michael Higgins
plays Principal Dixon

Valarie Rae Miller
plays Mrs. Barnes

Valarie Rae Miller as Mrs. Barnes

Valarie Rae Miller (born April 16, 1974) is an American actress.

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Jeffrey D. Sams
plays Mr. Barnes

Jeffrey D. Sams as Mr. Barnes

Jeffrey D. Sams is an actor.

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Leah Rose Randall
plays Taylor Barnes

Marissa Cuevas
plays Kimmy

Marissa Cuevas as Kimmy

Marissa Cuevas was born on December 14, 1992 and is currently 31 years old.

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Peter Gilroy
plays Broussard

Rebekah Graf
plays Lana Drake

Rebekah Graf as Lana Drake

Rebekah Graf is an American film and television actress. She is best known for playing Heather Locklear in the 2018 b...

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Thomas Anthony Jones
plays Mr. Drake

Suzanne Altfeld
plays Freddie's Grandmother

Jana Savage
plays Mrs. Savage

Kid Ink
plays Kid Ink

Chris Osborn
plays Eugene the Camera Guy

Lilian Tapia
plays Vinny's Mom

Carolina Gómez
plays Adriana Medina

David St. James
plays Alfred

David St. James as Alfred

David St. James was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. He is an actor, known for The West Wing (1999), iCarly (2007) and ...

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Yousef Erakat
plays Self

Alejandro Edda
plays Big Jim

Alejandro Edda as Big Jim

Alejandro Edda is a Mexican actor, born May 17, 1984 in Puebla, Mexico. Alejandro Edda was born in Puebla, Mexico in...

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Chris Broussard
plays Self

Tatiana Lett
plays 10-year-old Dani

Olivia Trujillo
plays 0-Year-Old Alexa

Kellen Michael
plays Karl Hurwitz

Kellen Michael as Karl Hurwitz

Kellen Michael was born on July 21, 2004 and is currently 19 years old.

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Stevie Dore
plays Cheerleader / Dancer

Jorgen Makena
plays Cheerleader / Dancer

Michelle Sim
plays Cheerleader / Dancer

Deja Riley
plays Cheerleader / Dancer

Taylor Ackerman
plays Cheerleader / Dancer

Kaitlyn Cushing
plays Cheerleader / Dancer

Natsuki Miya
plays Cheerleader / Dancer

Alaina Hoolihan
plays Cheerleader / Dancer

Kevin Frey
plays Cheerleader / Dancer

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