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About Person of Interest

John Reese, former CIA paramilitary operative, is presumed dead and teams up with reclusive billionaire Finch to prevent violent crimes in New York City by initiating their own type of justice. With the special training that Reese has had in Covert Operations and Finch's genius software inventing mind, the two are a perfect match for the job that they have to complete. With the help of surveillance equipment, they work "outside the law" and get the right criminal behind bars. 

Main Cast of Person of Interest

Jim Caviezel
plays John Reese (103 episodes)

Jim Caviezel as John Reese

James Patrick Caviezel Jr. (born September 26, 1968) is an American actor, known for his starring role as John Reese ...

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Michael Emerson
plays Harold Finch (103 episodes)

Michael Emerson as Harold Finch

Michael Emerson (born September 7, 1954) is an American actor best known for his role as Benjamin Linus on Lost as we...

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Kevin Chapman
plays Lionel Fusco (103 episodes)

Kevin Chapman as Lionel Fusco

Kevin Chapman is an American actor known for his big build and ability to play an assortment of characters ranging fr...

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Taraji P. Henson
plays Joss Carter (90 episodes)

Taraji P. Henson as Joss Carter

Taraji P. Henson (born September 11, 1970) is an American actress, producer and singer. She studied acting at Howard ...

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Sarah Shahi
plays Sameen Shaw (62 episodes)

Sarah Shahi as Sameen Shaw

Aahoo Jahansouzshahi (born January 10, 1980), known professionally as Sarah Shahi, is an American actress and former ...

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Amy Acker
plays Root (80 episodes)

Amy Acker as Root

Amy Louise Acker (born December 5, 1976) is an American actress, best known for her roles as Root on the scifi drama ...

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Secondary Cast of Person of Interest

Enrico Colantoni
plays Carl Elias (24 episodes)

Elizabeth Marvel
plays Alicia Corwin (10 episodes)

Elizabeth Marvel as Alicia Corwin

Elizabeth Marvel is an American actress. Her most prominent roles include Det. Nancy Parras on The District, Solicito...

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Wrenn Schmidt
plays Dr. Iris Campbell (7 episodes)

Al Sapienza
plays Detective Raymond Terney (13 episodes)

Al Sapienza as Detective Raymond Terney

An American film and television actor and producer, best known for his role in the television serie "The Sopranos" as...

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Robert John Burke
plays Officer Patrick Simmons (16 episodes)

Robert John Burke as Officer Patrick Simmons

A born-and-bred New Yorker, Robert John Burke made his film debut while in his early 20s with a small part in the dra...

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Brett Cullen
plays Nathan Ingram (11 episodes)

Brett Cullen as Nathan Ingram

Peter Brett Cullen (born August 26, 1956) is an American actor who has appeared in numerous motion pictures and telev...

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Carrie Preston
plays Grace Hendricks (9 episodes)

Carrie Preston as Grace Hendricks

Carrie Preston is an American stage and screen actress, producer and director.

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Amy Acker
plays Caroline Turing (1 episode)

Amy Acker as Caroline Turing

Amy Louise Acker (born December 5, 1976) is an American actress, best known for her roles as Root on the scifi drama ...

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John Nolan
plays John Greer (29 episodes)

Natalie Zea
plays Diane Hanson (1 episode)

Natalie Zea as Diane Hanson

​Natalie Zea (born March 17, 1975 height 5' 5" (1,65 m)) is an American actress known for her roles as Gwen Hotchkiss...

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Alan Dale
plays Ulrich Kohl (1 episode)

Alan Dale as Ulrich Kohl

Alan Hugh Dale is a New Zealand actor. As a child, Dale developed a love of theatre and also became a rugby player. A...

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Valentina de Angelis
plays Theresa Whitaker (1 episode)

Linda Cardellini
plays Dr. Megan Tillman (1 episode)

Linda Cardellini as Dr. Megan Tillman

Linda Edna Cardellini (born June 25, 1975) is an American actress. In television, she is known for her leading roles ...

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James Carpinello
plays Joey Durban (2 episodes)

James Carpinello as Joey Durban

James Carpinello (born August 13, 1975) is an American film, television, and Broadway actor best known for his TV rol...

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Malik Yoba
plays Andre Wilcox (1 episode)

David Costabile
plays Judge Samuel Gates (1 episode)

David Costabile as Judge Samuel Gates

David Costabile (born January 9, 1967) is an American actor. He is best known for his television work, having appeare...

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Tim Guinee
plays Mark Lawson (1 episode)

Tim Guinee as Mark Lawson

Tim Guinee (born November 18, 1962) is an American stage, television, and film actor.

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Bridget Regan
plays Wendy McNally (1 episode)

Bridget Regan as Wendy McNally

Bridget Regan is an American stage, film and television actress. She holds a BFA in Drama from the School of the Arts...

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Ruben Santiago-Hudson
plays Sam Latimer (1 episode)

Ritchie Coster
plays Assassin (1 episode)

Ritchie Coster as Assassin

Ritchie Coster (born 1 July 1967) is an English actor. He is best known for playing the roles of Dietrich Banning in ...

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Enver Gjokaj
plays Lazlo Yogorov (1 episode)

Enver Gjokaj as Lazlo Yogorov

Enver Gjokaj (born February 12, 1980) is an American film and television actor. He is known for his roles as Victor i...

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Meredith Patterson
plays Angela Markham (1 episode)

Lili Mirojnick
plays Pia Moresco (1 episode)

Michael Murphy
plays Congressman Jim Hallen (1 episode)

James Hanlon
plays Detective James Stills (2 episodes)

James Hanlon as Detective James Stills

James Hanlon is an American actor, director and producer.

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Molly Price
plays Elizabeth Whitaker (1 episode)

Jack Gwaltney
plays Davis Bannerman (1 episode)

Melonie Diaz
plays Paula Vasquez (1 episode)

David Alan Basche
plays Wayne Kruger (1 episode)

Clarke Peters
plays Alonzo Quinn (11 episodes)

Clarke Peters as Alonzo Quinn

​From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Clarke Peters (born 7 April 1952) is an American actor, singer, writer and d...

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Gary Basaraba
plays Stu Sommers (1 episode)

Paul Urcioli
plays Barry Timmons (1 episode)

Paul Urcioli as Barry Timmons

Paul Urcioli is an actor and producer.

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Warren Kole
plays Ian Murphy (1 episode)

Warren Kole as Ian Murphy

Warren Kole was born on September 23, 1977 in San Antonio, Texas, USA as Warren David Blosjo Jr. He is an actor.

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Bruce Altman
plays Dr. Ronald Carmichael (2 episodes)

Bruce Altman as Dr. Ronald Carmichael

Bruce Altman (born July 3, 1955) is an American film and television actor. He is a 1990 graduate of the Yale School o...

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Ron Raines
plays Bruce Wellington (1 episode)

Ron Raines as Bruce Wellington

Ron Raines is an actor.

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Boris McGiver
plays George Hersh (13 episodes) , George Hersh (2 episodes)

Boris McGiver as George Hersh

Boris McGiver is an American stage and screen actor. He holds an MFA in Acting from the Tisch School of Arts at New Y...

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Kathleen Rose Perkins
plays Vanessa Watkins (1 episode)

Paul Ben-Victor
plays Detective Cameron (1 episode)

Paul Ben-Victor as Detective Cameron

​From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Paul Ben-Victor (born July 24, 1965) is an American actor. Ben-Victor was bo...

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Annika Boras
plays Nicole Spencer (1 episode)

Annika Boras as Nicole Spencer

Annika Boras is an actress.

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Brian Wiles
plays Officer Mike Laskey (5 episodes)

Brian Wiles as Officer Mike Laskey

Brian Wiles was born as Brian Nicholas Lewis. He is an actor, known for Brawl in Cell Block 99 (2017), Person of Inte...

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Daniel Cosgrove
plays Jeremy Watkins (1 episode)

plays Reginald 'Reverb' Marshall (1 episode)

Jennifer Ikeda
plays Dr. Rachel Jensen (1 episode)

Danielle Kotch
plays Genrika Zhirova (1 episode)

Morgan Spector
plays Peter Yogorov (5 episodes)

Patrick Murney
plays Tremors (1 episode)

Patrick Murney as Tremors

Patrick Murney is an actor.

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Stephen Tyrone Williams
plays Joseph Kent (1 episode)

Joseph J. Parks
plays Vadim Loginov (1 episode)

Joseph J. Parks as Vadim Loginov

Joseph J. Parks is an actor.

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Kirk Acevedo
plays Timothy Sloan (1 episode)

Kirk Acevedo as Timothy Sloan

​From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.   Kirk Acevedo (born November 27, 1971) is an American actor. Notable is his...

