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'Ponyo' is a heartwarming and visually stunning animated film that tells the story of a young boy named Sosuke and his unlikely friendship with a magical goldfish named Ponyo. The movie is set in a small seaside village in Japan, where Sosuke lives with his mother on a clifftop overlooking the sea. One day, while exploring the rocky shore, Sosuke comes across Ponyo, who has escaped from the ocean and become stranded on land.

Yuria Kozuki brings Ponyo to life with her energetic and curious voice, perfectly capturing the character's playful and mischievous personality. Hiroki Doi, who voices Sosuke, delivers a nuanced and believable performance as a young boy who is both fascinated and slightly overwhelmed by the magical creature he has discovered. The chemistry between the two voice actors is palpable, and it's a joy to watch their relationship develop throughout the film.

However, Ponyo's father, a powerful sorcerer named Fujimoto, has other plans. Determined to keep his daughter safe and prevent her from becoming human, Fujimoto schemes to return Ponyo to the sea. As Ponyo's yearning to become human grows stronger, she and Sosuke must navigate the challenges and dangers that arise from their friendship, and learn to appreciate the beauty and magic of the natural world. With its stunning animation, memorable characters, and timeless themes, 'Ponyo' is a must-watch for fans of all ages.

Full Cast of Ponyo

Yuria Kozuki
plays Ponyo (voice)

Hiroki Doi
plays Sosuke (voice)

George Tokoro
plays Fujimoto (voice)

Tomoko Yamaguchi
plays Risa (voice)

Yuki Amami
plays Gran Mamare (voice)

Yuki Amami as Gran Mamare (voice)
Yuki Amami's performance as Gran Mamare in the movie 'Ponyo' is nothing short of enchanting. Her voice carries a sense of warmth and wisdom that perfectly captures the essence of the character, a goddess of the sea who is both powerful and nurturing. Amami's delivery is nuanced and expressive, effortlessly switching between gentle maternal tones and a commanding, authoritative presence. Her performance adds a layer of depth and richness to the character, making Gran Mamare a truly memorable and compelling figure in the world of 'Ponyo'. See Yuki Amami's other roles

Kazushige Nagashima
plays Koichi (voice)

Akiko Yano
plays Ponyo's Sister (voice)

Shinichi Hatori
plays Anchorman (voice)

Tokie Hidari
plays Kayo (voice)

Rumi Hiiragi
plays Young Mother (voice)

Tomoko Naraoka
plays Yoshie (voice)

Kazuko Yoshiyuki
plays Toki (voice)

Eimi Hiraoka
plays Kumiko (voice)

Nozomi Ōhashi
plays Karen (voice)

Akiko Takeguchi
plays Noriko (voice)

Eiko Kanazawa
plays (voice)

Akihiko Ishizumi
plays (voice)

Tomie Kataoka
plays (voice)

Shirou Saitou
plays (voice)

Mutsumi Sasaki
plays (voice)

Keiko Tsukamoto
plays (voice)

Ikuko Yamamoto
plays (voice)

Michiko Yamamoto
plays (voice)

Yoshie Yamamoto
plays (voice)

Yusuke Tezuka
plays (voice)

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