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Ichiko is a 30-year-old unemployed woman. She meets Ryoichi at a drinking establishment. Even though he is a lot younger than her, she can't forget him. Meanwhile, Ichiko has 5 different characters in her brain that governs her actions. The 5 characters are Yoshida, Ishibashi, Ikeda, Hatoko and Kishi. These 5 character then have a fierce meeting. Yoshida presides over the meeting as the chairman. Ishibashi is the optimist. Ikeda is the pessimist. Hatoko is the character that lives in the moment and Kishi thinks about the past.

Full Cast of Poison Berry in my Brain

Yoko Maki
plays Ichiko Sakurai

Yoko Maki as Ichiko Sakurai

Maki Yoko, born October 15, 1982 in Inzai, Chiba, Japan, is a Japanese actress. Maki has appeared in several films in...

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Yuki Furukawa
plays Ryoichi Saotome

plays Ochi

Hidetoshi Nishijima
plays Chairman Yoshida

Ryunosuke Kamiki
plays Ishibashi

Ryunosuke Kamiki as Ishibashi

Ryunosuke Kamiki is a Japanese actor. He entered the industry in 1995 when he was only 2 years old. He made his drama...

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Yoh Yoshida
plays Ikeda

Hiyori Sakurada
plays Hatako

Kazuyuki Asano
plays Secretary Kishi

Rei Okamoto
plays Saotome ex-girlfriend

Maho Nonami

Terunosuke Takezai
plays Sakurai ex-fiance

Rie Tomosaka

Crew of Poison Berry in my Brain

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