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Leslie Odom Jr.
plays Peter Collier (8 episodes)

Leslie Odom Jr. as Peter Collier

Leslie Odom Jr. (born August 6, 1981) is an American actor and singer. He has performed on Broadway and in television...

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Michael Esper
plays Jason Greenfield (2 episodes)

Donnie Keshawarz
plays Nick Breckenridge (1 episode)

Donnie Keshawarz as Nick Breckenridge

Donnie Keshawarz (born July 30, 1969) is a Canadian film and television actor.

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Aaron Staton
plays Hayden Price (1 episode)

Jennifer Ferrin
plays Natalie Boal (1 episode)

Jennifer Ferrin as Natalie Boal

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jennifer Ferrin (born February 25, 1979) is an American actress. Early life ...

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Carsten Nørgaard
plays Sven Vanger (1 episode)

Carsten Nørgaard as Sven Vanger

Carsten Norgaard is a Danish actor.

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James Joseph O'Neil
plays Decker (1 episode)

Steve Rosen
plays Nagel (1 episode)

Laz Alonso
plays Paul Carter (2 episodes)

Laz Alonso as Paul Carter

Lazaro Alonso (born March 25, 1974) is an American actor. He is known for playing Tsu'tey in James Cameron's science ...

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David Valcin
plays Scarface (12 episodes) , "Scarface" (2 episodes)

Nick Mennell
plays Nikolai (1 episode)

Paul O'Brien
plays Judge Andrew Monahan (2 episodes)

Rey Valentin
plays Jack Salazar (1 episode)

Max Martini
plays RIP (1 episode)

Alano Miller
plays R.J. Phillips (1 episode)

Lee Tergesen
plays Detective Petersen (1 episode)

Lee Tergesen as Detective Petersen

Tergesen was born in Boston, Massachusetts and graduated from Valley Regional High School in nearby Deep River. He mo...

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Khalil Kain
plays Officer Lin (1 episode)

Khalil Kain as Officer Lin

Khalil Kain is an actor and producer.

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Devin Ratray
plays Beat Cop (1 episode)

Devin Ratray as Beat Cop

Devin D. Ratray (born January 11, 1977) is an American actor, singer and songwriter. He is most famous for his roles ...

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Richard Brooks
plays Lead Marshal Pollack (1 episode)

Richard Brooks as Lead Marshal Pollack

Richard Brooks is an American actor

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Brian Tarantina
plays Yorke (1 episode)

Brian Tarantina as Yorke

Brian Tarantina (March 27, 1959 – November 2, 2019) was an American stage, screen, and television character actor bor...

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Saul Rubinek
plays Arthur Claypool (2 episodes)

Saul Rubinek as Arthur Claypool

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Saul Rubinek (born July 2, 1948) is a Canadian film and television actor. He ...

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Tom Degnan
plays Agent Easton (1 episode)

Chris Bert
plays Young Harold Finch (2 episodes)

Camryn Manheim
plays Diane Claypool (1 episode)

Camryn Manheim as Diane Claypool

Camryn Manheim (born Debra Frances Manheim, March 8, 1961) is an American actress known for her roles as attorney Ell...

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Jennifer Lim
plays Bank Manager (1 episode)

Sally Pressman
plays Holly (1 episode)

Samm Levine
plays Owen Matthews (1 episode)

Samm Levine as Owen Matthews

Samuel Franklin Levine (born March 12, 1982) is an American actor and comedian. He is known for his portrayal of Neal...

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Marc Kudisch
plays Businessman (1 episode)

Bill English
plays Foster (1 episode)

Elaine Tan
plays Kelli (Jiao) Lin (1 episode)

Elaine Tan as Kelli (Jiao) Lin

Elaine Tan was born on June 28, 1979 and is currently 44 years old.

See Elaine Tan's other roles

Henri Lubatti
plays Agent Alain Bouchard (1 episode)

Gene Farber
plays Cyril (1 episode)

Gene Farber as Cyril

Gene Farber was born on November 14, 1978 and is currently 45 years old.

See Gene Farber's other roles

Christopher Jackson
plays Farrow (1 episode)

Stelio Savante
plays Aris Zappo (1 episode)

Stelio Savante as Aris Zappo

A South African born New Yorker with over three decades of versatile, award winning performances in popular, world-wi...

See Stelio Savante's other roles

Melissa Sagemiller
plays Sandra Nicholson (1 episode)

Melissa Sagemiller as Sandra Nicholson

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Melissa Sagemiller (born June 1, 1974, height 5' 6" (1,68 m)) is an American ...

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Gavin Stenhouse
plays Detective Jake Harrison (1 episode)

Gavin Stenhouse as Detective Jake Harrison

Gavin is an actor & musician.

See Gavin Stenhouse's other roles

Kathleen McNenny
plays Gina Kincaid (1 episode)

Kathleen McNenny as Gina Kincaid

Kathleen McNenny is an actress and producer.

See Kathleen McNenny's other roles

David Andrew MacDonald
plays Ron Kincaid (1 episode)

David Andrew MacDonald as Ron Kincaid

David Andrew Macdonald is an actor.

See David Andrew MacDonald's other roles

Neil Jackson
plays Rick Dillinger (1 episode)

Joseph Mazzello
plays Daniel Casey (2 episodes)

Joseph Mazzello as Daniel Casey

Joseph Francis Mazzello (born September 21, 1983), sometimes credited as Joe Mazzello, is an American actor, director...

See Joseph Mazzello's other roles

Jay O. Sanders
plays Special Counsel (9 episodes)

Casey Siemaszko
plays Lester Strickland (1 episode)

Casey Siemaszko as Lester Strickland

Casey Siemaszko (born Kazimierz A. Siemaszko) is a Polish-American actor and the brother of actress Nina Siemaszko. T...

See Casey Siemaszko's other roles

Yul Vazquez
plays Cyrus Wells (1 episode)

Yul Vazquez as Cyrus Wells

Yul Vázquez was born in Cuba. He is an actor and he is married to Linda Larkin. He has appeared as “Bob” in the Seinf...

See Yul Vazquez's other roles

Colin Donnell
plays Billy Parsons (1 episode)

Nazneen Contractor
plays Maria Martinez (1 episode)

Haaz Sleiman
plays Omar Risha (1 episode)

Haaz Sleiman as Omar Risha

Haaz Sleiman is an American actor originally from Lebanon. He is known for Eternals (2020).

See Haaz Sleiman's other roles

Michel Gill
plays Rene Lapointe (1 episode)

Casey Biggs
plays Ken Davis (1 episode)

Casey Biggs as Ken Davis

Casey Biggs was born on April 4, 1955 and is currently 69 years old.

See Casey Biggs's other roles

William Abadie
plays Christoph Savin (1 episode)

Nestor Carbonell
plays Matthew Reed (1 episode)

Nestor Carbonell as Matthew Reed

​From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.   Nestor Gastón Carbonell (born December 1, 1967) is an American actor, know...

See Nestor Carbonell's other roles

John Doman
plays Senator Ross Garrison (10 episodes)

John Doman as Senator Ross Garrison

John Doman is an American actor, and a former Marine Corps officer and Vietnam veteran. He's best known for playing D...

See John Doman's other roles

Rob McClure
plays Doug Hemmill (1 episode)

Rob McClure as Doug Hemmill

Rob McClure is an actor.

See Rob McClure's other roles

James McMenamin
plays Toke (1 episode)

James McMenamin as Toke

James McMenamin is an actor.

See James McMenamin's other roles

Rosa Arredondo
plays Alice (1 episode)

Rosa Arredondo as Alice

Rosa Evangelina Arredondo is an actress.

See Rosa Arredondo's other roles

Joe Coots
plays Jack Tanner (1 episode)

John Heard
plays Congressman Roger McCourt (1 episode)

John Heard as Congressman Roger McCourt

John Heard Jr. (March 7, 1946 – July 21, 2017) was an American actor. He appeared in a number of successful films, in...

See John Heard's other roles

Morocco Omari
plays Carlson (1 episode)

Morocco Omari as Carlson

Morocco Omari is an actor and director.

See Morocco Omari's other roles

Murphy Guyer
plays Bruce Dunphy (1 episode)

Murphy Guyer as Bruce Dunphy

Murphy Guyer (born December 25, 1952) is an American actor, playwright, writer and director, best known for his plays...

See Murphy Guyer's other roles

Tracy Howe
plays Duran (1 episode)

Tracy Howe as Duran

Tracy Howe is an actor.

See Tracy Howe's other roles

Matt Walton
plays Maybank (1 episode)

Matt Walton as Maybank

Matthew R. Walton is an American stage, screen and television actor based in New York.

