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Police Rescue: The Movie

About Police Rescue: The Movie

  • Released on March 16, 1994

A narcotics detective, suspected of corruption, gets a transfer to the Police Rescue Squad. An unstable man holds a daycare center hostage.

Full Cast of Police Rescue: The Movie

Gary Sweet
plays Sgt. Steve 'Mickey' McClintock

Zoe Carides
plays Const. Lorrie 'Flash' Gordon

Steve Bastoni
plays Const. Yianns 'Angel' Angeloupulos

Jeremy Sims
plays Terry

Tammy Macintosh
plays Const. Kathy Orland

Cate Blanchett
plays Vivian

Cate Blanchett as Vivian

Catherine Elise Blanchett (born 14 May 1969) is an Australian actor and producer. Regarded as one of the best actress...

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Sonia Todd
plays Sgt. Georgia Rattray

Jeremy Callaghan
plays Const. Brian Morley

Belinda Cotterill
plays Sharyn Elliott

Rel Hunt
plays Hugo

Damien Foley
plays Alex

Nash Edgerton
plays Alex's Friend

Nash Edgerton as Alex's Friend

Nash Edgerton is an Australian film director and stuntman.

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John Clayton
plays Insp. Bill Adams

Steve Cox
plays Injured Fisherman

Tony Lynch
plays Jody

Alan David Lee
plays Simmo

Richard Boué
plays Trainee

Gillian Statham
plays Trainee

Keith Webster
plays Street Kid

Janet Foye
plays Val

Blazey Best
plays Kelly

Matthew Reeder
plays Young Guy

Deanne Hardwick
plays Nerida

Jaclyn Hewett
plays Buried kid

Darryn Binks
plays Paramedic

Andrew Marshall
plays Uniformed Cop

Jon Heaney
plays Body in Car

Barry Langrishe
plays SPG Chief

Paul Alexander
plays Negotiator

Dean Nottle
plays Negotiator

Paul Williams
plays Paul Skelton

Crew of Police Rescue: The Movie

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