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In the exhilarating action-packed film "Plane," Gerard Butler takes on the role of Brodie Torrance, a skilled and courageous pilot who finds himself in a perilous situation. After skillfully landing his damaged aircraft amidst a violent storm, Torrance and his passengers believe they have narrowly escaped death. However, their relief is short-lived as they discover they have landed in a dangerous war zone, teeming with various militia groups.

The situation escalates when these militias realize the potential value of the plane and its passengers, leading to a tense standoff. As the militias begin to formulate plans to take the plane hostage, Torrance must use all his cunning and resourcefulness to protect the passengers and find a way out of this treacherous predicament. The stakes are high, and every decision could mean the difference between life and death.

Joining Butler in this thrilling adventure is Mike Colter, who plays the enigmatic Louis Gaspare. Gaspare, a man with a mysterious past, is also a passenger on the ill-fated flight. His character adds an extra layer of intrigue to the plot, as his skills and motives are gradually revealed throughout the film. The dynamic between Torrance and Gaspare, as they navigate this dangerous situation, is a key element of the film's suspense and drama.

Plane is part of the Plane Collection, together with Ship .

Full Cast of Plane

Gerard Butler
plays Brodie Torrance

Gerard Butler as Brodie Torrance
Gerard Butler delivers a compelling performance as Brodie Torrance in the action-packed movie 'Plane'. As a skilled pilot navigating through treacherous storms and a dangerous hijacking situation, Butler brings a sense of determination and resilience to the character. His portrayal of Torrance's resourcefulness and quick thinking in the face of adversity adds depth to the action sequences, making for an engaging and thrilling cinematic experience. See Gerard Butler's other roles

Mike Colter
plays Louis Gaspare

Mike Colter as Louis Gaspare
Mike Colter delivers a commanding performance as Louis Gaspare in the movie 'Plane'. His portrayal of the seasoned criminal is both menacing and captivating, adding a layer of complexity to the film. Colter's ability to switch between a threatening demeanor and moments of vulnerability showcases his versatility as an actor. His on-screen presence is undeniable, making Louis Gaspare a character that viewers won't soon forget. See Mike Colter's other roles

Tony Goldwyn
plays Scarsdale

Tony Goldwyn as Scarsdale
Tony Goldwyn delivers a captivating performance as Scarsdale in the movie 'Plane'. His portrayal of the enigmatic character is both intense and nuanced, as he effortlessly switches between the charming businessman and the ruthless adversary. Goldwyn's ability to convey a wide range of emotions with subtlety and precision adds depth to Scarsdale's complex personality. His on-screen presence is commanding, making it nearly impossible for viewers to look away, even in the most suspenseful moments of the film. Overall, Goldwyn's performance as Scarsdale is a testament to his exceptional acting skills and further cements his reputation as a versatile and talented actor. See Tony Goldwyn's other roles

Yoson An
plays Samuel Dele

Yoson An as Samuel Dele
Yoson An delivers a captivating performance as Samuel Dele in the movie 'Plane'. His portrayal of the mysterious and enigmatic character is both intriguing and engaging, as he skillfully balances the fine line between being a potential threat and an unlikely ally. An's nuanced acting allows viewers to question Samuel's motives and loyalties, keeping them on the edge of their seats throughout the film. Overall, Yoson An's performance adds depth and complexity to the story, making 'Plane' an even more thrilling cinematic experience. See Yoson An's other roles

Evan Dane Taylor
plays Datu Junmar

Evan Dane Taylor as Datu Junmar
Evan Dane Taylor delivers a captivating performance as Datu Junmar in the action-packed movie 'Plane'. His portrayal of the determined and resourceful leader of the Philippine rebels is both menacing and charismatic, making him a formidable adversary for Gerard Butler's character. Taylor's ability to convey the complexity of his character's motivations, as well as his physical prowess in the intense action sequences, make his performance a standout in the film. See Evan Dane Taylor's other roles