See Matt Walton's other roles

John Horton
plays Priest (1 episode)

John Horton as Priest

John Horton is an actor.

See John Horton's other roles

Joseph Melendez
plays Manuel Rivera (2 episodes)

Joseph Melendez as Manuel Rivera

Joseph Melendez is an actor.

See Joseph Melendez's other roles

Kelly AuCoin
plays AUSA Langdon (1 episode)

Marc Damon Johnson
plays Jesse Brandt (1 episode)

Marc Damon Johnson as Jesse Brandt

Marc Damon Johnson is an actor.

See Marc Damon Johnson's other roles

Peter Scanavino
plays Adams (1 episode)

Peter Scanavino as Adams

Peter Scanavino (born February 29, 1980) is an American actor. Since 2005, Scanavino has had dozens of minor roles i...

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Ryan Woodle
plays Barry (1 episode)

Tobias Truvillion
plays Trig (1 episode)

Pedro Marcelino
plays Upscale Waiter (1 episode)

Erik Jensen
plays Walter Dang (1 episode)

Erik Jensen as Walter Dang

Erik Jensen was born on July 20, 1970 and is currently 53 years old.

See Erik Jensen's other roles

Ohene Cornelius
plays The Armorer (1 episode)

Jeff Solomon
plays Mr. Needlehoe (1 episode)

Michaela Waters
plays Elena Mindler (1 episode)

Michaela Waters is an actress.

See Michaela Waters's other roles

Jessica Hecht
plays Beth Bridges (3 episodes)

Jessica Hecht as Beth Bridges

Jessica Hecht is an American stage and screen actress and singer, best known for her recurring roles as Susan Bunch o...

See Jessica Hecht's other roles

Mark St. Cyr
plays Airport Cop (1 episode)

Oliver Henzler
plays Banks Van Hess (1 episode)

Kevin Kilner
plays Nick Dawson (1 episode)

Kevin Kilner as Nick Dawson

Kevin Kilner is an American actor who is best known for his roles in the television series Earth: Final Conflict, Alm...

See Kevin Kilner's other roles

Jason Ritter
plays Simon Lee (1 episode)

Jason Ritter as Simon Lee

Jason Morgan Ritter (born February 17, 1980) is an American actor and producer. He is known for his roles as Kevin Gi...

See Jason Ritter's other roles

Michael Brian French
plays Governor Murray (1 episode)

Ned Van Zandt
plays Commissioner Kevin Hatch (1 episode)

Caris Vujcec
plays Michelle Perez (1 episode)

Andreas Damm
plays Romeo (4 episodes)

Gerardo Celasco
plays Tomas Koroa (1 episode)

Johnny Sparks
plays Jared Wilkins (1 episode)

David Vadim
plays Marko Jevtic (1 episode)

David Vadim as Marko Jevtic

David Vadim is an actor.

See David Vadim's other roles

Drew Hildebrand
plays Henrik Lengfelder (1 episode)

Faina Vitebsky
plays Katya (1 episode)

Theodora Miranne
plays Brooks (2 episodes)

Ryan Buggle
plays Sebastian Wilkins (1 episode)

Raushanah Simmons
plays Lila Rones (1 episode)

Debargo Sanyal
plays Raju (1 episode)

Adria Arjona
plays Dani Silva (2 episodes)

Mike Figueroa
plays Alex Ortiz (1 episode)

Jake Silbermann
plays Phil Cain (1 episode)

Michael Potts
plays Travers (2 episodes)

Michael Potts as Travers

Michael Potts is an actor and assistant director.

See Michael Potts's other roles

William Jackson Harper
plays Stroble (1 episode)

William Jackson Harper as Stroble

William Jackson Harper (born William Fitzgerald Harper; February 8, 1980), is an American actor. He portrayed Chidi A...

See William Jackson Harper's other roles

Dan Bittner
plays Jerome Eckert (1 episode)

Monique Gabriela Curnen
plays Captain Moreno (1 episode)

Monique Gabriela Curnen as Captain Moreno

Monique Gabriela Curnen (born 7 September 1977) is an American film and television actress.

See Monique Gabriela Curnen's other roles

Ryan Shams
plays Yasim Said (1 episode)

Katheryn Winnick
plays Frankie Wells (1 episode)

Katheryn Winnick as Frankie Wells

Katheryn Winnick is a Canadian actress. She is known for her starring roles in the television series Vikings, Wu Assa...

See Katheryn Winnick's other roles

Michael Gaston
plays Mike Richelli (1 episode)

Michael Gaston as Mike Richelli

Michael Gaston (born November 5, 1962, height 6' 3" (1,91 m)) is an American film and television actor. He played age...

See Michael Gaston's other roles

Chris Santangelo
plays Jumpy Jerry (1 episode)

Annie Ilonzeh
plays Harper Rose (5 episodes)

Nick E. Tarabay
plays Devon Grice (3 episodes)

Nick E. Tarabay as Devon Grice

Nick E. Tarabay (born 28 August 1975) is a Lebanese-born American actor.

See Nick E. Tarabay's other roles

Maddie Corman
plays Leslie Thompson (1 episode)

Maddie Corman as Leslie Thompson

Maddie Corman (born August 15, 1970) is an American television actress. She has appeared in the films Seven Minutes i...

See Maddie Corman's other roles

Ryan O'Nan
plays Andre Cooper (1 episode)

Ryan O'Nan as Andre Cooper

Ryan O'Nan is an actor and writer.

See Ryan O'Nan's other roles

Jamie Hector
plays Link Cordell (4 episodes) , Link (1 episode)

Alex Shimizu
plays Daizo (2 episodes)

Julian Ovenden
plays Jeremy Lambert (7 episodes)

Erin Dilly
plays Shelly Spencer (1 episode)

Brennan Brown
plays Special Agent Nicholas Donnelly (9 episodes)

Brennan Brown as Special Agent Nicholas Donnelly

Brennan Brown is an actor.

See Brennan Brown's other roles

Suzy Jane Hunt
plays Shiffman (2 episodes)

Jacob Pitts
plays Henry L. Peck (2 episodes)

Jacob Pitts as Henry L. Peck

Jacob Pitts (born November 20, 1979) is an actor. His most notable performance was in the film EuroTrip as Cooper Har...

See Jacob Pitts's other roles

Cara Buono
plays Martine Rousseau (9 episodes)

Cara Buono as Martine Rousseau

Cara Buono (born March 1, 1971) is an American actress, screenwriter and director best known for her roles as Dr. Fay...

See Cara Buono's other roles

Jessica Pimentel
plays Floyd (4 episodes)

Aasif Mandvi
plays Sulaiman Khan (1 episode)

Aasif Mandvi as Sulaiman Khan

Aasif Hakim Mandviwala, known professionally as Aasif Mandvi, is a British-American actor, comedian and author. He ma...

See Aasif Mandvi's other roles

Bjorn Dupaty
plays Garvin (1 episode)

Luke Kleintank
plays Caleb Phipps (3 episodes)

Winston Duke
plays Mini (1 episode) , Dominic (7 episodes)

Winston Duke as Mini

Winston Duke (born 15 November 1986) is a Trinbagonian–American actor. He started acting in theatre productions for P...

See Winston Duke's other roles

Cotter Smith
plays Denton Weeks (5 episodes)

Cotter Smith as Denton Weeks

Joseph Cotter Smith (born May 29, 1949) is an American stage, film, and television actor.

See Cotter Smith's other roles

Quinn Shephard
plays Claire Mahoney (2 episodes)

Quinn Shephard as Claire Mahoney

Quinn Shephard is an American film and television writer, director, and actress based out of New York. She is best kn...

See Quinn Shephard's other roles

Terry Serpico
plays Byron (2 episodes)

Terry Serpico as Byron

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Terry Serpico is a film and television supporting actor. Although he studied...

See Terry Serpico's other roles

Blair Brown
plays Emma Blake (1 episode)

Blair Brown as Emma Blake

Blair Brown is an American stage, film and television actress. She was the leading actress in feature films such as "...

See Blair Brown's other roles

Ken Leung
plays Leon Tao (4 episodes)

Ken Leung as Leon Tao

Kenneth "Ken" Leung (born January 21, 1970) is an American actor best known for his role as Miles Straume in the ABC ...

See Ken Leung's other roles

Margo Martindale
plays Barbara Russell (1 episode)

Margo Martindale as Barbara Russell

Margo Martindale (born July 18, 1951) is an American film, stage, and television actress. In 2011, she won an Emmy Aw...

