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An overlooked middle child finds himself in the unexpected spotlight when he realizes his family's terrible Christmas day keeps repeating. As the only one experiencing the day over and over, he decides to use his unique gift to give the holidays a makeover and his family a Christmas they will never forget.

Full Cast of Pete's Christmas

Zachary Gordon
plays Pete

Zachary Gordon as Pete

Zachary Gordon (born February 15, 1998) is an American actor. Gordon began his professional acting career at the age ...

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Molly Parker
plays Pamela

Molly Parker as Pamela

Molly Parker (born 30 June 1972) is a Canadian actress, writer, and director. She is best known for her roles in inde...

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Bailee Madison
plays Katie

Bailee Madison as Katie

Bailee Madison Riley (born October 15, 1999) is an American actress and singer. She first gained acclaim for her role...

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Bruce Dern
plays Grandpa

Racine Bebamikawe
plays Kiran

Lynne Deragon
plays Josephine

Vince Groulx
plays Neighbor Referee

Jacob Kraemer
plays Ted Bronski

Rick Roberts
plays Kenny

Marshall Williams
plays Mike Bronski

Wesley Morgan
plays Jake Kidder

Peter DaCunha
plays Kenny Kidder

Crew of Pete's Christmas

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