Paul Ben-Victor
plays Terry Hampton

Paul Ben-Victor as Terry Hampton
In the movie 'Plane', Paul Ben-Victor delivers a standout performance as Terry Hampton, a determined and resourceful man caught in a dire situation. Ben-Victor's portrayal of Terry is both compelling and authentic, as he navigates the challenges of being stranded on a remote island with a group of survivors. His character's resilience and unwavering spirit are evident in every scene, making Terry an integral part of the film's gripping narrative. Ben-Victor's nuanced performance adds depth to the character, making him a memorable and relatable figure in the face of adversity. See Paul Ben-Victor's other roles

Daniella Pineda
plays Bonnie Lane

Daniella Pineda as Bonnie Lane

Daniella Pineda (born February 20, 1987) is a Mexican-American actress, writer and comedian from Oakland, California.

See Daniella Pineda's other roles

Lilly Krug
plays Brie Taylor

Lilly Krug as Brie Taylor

Lilly Krug is a German film and television actress and social media personality. She followed in the footsteps of her...

See Lilly Krug's other roles

Kelly Gale
plays Katie Dhar

Kelly Gale as Katie Dhar

Kelly Gale (born 14 May 1995) is an Indian-Australian fashion model from Sweden. She's best known for her work for Vi...

See Kelly Gale's other roles

Otis Winston
plays RCMP Officer Knight

Ángel Fabián Rivera
plays Karim Rahim

Fernando Chang
plays Chan Yuen

Modesto Lacen
plays Antonio Ortega

Modesto Lacen as Antonio Ortega

Born in Puerto Rico, Modesto Lacen is a stage, film and television actor. He holds a BFA from the University of Puert...

See Modesto Lacen's other roles

Joey Slotnick
plays Matt Sinclair

Joey Slotnick as Matt Sinclair

Joseph Slotnick (born October 2, 1968) is an American film actor and voice actor. He is known for roles in Twister (1...

See Joey Slotnick's other roles

Rose Eshay
plays Ana Fernández

Ricky Robles Cruz
plays Javier Molina

Mark Labella
plays Manila ATC

Jessica Nam
plays Rosalie Jeong

Quinn McPherson
plays Riley Donahue

Oliver Trevena
plays Maxwell Carver

Tara Westwood
plays Sydney

Tara Westwood as Sydney

Tara Westwood is an actress and producer.

See Tara Westwood's other roles

Michelle Lee
plays Isabella Yu

Michelle Lee as Isabella Yu

Michelle Charlene Lee has appeared in many films and television series such as Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds En...

See Michelle Lee's other roles

Amber Rivera
plays Maria Falco

Amber Rivera as Maria Falco

Amber Rivera is a Puerto Rican film and television actress.

See Amber Rivera's other roles

John J. Shim
plays Joshua Jeong

Claro de los Reyes
plays Hajan

Remi Adeleke
plays Shellback

Matt Cook
plays Moses

Pete Scobell
plays Jim Lake

Thomas A. Curran
plays Trailblazer Executive

Thomas A. Curran was born on May 28, 1879 and passed away 83 years ago at the age of 61 on January 24, 1941.

See Thomas A. Curran's other roles

James Sang Lee
plays Willis

Heather Seiffert
plays Carrie Torrance

Matthew Valeña
plays Manila ATC Supervisor

Natalia Román García
plays Airport passenger (background)

Haleigh Hekking
plays Daniela Torrance

Jeremy Denzlinger
plays Marc Richards

Jeremy Denzlinger as Marc Richards

Actor / Performer.

See Jeremy Denzlinger's other roles

Edwin Lee
plays Changi Security Agent

Yao Tsai
plays Changi Security Guard

Jeff Francisco
plays Lolo - Old Fisherman

Ariel Felix
plays Alan

Nick Brandon
plays Drunk Passenger

Michelle Cortés
plays Flight Attendant

Jeffrey Holsman
plays Trailblazer Captain

Enele Ma'afu Tauteoli
plays Hulking Man

Jimmy Fung
plays Vhong

Manuel Álvarez Kim
plays Filipino Man

Kate Bisset
plays British Woman - Maria Burnham

Kate Rachesky
plays Second Flight Attendant

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