See Margo Martindale's other roles

Emily Robinson
plays Hanna Frey (1 episode)

Mercedes Griffeth
plays Samantha Groves (1 episode)

Sterling K. Brown
plays Detective Cal Beecher (6 episodes)

Sterling K. Brown as Detective Cal Beecher

After graduating from college, Brown acted in a series of roles in the regional theater. He has also appeared on nume...

See Sterling K. Brown's other roles

Mía Maestro
plays Mira Dobrica (1 episode)

Mía Maestro as Mira Dobrica

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Mía Maestro (born June 19, 1978) is an Argentine actress and singer. She is be...

See Mía Maestro's other roles

Ebon Moss-Bachrach
plays Michael Cole (2 episodes)

Ebon Moss-Bachrach as Michael Cole

Ebon Moss-Bachrach (born March 19, 1977) is an American actor.

See Ebon Moss-Bachrach's other roles

Tracie Thoms
plays Monica Jacobs (1 episode)

Tracie Thoms as Monica Jacobs

Tracie Nicole Thoms is an Emmy-nominated American television, film, and stage actress and singer. She is known for he...

See Tracie Thoms's other roles

Sebastian Arcelus
plays Matthews (1 episode)

Peter Friedman
plays Lawrence Szilard (1 episode)

Peter Friedman as Lawrence Szilard

Peter Friedman (born April 24, 1949) is an American stage, screen, and television actor. Born in New York City, Fried...

See Peter Friedman's other roles

Fred Arsenault
plays Winston (1 episode)

Ken Perlstein
plays Senior Lineman (1 episode)

Jordan Lage
plays Carson (1 episode) , Carson (1 episode)

Jordan Lage as Carson

Jordan Lage is an actor.

See Jordan Lage's other roles

Matt Lauria
plays Adam Saunders (1 episode)

Paul Sparks
plays Wilson (1 episode)

Paul Sparks as Wilson

Paul Sparks is an American actor. He is known for his role as Mickey Doyle in the HBO period drama series Boardwalk E...

See Paul Sparks's other roles

Gene Gillette
plays Joseph (1 episode)

Marco Antonio Rodriguez
plays Delivery Guy (1 episode)

Matt Golden
plays Brian Humphries (1 episode)

Joseph Tudisco
plays Bodega Cashier (1 episode)

Kristoffer Cusick
plays Terry (1 episode)

Matt Dellapina
plays Officer Brady (2 episodes)

Heléne Yorke
plays Lauren Buchanan (1 episode)

Heléne Yorke as Lauren Buchanan

Heléne Yorke is a Canadian-American stage and screen actress, best known for her roles in the television shows "Grave...

See Heléne Yorke's other roles

John Ventimiglia
plays Christopher Zambrano (1 episode)

Dominik Tiefenthaler
plays Berlin Policeman (1 episode)

Dominik Tiefenthaler as Berlin Policeman

Born and raised in Switzerland, he graduated from the Medical School of the University in Zurich. After moving to New...

See Dominik Tiefenthaler's other roles

Helen Coxe
plays Claire Ryan (1 episode)

Helen Coxe as Claire Ryan

Helen Coxe was born on October 19, 1967 and is currently 56 years old.

See Helen Coxe's other roles

Mark Margolis
plays Gianni Moretti (3 episodes)

Mark Margolis as Gianni Moretti

Mark Margolis (November 26, 1939 – August 3, 2023) was an American actor, who had been making films since 1976. Marg...

See Mark Margolis's other roles

Kristine Johnson
plays TV reporter (1 episode) , News Anchor (1 episode) , TV Reporter (1 episode) , News anchor (1 episode)

Allison Scagliotti
plays Molly Nelson (1 episode)

Cameron Scoggins
plays Kevin (1 episode)

Mark Gessner
plays Gary (1 episode)

Keith Nobbs
plays Straub (1 episode)

Brian J. Smith
plays Shayn Coleman (1 episode)

Brian J. Smith as Shayn Coleman

Brian J. Smith (born October 12, 1981) is an American actor who is known for his role as Trey in the 2006 independent...

See Brian J. Smith's other roles

Bella Dayne
plays Anna Mueller (1 episode)

Marjan Neshat
plays Becca (1 episode)

Conn Horgan
plays Bartender (1 episode)

Parker Brightman
plays Young Harold (1 episode)

Joel Perez
plays Mask (1 episode)

Keith David
plays Terence Beale (1 episode)

Keith David as Terence Beale

Keith David (born June 4, 1955) is an American film, television, and voice actor, and singer. He is perhaps most know...

See Keith David's other roles

Stephen Plunkett
plays Alex Duncan (1 episode)

Will Connolly
plays Ethan Garvin (1 episode)

Paul Juhn
plays Richard Grant (1 episode)

Karl Kenzler
plays Dr. Marcus Adalian (1 episode)

Ryan King
plays Rance (1 episode)

Franco Gonzalez
plays Solano (1 episode)

Lee Aaron Rosen
plays Heinlein (1 episode)

Lee Aaron Rosen as Heinlein

Lee Aaron Rosen is known for Saving Private Ryan (1998), A Kid Like Jake (2018) and The Warriors (2005).

See Lee Aaron Rosen's other roles

Fisher Neal
plays Sergeant Neal (1 episode)

Parker James Fullmore
plays Russian Kid (uncredited) (1 episode)

Rob Morgan
plays Howard (1 episode)

Rob Morgan as Howard

Rob Morgan is an American actor known for his role as Turk Barrett in the Netflix series Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Lu...

See Rob Morgan's other roles

Alex Moggridge
plays Thomsen (1 episode)

Danielle Di Vecchio
plays Captain Rosa Divecchio (1 episode)

Lynn Marocola
plays Police Academy Instructor (uncredited) (1 episode) , Subway Passerby (uncredited) (1 episode) , Court Officer (uncredited) (1 episode) , Maple Towns Person (uncredited) (1 episode) , High School Reunion Guest (uncredited) (1 episode)

Lynn Marocola as Police Academy Instructor (uncredited)

Lynn Marocola was born on August 25, 1971 and is currently 52 years old.

See Lynn Marocola's other roles

Tuck Milligan
plays Paul Kinsey (1 episode) , Finch's Father (2 episodes)

Zarif Kabier
plays Massoud Shammar (1 episode)

Zarif Kabier was born on February 25, 1988 and is currently 36 years old.

See Zarif Kabier's other roles

Cameron Pow
plays Gerald (1 episode)

Chris Chalk
plays Lawrence Pope (1 episode)

William Sadler
plays Anton's Father (1 episode)

William Sadler as Anton's Father

​From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.   William Thomas Sadler (born April 13, 1950) is an American actor who works...

See William Sadler's other roles

Brian d'Arcy James
plays Wheeler (1 episode)

Michael Drayer
plays Anton O'Mara (1 episode)

Michael Drayer as Anton O'Mara

Michael Drayer was born on March 19, 1986 and is currently 38 years old.

See Michael Drayer's other roles

Jermaine Crawford
plays Michael Pope (1 episode)

Leon Addison Brown
plays Charles Robinson (1 episode)

Louis Vanaria
plays Azarello (2 episodes)

Andrew Stewart-Jones
plays Doyle (1 episode)

Danny Mastrogiorgio
plays Derek Whitaker (1 episode)

Danny Mastrogiorgio as Derek Whitaker

Danny Mastrogiorgio was born on October 26, 1964 and is currently 59 years old.

See Danny Mastrogiorgio's other roles

Remy Auberjonois
plays Jimmy Calhoun (1 episode)

Randall Newsome
plays Councilman (1 episode)

Anthony Mangano
plays Detective Kane (6 episodes)

Michael Medeiros
plays Solnick (1 episode)

Jonah Coppolelli
plays Student (1 episode)

Brian Edwards
plays Dave (1 episode)

Oakes Fegley
plays Gabriel Hayward (3 episodes)

Oakes Fegley as Gabriel Hayward

Oakes Fegley is an actor best known for portraying the titular character of Pete in Disney's Pete's Dragon, he has al...

See Oakes Fegley's other roles

Susan Blackwell
plays Principal Lawton (1 episode)

Susan Blackwell as Principal Lawton

Susan Blackwell was born on October 29, 1969 and is currently 54 years old.

See Susan Blackwell's other roles

Jessica Collins
plays Abby Monroe (1 episode)

Daniel Keith
plays Isaac (1 episode)

Daniel Keith as Isaac

Daniel pursued his degree in Liberal Arts at the University of North Texas before moving to New York and studying act...

See Daniel Keith's other roles

Robin Lord Taylor
plays Ajax (1 episode)

Robin Lord Taylor as Ajax

Robin Lord Taylor is an actor, known for Accepted (2006), Another Earth (2011) and Would You Rather (2012).

