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  • Released on March 06, 2021

Detective Suguro is enjoying a stay at a luxurious hotel in Wakayama. Also staying at the hotel is an unusual family led by rich widow Mrs. Hondo. She acts like a tyrant around her children, who are afraid of her and are at her beck and call. Unfortunately, a tragedy strikes the Hondo Family while on a hike to a local shrine. Mrs. Hondo, who was supposed to be taking a rest on the way, is found dead. Kawahara Daisaku, the chief of the local police station, asks Suguro to help with the investigation of Mrs. Hondo’s death.

Full Cast of Promise of death

Mansai Nomura
plays Takeru Suguro

Keiko Matsuzaka
plays Mrs. Hondo

Koji Yamamoto
plays Reiichiro Hondo

Sylvia Grab
plays Nagiko Hondo

Hayato Ichihara
plays Omomizu Hondo

Mayu Hotta
plays Kyoko Hondo

Nanoka Hara
plays Ayana Hondo

Nanoka Hara as Ayana Hondo

Nanoka Hara was born on August 26, 2003 and is currently 20 years old.

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Manami Higa
plays Kinuko Sara

Yoshiyuki Tsubokura
plays Kota Jumonji

Satomi Nagano
plays Hana Asuka

Kenji Anan
plays Daisaku Kawahari

Kyoka Suzuki
plays Honami Uesugi

Crew of Promise of death

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