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  • Released on March 01, 2024
  • Comedy

Alejandro is an aspiring toy designer from El Salvador, struggling to bring his unusual ideas to life in New York City. As time on his work visa runs out, a job assisting an erratic art-world outcast becomes his only hope to stay in the country and realize his dream.

Full Cast of Problemista

Julio Torres
plays Alejandro

Julio Torres as Alejandro
Julio Torres's performance as Alejandro in the movie 'Problemista' is a delightful blend of humor and vulnerability. His portrayal of the quirky, imaginative character is both endearing and hilarious, as he navigates the complexities of the art world with a unique perspective. Torres's comedic timing is impeccable, and his ability to bring out the subtle nuances of Alejandro's personality adds depth to the character. Overall, his performance is a standout in the film, making it a must-watch for fans of his previous work and newcomers alike. See Julio Torres's other roles

Tilda Swinton
plays Elizabeth

Tilda Swinton as Elizabeth
Tilda Swinton delivers a captivating performance as Elizabeth in 'Problemista'. Her portrayal of the enigmatic and powerful art dealer is both nuanced and commanding. Swinton's ability to convey Elizabeth's complex emotions and motivations, often with minimal dialogue, is a testament to her acting prowess. Her performance adds depth and intrigue to the film, making it a must-watch for fans of Swinton and thought-provoking cinema. See Tilda Swinton's other roles

plays Bobby

RZA as Bobby
In the movie 'Problemista', RZA delivers a compelling performance as Bobby, a no-nonsense talent agent with a tough exterior. RZA's portrayal is noteworthy for its authenticity and depth, as he brings a sense of realism to the character. His on-screen presence is commanding, and he effectively conveys the complexities of Bobby's personality, making him a memorable character in the film. See RZA's other roles

Isabella Rossellini
plays Narrator (voice)

Isabella Rossellini as Narrator (voice)
Isabella Rossellini's performance as the Narrator in 'Problemista' is a delightful treat for viewers. Her soothing voice and articulate delivery add a layer of charm and sophistication to the film, effortlessly guiding the audience through the story. Rossellini's ability to convey a range of emotions through her narration, from humor to empathy, enriches the viewing experience and makes her performance a standout feature in the movie. See Isabella Rossellini's other roles

Catalina Saavedra
plays Dolores

James Scully
plays Bingham

James Scully as Bingham
James Scully delivers a standout performance as Bingham in 'Problemista'. His portrayal is both nuanced and captivating, showcasing his range as an actor. Scully brings a certain charm and vulnerability to the character, making Bingham relatable and endearing. His comedic timing is impeccable, adding a layer of humor to the film. Overall, Scully's performance is a highlight of 'Problemista', leaving viewers eager to see more of his work. See James Scully's other roles

Greta Lee
plays Dalia

Greta Lee as Dalia
Greta Lee's performance as Dalia in the movie 'Problemista' is a standout. She brings a unique blend of humor and vulnerability to the character, making her both relatable and entertaining. Lee's comedic timing is impeccable, delivering lines with a sharp wit that never fails to elicit laughter. At the same time, she also manages to convey Dalia's underlying insecurities and struggles, adding depth to the character. It's a performance that truly showcases Lee's versatility as an actress, making her a joy to watch on screen. See Greta Lee's other roles

Laith Nakli
plays Khalil

Larry Owens
plays Craigslist

Greta Titelman
plays Celeste

Spike Einbinder
plays Spray

Jason Furlani
plays Stefano (Tram Operator)

Miles G. Jackson
plays Brian

Paul Cooper
plays Drunk Bro

Bardia Salimi
plays Sleazy Guy

Roman Maldonado
plays Man 2

Ruba Thérèse Mansouri
plays Secretary

Cristina Madalina Kissler
plays Art Gallery Assistant

Jack P. Raymond
plays Waiter

Theo Maltz
plays Travis

Logan J. Alarcon-Poucel
plays Young Alejandro

Sheila Moikangoa
plays FedEx Clerk

Shakina Nayfack
plays Nadine

Kelly McCormack
plays Sharon

Megan Stalter
plays Lili

Glo Tavarez
plays Beatriz (Khalil Law Paralegal)

Eudora Peterson
plays FreezeCorp Receptionist

Ronald Peet
plays Apple Customer Service Rep

Sandra Caldwell
plays Rosemary

Jordan Mendoza
plays Bartender

Charlene Incarnate
plays MC

Amy Zimmer
plays Poet

Brian Belovitch

Carlos E. Navedo
plays Old Alejandro

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