See Robin Lord Taylor's other roles

Annie Parisse
plays Kara Stanton (9 episodes)

Annie Parisse as Kara Stanton

Anne Marie Cancelmi (born July 31, 1975), known as Annie Parisse, is an American television, film, and theater actres...

See Annie Parisse's other roles

Susan Misner
plays Jessica Arndt (6 episodes)

Susan Misner as Jessica Arndt

Susan Misner (born February 8, 1971) is an American dancer, television and film actress. Misner portrayed the doomed ...

See Susan Misner's other roles

Michael Aronov
plays Michael Cahill (1 episode)

Michael Aronov as Michael Cahill

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Michael Aronov is an American actor and playwright. He played the character Sc...

See Michael Aronov's other roles

Michael Kelly
plays Mark Snow (8 episodes)

Michael Kelly as Mark Snow

Michael Joseph Kelly (born May 22, 1969) is an American actor. Description above from the Wikipedia article Michael ...

See Michael Kelly's other roles

Jill Paice
plays Melinda Cahill (1 episode)

Skylar Gaertner
plays Danny Cahill (1 episode)

Michael Berresse
plays L.O.S. (1 episode)

Michael Laurence
plays Hollister (1 episode)

Michael Laurence is an actor and director.

See Michael Laurence's other roles

Mark Pellegrino
plays Daniel Drake (1 episode)

Mark Pellegrino as Daniel Drake

Mark Ross Pellegrino (born April 9, 1965) is an American actor of film and television. He is best known for his work ...

See Mark Pellegrino's other roles

Francie Swift
plays Sabrina Drake (1 episode)

Francie Swift as Sabrina Drake

Francie Swift is an American film and television actress. She holds an BFA in Acting from State University of New Yor...

See Francie Swift's other roles

David Denman
plays Graham Wyler (1 episode)

David Denman as Graham Wyler

​From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. David Denman (born July 25, 1973) is an American film and television actor. ...

See David Denman's other roles

Olivia Nikkanen
plays Izzy Wyler (1 episode)

Alicia Witt
plays Connie Wyler (1 episode)

Alicia Witt as Connie Wyler

Alicia Roanne Witt is an American actress, singer-songwriter, and pianist. "Talking by age two and reading by the age...

See Alicia Witt's other roles

Charles Socarides
plays Broker (1 episode)

Greg Huge
plays Oshin (1 episode)

Mark Azarcon
plays Korean Thug (1 episode)

Robert Ray Manning Jr.
plays Zachary (5 episodes)

Robert Ray Manning Jr. as Zachary

Robert Ray Manning Jr. is an American actor, producer and director. His acting roles in film include The Drummer (20...

See Robert Ray Manning Jr.'s other roles

Darien Sills-Evans
plays Tyrell Evans (3 episodes)

J. Bernard Calloway
plays Dawyne (1 episode)

Julian Shatkin
plays Aaron (1 episode)

plays Darren McGrady (1 episode)

Jon Michael Hill
plays Curtis (1 episode)

Michael Mulheren
plays Captain Lynch (3 episodes)

Brian Reddy
plays Detective Hill (1 episode)

Aja Naomi King
plays Lisa (1 episode)

Aja Naomi King as Lisa

An actress. King appeared in several short films before landing guest roles on the CBS procedurals Blue Bloods and Pe...

See Aja Naomi King's other roles

John Fiore
plays Captain Womack (4 episodes)

Ro Boddie
plays Brick (1 episode)

Michael Mandell
plays Keach (1 episode)

Sheldon Best
plays Trim (1 episode)

Helmar Augustus Cooper
plays Merchant (1 episode)

Thuliso Dingwall
plays Comic Kid (1 episode)

Julie Sharbutt
plays Secretary (1 episode)

Joshua Elijah Reese
plays Thug #1 (1 episode)

Jake Hart
plays NYPD Uni #1 (1 episode)

Tina Benko
plays Cobb (1 episode)

Wolfgang Scheitinger
plays Henry Wheeler (1 episode)

Charlie Moss
plays Judge (1 episode)

Bruce MacVittie
plays Defense Attorney (1 episode)

Bruce MacVittie as Defense Attorney

A character actor who grew up in Rhode Island. His best remembered roles is that of Danny Scalercio in The Sopranos.

See Bruce MacVittie's other roles

Kevin Michael Murphy
plays Anton's Friend (1 episode)

Conor Romero
plays Deacon Page (1 episode)

Leigh Zimmerman
plays Sasha (1 episode)

John Hillner
plays Businessman (1 episode)

Vincent Laresca
plays Detective Molina (1 episode)

Vincent Laresca as Detective Molina

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.   Vincent Laresca (born January 21, 1974) is an American actor. Laresca firs...

See Vincent Laresca's other roles

Charles Borland
plays Businessman (1 episode)

Rey Lucas
plays Willis (1 episode)

Rey Lucas as Willis

Rey Lucas is an actor.

See Rey Lucas's other roles

Akintola Jiboyewa
plays Teddy (1 episode)

José Ramón Rosario
plays Cop (1 episode)

José Ramón Rosario as Cop

José Ramón Rosario is an actor.

See José Ramón Rosario's other roles

Gregory Jones
plays Businessman (1 episode)

Rick Zahn
plays Police Officer (1 episode)

Rick Zahn as Police Officer

Rick Zahn is an American film and television actor.

See Rick Zahn's other roles

Adam Rothenberg
plays Andrew Benton (1 episode)

Manny Perez
plays Diaz (1 episode)

Manny Perez as Diaz

Manuel "Manny" Pérez Batista (born May 5, 1969) is a Dominican actor, who has appeared in the television series Third...

See Manny Perez's other roles

Kristen Bush
plays Vicky (1 episode)

Philip Hernandez
plays Cartel Heavy (1 episode)

Kim Sykes
plays Therapist (1 episode)

Brendan Titley
plays Intern (1 episode)

Almeria Campbell
plays Nurse (1 episode)

Kevin Henderson
plays Scumbag (1 episode)

Sean McCarthy
plays Lee Fusco (3 episodes)

Jorge Cordova
plays Police Officer (1 episode)

Michael Cerveris
plays Jarek Koska (1 episode)

Michael Cerveris as Jarek Koska

Michael Cerveris (born November 6, 1960) is an American singer, guitarist and actor. He has performed in many stage m...

See Michael Cerveris's other roles

Zabryna Guevara
plays Monica Ramirez (1 episode)

Bill Tangradi
plays Turski (1 episode)

Bill Tangradi as Turski

Bill Tangradi is an actor and writer.

See Bill Tangradi's other roles

Pawel Szajda
plays Drost (1 episode)

Pawel Szajda as Drost

Pawel Szajda is actor.

See Pawel Szajda's other roles

Adriana Gaviria
plays Christina Rojas (1 episode)

Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick
plays Samuel Gates Jr. (1 episode)

Allan Louis
plays Detective Olson (3 episodes)

Allan Louis as Detective Olson

Allan Louis was born in Haiti. When he was 5 years old, moved with his family to Am rica. Dominican and Haitian desc...

See Allan Louis's other roles

Mike Houston
plays Officer Fordes (2 episodes)

Mike Houston as Officer Fordes

Mike Houston was born on February 23, 1976 and is currently 48 years old.

See Mike Houston's other roles

Robin LeMon
plays Foreperson (1 episode)

Paul Clifford Molnar
plays Uniform (1 episode)

Gregory Lay
plays Transit Cop (1 episode) , Officer Valentino (1 episode)

Matt Servitto
plays Samuel Douglas (1 episode)

Matt Servitto as Samuel Douglas

Matt Servitto is an actor and writer.

See Matt Servitto's other roles

Brian Murray
plays Robert Keller (1 episode)

Adam LeFevre
plays Anthony Talbott (1 episode)

Jeff Wincott
plays Lieutenant Allan Gilmore (1 episode)

Jeff Wincott as Lieutenant Allan Gilmore

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jeffrey Howard Piero Wincott (born May 8, 1956) is a Canadian actor and athle...

See Jeff Wincott's other roles

Dan Hedaya
plays Bernie Sullivan (1 episode)

Samuel Smith
plays Slip (1 episode)

Anna Koonin
plays Dana Miller (1 episode)

Michael McGlone
plays Detective Bill Szymanski (5 episodes)

Michael McGlone as Detective Bill Szymanski

Michael McGlone is an American actor, singer and songwriter. He is perhaps best known as the film noiresque spokesman...

See Michael McGlone's other roles

Olek Krupa
plays Ivan Yogorov (1 episode)

Saundra Santiago
plays Patti D'Agostino (1 episode)

Al Calderon
plays Will (1 episode)

Steven Boyer
plays Lead Dealer (1 episode)

Laurence Blum
plays Skinny Dealer (1 episode)

Laila Robins
plays Anja Kohl (1 episode)

Laila Robins as Anja Kohl

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Laila Robins (born March 14, 1959) is an American stage, film and television actress.

