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An up-and-coming media executive has good reason to question the very facts of his existence in this micro-budget sci-fi chiller from director Jonathan King ( Black Sheep, Under the Mountain) and novelist Chad Taylor.

Full Cast of REALITi

Erin Banks
plays Tori

William Brandt
plays Eddie

Michelle Langstone
plays Selma

Nathaniel Lees
plays George

Miranda Manasiadis
plays Meg

Graham McTavish
plays Mandrake

Graham McTavish as Mandrake

Graham McTavish (born 1961) is a Scottish television actor. He has played the character Warden Ackerman in Red Dwarf ...

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Nathan Meister
plays Vic

A.J. Murtagh
plays Hotel Clerk

Paul Waggott
plays William

Aroha White
plays Jessamine

Richard Whiteside
plays Hunter

Tim Wong
plays Lo

Crew of REALITi

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