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Koichi and Atsumi are lovers who have known each other all their lives. A year ago, however, a suicide attempt by Atsumi left her in a coma. Through 'sensing', a type of neurosurgical procedure allowing contact with the intentional aspect of a comatose patient's mind, Koishi tries to find out why Atsumi tried to kill herself, and to bring her back to consciousness. He enters her subconscious, and is told to find a picture of a plesiosaur she drew when she was a child. It turns out that a childhood incident buried in their past will bring their minds together.

Full Cast of Real

Takeru Satoh
plays Koichi Fujita

Haruka Ayase
plays Atsumi

Joe Odagiri
plays Sawano

Shota Sometani
plays Shingo Takagi

Shota Sometani as Shingo Takagi

Shota Sometani (染谷 将太 Sometani Shōta, born 3 September 1992) is a Japanese actor from Koto, Tokyo. He is known for hi...

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Keisuke Horibe
plays Yonemura

Yutaka Matsushige
plays Haruhiko

Kyoko Koizumi
plays Makiko

Kenta Hamano
plays Police Officer

Miki Nakatani
plays Shrink

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