See Laila Robins's other roles

Larry Pine
plays Wernick (1 episode)

Larry Pine as Wernick

Larry Pine (born March 3, 1945) is an American film, television and theatre actor. He began his professional acting ...

See Larry Pine's other roles

Austin Pendleton
plays Pilcher (1 episode)

Aubrey Dollar
plays Marie Klein (1 episode)

Sherman Howard
plays Steiller (1 episode)

Jonathan Fried
plays Liaison (1 episode)

Kent Broadhurst
plays Heinrich Hauffe (1 episode)

Bradley Dean
plays Contact (1 episode)

Christopher Durham
plays Contact (1 episode)

Matt McGorry
plays EMT (1 episode)

Jason Manuel Olazabal
plays Hector (1 episode)

Jason Manuel Olazabal as Hector

Jason Manuel Olazabal is an American actor.

See Jason Manuel Olazabal's other roles

Francois Battiste
plays BC (1 episode)

Anthony Azizi
plays Yusuf (1 episode)

Anthony Azizi as Yusuf

Anthony Azizi is an American film and television actor. He starred on the shows Threat Matrix and Commander in Chief....

See Anthony Azizi's other roles

Brian Avers
plays Daniels (1 episode)

Jennifer Laura Thompson
plays Mrs. Kovach (1 episode)

Flint Beverage
plays Edward Kovach (1 episode)

Victor Cruz
plays Mr. Castillo (1 episode)

Victor Cruz as Mr. Castillo

Victor Cruz is an American actor, filmmaker and acting coach. He is known for guest roles in film and television, suc...

See Victor Cruz's other roles

Ed Moran
plays Sgt. Harris (1 episode)

Ed Moran as Sgt. Harris

Ed Moran was born on December 15, 1965. He is an actor and producer.

See Ed Moran's other roles

Arianna Hoeppner
plays Monica (1 episode)

Maureen Sebastian
plays Mei Li (1 episode)

Kwoade Cross
plays Taylor Carter (4 episodes)

Danny Henriquez
plays Leonard (1 episode)

Lucas Caleb Rooney
plays Diski (1 episode)

Selenis Leyva
plays Hosking (1 episode)

Selenis Leyva as Hosking

Selenis Leyva is an American actress. She is known for her role as Gloria Mendoza in the Netflix comedy-drama series ...

See Selenis Leyva's other roles

Jeremy Beck
plays Matt Dugan (1 episode)

Tracey Ruggiero
plays Nurse (1 episode)

Morgan Weed
plays Co-Worker (1 episode)

Christina Gordon
plays Officer Demora (1 episode)

Keren Dukes
plays Aide (1 episode)

David Zayas
plays Ernie Trask (1 episode)

David Zayas as Ernie Trask

David Zayas (born 31 December 1962) is a Puerto Rican theatrical, film, and television actor. He is best known for hi...

See David Zayas's other roles

Bill Heck
plays Rick Morris (1 episode)

Bill Heck as Rick Morris

Bill Heck is known for his work on I'm Your Woman (2020), The Ballad of Buster Scruggs (2018) and Locke & Key (2020)....

See Bill Heck's other roles

Kelli Barrett
plays Lily Thornton (1 episode)

Ramsey Faragallah
plays Dr. Farooq Madan (1 episode)

Ramsey Faragallah as Dr. Farooq Madan

Ramsey Faragallah is an actor.

See Ramsey Faragallah's other roles

Frank Deal
plays Doug Stanley (1 episode)

Frank Deal as Doug Stanley

Frank Deal is an actor.

See Frank Deal's other roles

Peggy J. Scott
plays Mrs. Fuentes (1 episode)

Peggy J. Scott as Mrs. Fuentes

Peggy J. Scott is an actress.

See Peggy J. Scott's other roles

Angel Anthony Marrero
plays Gangbanger (1 episode)

Robert Lee Harvey
plays Derek Watson (1 episode)

Kelly Karavites
plays Alan Holt (1 episode)

Michael Stahl-David
plays Will Ingram (2 episodes)

April Hernandez Castillo
plays Andrea Gutierrez (1 episode)

Vito D'Ambrosio
plays Dominic Galuska (1 episode)

Vito D'Ambrosio as Dominic Galuska

Vito D'Ambrosio was born on December 29, 1957 and is currently 66 years old.

See Vito D'Ambrosio's other roles

Curtiss Cook
plays Terrence King (1 episode)

Curtiss Cook as Terrence King

Curtiss Cook is a film actor.

See Curtiss Cook's other roles

Alex Cranmer
plays Chris Scollard (1 episode)

Eric Ruffin
plays Jacob King (1 episode)

Barbara Pitts
plays Mary Kinsey (1 episode)

Starla Benford
plays Gloria Copeland (1 episode)

Brian O'Neill
plays Judge Peterson (1 episode)

Brian O'Neill as Judge Peterson

Brian O'Neill is an actor and director.

See Brian O'Neill's other roles

James Lloyd Reynolds
plays Slick Attorney (1 episode)

Jesse Perez
plays Dishwasher (1 episode)

Jay Hieron
plays Alonso Garcia (1 episode)

Myk Watford
plays Scott Powell (1 episode)

Myk Watford as Scott Powell

Myk Watford was born on January 30, 1971 and is currently 53 years old.

See Myk Watford's other roles

Damian Young
plays Pete Matheson (1 episode)

Damian Young as Pete Matheson

Damian Young (born October 27, 1961) is an American actor. Description above from the Wikipedia article Damian Young...

See Damian Young's other roles

Amy Hargreaves
plays Leslie Powell (1 episode)

Amy Hargreaves as Leslie Powell

Amy Hargreaves was born on January 27, 1970 in Rockville Center, New York, USA. She is an actress, known for Shame (2...

See Amy Hargreaves's other roles

Victor Slezak
plays Michael Delancey (1 episode)

Victor Slezak as Michael Delancey

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Victor Slezak (born July 30, 1957) is an American stage, television and scree...

See Victor Slezak's other roles

Dan Ziskie
plays Senator Gene Atkins (1 episode)

Dan Ziskie as Senator Gene Atkins

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Dan Ziskie is an American actor. He recently has portrayed figures in position...

See Dan Ziskie's other roles

Bill Cohen
plays Pawn Broker (1 episode)

Michael Milligan
plays Campaign Supervisow (1 episode)

Erin Kilgore
plays Mia Powell (1 episode)

Casey Predovic
plays Teen Guy (1 episode)

Ryan Breslin
plays Student (1 episode)

John Cenatiempo
plays Gage (1 episode)

John Cenatiempo as Gage

John Cenatiempo, born March 5, 1963 (age 59) in New York City, New York, USA, is an actor and stunt co-ordinator. He ...

See John Cenatiempo's other roles

José Zúñiga
plays Vargas (1 episode)

José Zúñiga as Vargas

José Zúñiga is best known for his roles in films such as Alive, Ransom, Con Air, Fresh, Crooklyn, Next Stop Wonderlan...

See José Zúñiga's other roles

Skipp Sudduth
plays Detective Byrne (1 episode)

Skipp Sudduth as Detective Byrne

Skipp Sudduth was born on August 23, 1956 and is currently 67 years old.

See Skipp Sudduth's other roles

Reg E. Cathey
plays Davidson (2 episodes)

Jonno Roberts
plays Peter Arndt (2 episodes)

Thom Sesma
plays Mr. Su (1 episode)

Jimmy Palumbo
plays Detective (1 episode)

Jimmy Palumbo as Detective

With over 65 TV and film credits, Jimmy Palumbo has been acting for over 25 years. His recent credits are Taken 3 and...

See Jimmy Palumbo's other roles

Walter Belenky
plays ESU Tech (1 episode)

Keith Eric Chappelle
plays Air Medic (1 episode)

John Scurti
plays Bob Sowoski (1 episode)

John Scurti as Bob Sowoski

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia John Martin Scurti (b. Northport, New York) is an American actor. Scurti atte...

See John Scurti's other roles

Noelle Beck
plays Sydney Baylor (1 episode)

Deirdre O'Connell
plays Joan (1 episode)

Austin Lysy
plays Victor (1 episode)

David Furr
plays Paul Ashton (1 episode)

David Furr as Paul Ashton

David Furr is an actor and director.

See David Furr's other roles

Scott Cohen
plays Inspector Doug Rasmussen (1 episode)

Scott Cohen as Inspector Doug Rasmussen

Scott Cohen (born December 19, 1961) is an American actor.

See Scott Cohen's other roles

Bhavesh Patel
plays CSI Tech (1 episode)

Bhavesh Patel as CSI Tech

Bhavesh Patel is an actor.

See Bhavesh Patel's other roles

Vladimir Versailles
plays Delivery Man (1 episode)

Carolina Bermudez
plays Reporter (1 episode)

Scott Bryce
plays Adnan Petrosian (1 episode)

Scott Bryce as Adnan Petrosian

Scott Bryce is an American writer, producer, stage, film and television actor.

See Scott Bryce's other roles

Leslie Silva
plays Nurse Abbott (1 episode)

Leslie Silva as Nurse Abbott

Leslie Silva was born on April 21, 1968 and is currently 56 years old.

See Leslie Silva's other roles

Kate Hodge
plays Nicola Petrosian (1 episode)

Kate Hodge as Nicola Petrosian

Kate Hodge is an actress and producer.

See Kate Hodge's other roles

Erich Bergen
plays Bradley Petrosian (1 episode)

Ray Iannicelli
plays Rafael Alvarez (1 episode)

Ray Iannicelli as Rafael Alvarez

Ray Iannicelli was born on June 28, 1942 and is currently 81 years old.

See Ray Iannicelli's other roles

Juan Carlos Hernández
plays Sammy Cruz (1 episode)

Juan Carlos Hernández as Sammy Cruz

Juan Carlos Hernández is an actor and director.

See Juan Carlos Hernández's other roles

Maria Elena Ramirez
plays Veda Cruz (1 episode)

Sol Landerman
plays Novak (1 episode)

Paul Krisikos
plays Milos (1 episode)

Meghan Grace O'Leary
plays Woman at Accident (1 episode)

Maria-Christina Oliveras
plays Cashier (1 episode)

Bret Lada
plays Bradley's Boyfriend (1 episode)

Jose Hernandez Jr.

Sarah Wynter
plays Jordan Hester (1 episode)

Sarah Wynter as Jordan Hester

Sarah Wynter (born 15 February 1973) is an Australian actress, known for her American television roles as Kate Warner...

See Sarah Wynter's other roles

Rhys Coiro
plays Jordan Hester (1 episode)

Rhys Coiro as Jordan Hester

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Rhys Coiro (born March 12, 1979) is an American film, television and stage ac...

See Rhys Coiro's other roles

Seth Gilliam
plays Detective Des Franklin (1 episode)

Seth Gilliam as Detective Des Franklin

Seth Gilliam (November 5, 1968) is an American screen and stage actor. He is most known as Father Gabriel on AMC's po...

See Seth Gilliam's other roles

Christopher Denham
plays Kyle Morrison (1 episode)

Christopher Denham as Kyle Morrison

Christopher Denham is an American actor, screenwriter and director. He is perhaps best known for supporting roles in ...

See Christopher Denham's other roles

Rafael Sardina
plays Jekyll (1 episode)

Johnny Hopkins
plays Hyde (1 episode)

Omer Barnea
plays Josef (1 episode)

Omer Barnea as Josef

Omer Barnea was born on June 20, 1980 and is currently 43 years old.

See Omer Barnea's other roles

Mark Zimmerman
plays Richard Eckhart (1 episode)

Mariann Mayberry
plays Maggie (1 episode)

Ron McClary
plays Security Guard (1 episode)

Vincent Curatola
plays Zambrano (1 episode)

Paul Schulze
plays Gianni Moretti Jr. (1 episode)

Paul Schulze as Gianni Moretti Jr.

Paul Schulze (born November 30, 1962) is an American actor best known for portraying Ryan Chappelle on the FOX series...

See Paul Schulze's other roles

Tony Darrow
plays Caparelli (1 episode)

Lola Glaudini
plays LaBlanca (1 episode)

Arthur J. Nascarella
plays Basile (1 episode)

John Magaro
plays Carl Elias (Age 22) (1 episode)

John Magaro as Carl Elias (Age 22)

John Robert Magaro (born February 16, 1983) is an American actor. He starred in the films Not Fade Away and First Cow...

See John Magaro's other roles

River Alexander
plays Carl Elias (Age 12) (1 episode)

Stephanie DiMaggio
plays Gloria (1 episode)

Joe Maruzzo
plays Soldie (1 episode)

Mark Morettini
plays Soldier (1 episode)

Anthony Giordano
plays Junior (Age 24) (1 episode)

Ansel Brasseur
plays Officer (1 episode)

Ed Setrakian
plays Grifoni (2 episodes)

Bryan Scott Johnson
plays C.O. (1 episode)

Bryan Scott Johnson as C.O.

Bryan Scott Johnson is an actor.

See Bryan Scott Johnson's other roles

Pablo Schreiber
plays Tommy Clay (1 episode)

Pablo Schreiber as Tommy Clay

Pablo Tell Schreiber (born April 26, 1978) is a Canadian actor known for his dramatic stage work and for his portraya...

See Pablo Schreiber's other roles

Lenny Venito
plays Murray Langston (1 episode)

Lenny Venito as Murray Langston

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Lenny Venito is an American actor who has made appearances in movies such as ...

See Lenny Venito's other roles

Virginia Kull
plays Ashley (1 episode)

Gretchen Hall
plays Joyce Clay (1 episode)

John Rue
plays Robbery Homicide Detective (1 episode)

John Rue as Robbery Homicide Detective

John Rue is an actor.

See John Rue's other roles

Laurence Mason
plays Doctor (1 episode)

Laurence Mason as Doctor

Laurence Mason is an American stage, film and television actor. He is best known for his roles as Lord Nikon in the 1...

See Laurence Mason's other roles

Briana Carlson-Goodman
plays Dorie Mills (1 episode)

Gerardo Rodriguez
plays Drug Dealer (1 episode)

Terry Schappert
plays Team Leader (1 episode)

Tony Cheng
plays Ordos Victim (1 episode)

Dagmara Dominczyk
plays Sarah Jennings (1 episode)

Dagmara Dominczyk as Sarah Jennings

Dagmara Domińczyk (born July 17, 1976) is a Polish-American actress and author. She has appeared in the films Rock St...

See Dagmara Dominczyk's other roles

Jeremy Davidson
plays Marshal Brad Jennings (1 episode)

Jeremy Davidson as Marshal Brad Jennings

Jeremy Davidson was born on December 24, 1971 in Vestal, New York, USA. He is an actor and director.

See Jeremy Davidson's other roles

Judith Ivey
plays Sharon (1 episode)

Fred Applegate
plays Medical Examiner (1 episode)

Kelly Coffield Park
plays Detective Marianne Nichols (1 episode)

Randall Duk Kim
plays Mr. Han (1 episode)

Randall Duk Kim as Mr. Han

Randall Duk Kim (born September 24, 1943) is an American stage, film, and television actor.

See Randall Duk Kim's other roles

Samira Wiley
plays Triage Nurse (1 episode)

Roe Hartrampf
plays Bartender (1 episode)

Phil McGlaston
plays MTA Cop (1 episode)

Akshay Kapoor
plays Clerk (1 episode)

Juan Carlos Infante
plays Ticketing Agent (1 episode)

Charlie Plummer
plays Kid (1 episode)

Marc Menchaca
plays Fox (1 episode)

Marc Menchaca as Fox

Marc Menchaca was born on October 10, 1975 and is currently 48 years old.

See Marc Menchaca's other roles

Andrew Weems
plays Ed Johnson (1 episode)

Kate Bond
plays Carrie Hale (1 episode)

Kevin Nagle
plays NYPD Uniform (1 episode)

Brett Anderson
plays Vendor (1 episode)

Anthony DeSando
plays Hans Friedrickson (1 episode)

Aaron Lazar
plays Terrance Baxter (1 episode)

Aaron Lazar as Terrance Baxter

Aaron Scott Lazar is an American actor, artist and entrepreneur. He originated the role of Enjolras in the 2006 Broad...

See Aaron Lazar's other roles

Wayne Duvall
plays Councilman Seth Larsson (1 episode)

Wayne Duvall as Councilman Seth Larsson

Wayne Duvall (born May 29, 1958) is an American actor, known for playing Homer Stokes in O Brother Where Art Thou?, C...

See Wayne Duvall's other roles

Jason Kolotouros
plays Jablonski (1 episode)

Johnny M. Wu
plays RTCC Tech (1 episode)

John Michael Bolger
plays Sam Romano (1 episode)

P.J. Benjamin
plays Captain Peter Lewis (1 episode)

James Michael Reilly
plays Detective Sagan (1 episode)

P.J. Sosko
plays Lulick (1 episode)

Lesley Shires
plays Hotel Receptionist (1 episode)

Ash Christian
plays Onestate Tech Mitch (1 episode)

Bill Sage
plays Reddy (1 episode)

Bill Sage as Reddy

William Sage III (born April 3, 1962) is an American actor and alumnus of State University of New York at Purchase. H...

See Bill Sage's other roles

Robert Allen Mukes
plays Titus (1 episode)

Richard Busser
plays Strohm (1 episode)

Thomas Kopache
plays Borsalino Cap (1 episode)

Thomas Kopache as Borsalino Cap

Thomas Kopache was born on October 17, 1945 and is currently 78 years old.

See Thomas Kopache's other roles

Dori Legg
plays Waitress (1 episode)

Michael Devine
plays Cop (1 episode)

Amy Morse
plays Dealer (1 episode)

Ron Domingo
plays Pharmacist (1 episode)

Beth Laufer
plays Blonde Woman (1 episode)

Edgar Fox
plays Aryan Brother (1 episode)

Tim Holmes
plays Aryan Brother (1 episode)

J.D. Thompson
plays Aryan Brother (1 episode)

Loudon Wainwright III
plays Sheriff Landry (1 episode)

Richard Bekins
plays Hanna's Father (1 episode)

Richard Bekins as Hanna's Father

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Richard Bekins (born July 17, 1954) is an American actor best known for his r...

See Richard Bekins's other roles

Jeremy Kushnier
plays Cody Grayson (1 episode)

Kevin Loreque
plays Trent Russell (1 episode)

Rebecca Metz
plays Barbara Russell (1991) (1 episode)

Rebecca Metz as Barbara Russell (1991)

Rebecca Metz (born September 29, 1973) is an American actress.

See Rebecca Metz's other roles

Ryan Andes
plays Shep (1 episode)

Maddie-Jo Landers
plays Crystal (1 episode)

Justin Patterson
plays Motel Manager (1 episode)

Che Ayende
plays Deputy (1 episode)

Abdel González
plays PDE Driver (1 episode)

Paloma Guzmán
plays Sofia Campos (1 episode)

Gary Perez
plays Hector Campos (1 episode)

Nick Gehlfuss
plays Jack Hughes (1 episode)

Nick Gehlfuss as Jack Hughes

Nicholas Alan Gehlfuss is an American actor, known for his starring role as Dr. Will Halstead in NBC's medical drama ...

See Nick Gehlfuss's other roles

Roderick Hill
plays Rick (1 episode)

Taylor Black
plays Gabi (1 episode)

Isaiah Johnson
plays Monty Spencer (1 episode)

Caroline Strong
plays CIA Agent (1 episode)

Emily Tremaine
plays Snooty Salesgirl (1 episode)

Emily Tremaine as Snooty Salesgirl

Emily Tremaine is an American actress, best known for playing Audrey Bidwell, Donald Ressler's (Diego Klattenhoff) fo...

See Emily Tremaine's other roles

Mihran Slougian
plays Vladimir (1 episode)

Jamie Lynn Concepcion
plays Receptionist (1 episode)

Joe Paulik
plays Broker (1 episode)

Addison LeMay
plays Bodyguard (1 episode)

Oliver Solomon
plays Security Guard (1 episode)

Jonathan Tucker
plays Riley Cavanaugh (1 episode)

Liza J. Bennett
plays Annie Delaney (1 episode)

Otto Sanchez
plays Ochoa (1 episode)

Matt McTighe
plays Eddie Massey (1 episode)

Matt McTighe as Eddie Massey

Matt McTighe is an actor.

See Matt McTighe's other roles

Kevin Conway
plays George Massey (1 episode)

Sean Gormley
plays Al (1 episode)

Craig Bockhorn
plays Barfly (1 episode)

Fenton Lawless
plays Bartender (1 episode)

Jeremy Paschall
plays Thug Sentry (1 episode)

Gloria Votsis
plays Maxine Angelis (1 episode)

Gloria Votsis as Maxine Angelis

Gloria Votsis is an actress.

See Gloria Votsis's other roles

James Saito
plays Glen (1 episode)

James Saito as Glen

​James Tomio Saito (born March 6, 1955) is an American actor, best known for his physical portrayal of Shredder in th...

See James Saito's other roles

Richard V. Licata
plays Ed Griffin (1 episode)

Kevin Collins
plays Landon Walker (1 episode)

Kevin Collins as Landon Walker

Trained at the National Theatre School of Canada in Montreal before moving to Ireland, where he was a member of the t...

See Kevin Collins's other roles

Rick Gifford
plays Agent Craig Bogle (1 episode)

John Henry Cox
plays Paul Hix (1 episode)

Jeremie Harris
plays Agent Clark (1 episode)

Dominic Fumusa
plays Chris Vaughn (1 episode)

Victor Verhaeghe
plays Daniel Burnside (1 episode)

Victor Verhaeghe as Daniel Burnside

Victor Verhaeghe is an actor and writer.

See Victor Verhaeghe's other roles

Sharrieff Pugh
plays Loeb (1 episode)

Arash Mokhtar
plays Vendor (2 episodes)

Rashad Edwards
plays Beat Cop (1 episode)

Larry Mitchell
plays Hardware Customer (1 episode)

Larry Mitchell as Hardware Customer

Larry Mitchell is an actor and producer.

See Larry Mitchell's other roles

J.P. Groeninger
plays Shady Biker (1 episode)

Sacha Di Bona
plays Atay Clerik (1 episode)

Saxon Palmer
plays Rupert (1 episode)

Sharon Leal
plays Dr. Madeleine Enright (1 episode)

Sharon Leal as Dr. Madeleine Enright

Sharon Leal is actress and producer.

See Sharon Leal's other roles

Julian Sands
plays Alistair Wesley (1 episode)

Julian Sands as Alistair Wesley

​From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.   Julian R. Sands (January 4, 1958 - January 13, 2023) was an English actor,...

See Julian Sands's other roles

Erica Leerhsen
plays Amy (1 episode)

Bryce Pinkham
plays Leland Rains (1 episode)

Bryce Pinkham as Leland Rains

Bryce Pinkham is an American stage and screen actor.

See Bryce Pinkham's other roles

Geneva Carr
plays Nurse Picket (1 episode)

Geoffrey Cantor
plays Sebastian Alta (1 episode)

Geoffrey Cantor as Sebastian Alta

Geoffrey graduated magna cum laude from Amherst College with a degree in theater. During his junior year, he attended...

See Geoffrey Cantor's other roles

Sam Freed
plays Oliver Veldt (1 episode)

Nick Stevenson
plays Park Uni (1 episode)

Gilbert Cruz
plays Security Manager (1 episode)

Mia Ellis
plays ER Nurse (1 episode)

Aaron Isaacs
plays Beat Cop (1 episode)

Lohrasp Kansara
plays Albanian Gang Member (1 episode)

Lohrasp Kansara as Albanian Gang Member

Lohrasp Kansara is an actor.

See Lohrasp Kansara's other roles

Tricia Paoluccio
plays Rhonda (1 episode)

Todd Susman
plays Henry Brooks (1 episode)

Todd Susman as Henry Brooks

Todd Susman is an American stage and screen actor, appearing in many guest roles in film and television.

See Todd Susman's other roles

Jacinto Taras Riddick
plays Nestor Santiago (1 episode)

Frank Vlastnik
plays House Manager (1 episode)

Natalie Kuhn
plays Daniel's Assistant (1 episode)

Ivana Shein
plays Sabrina's Assistant (1 episode)

Angela Lin
plays Receptionist (1 episode)

Angela Lin as Receptionist

Angela Lin was born on March 14, 1981 and is currently 43 years old.

See Angela Lin's other roles

R. Patrick Ryan
plays Waiter (1 episode)

Royce Johnson
plays Bike Manager (1 episode)

David Shumbris
plays Cyril (1 episode)

David Shumbris as Cyril

David Shumbris was born on November 7, 1972 and is currently 51 years old.

See David Shumbris's other roles

Michael Irby
plays Fermin Ordoñez (1 episode)

Michael Irby as Fermin Ordoñez

Michael Clinton Irby (born November 16, 1972) is an American film and television actor. He is known for portraying Se...

See Michael Irby's other roles

Reiko Aylesworth
plays Agent Regina Vickers (1 episode)

Reiko Aylesworth as Agent Regina Vickers

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Reiko M. Aylesworth (born December 9, 1972) is an American film, television a...

See Reiko Aylesworth's other roles

Tony Plana
plays J.P. Suarez (1 episode)

Tony Plana as J.P. Suarez

Tony Plana is a Cuban-American stage, film and television actor and director, best known for playing Ignacio Suarez, ...

See Tony Plana's other roles

Philip Anthony-Rodriguez
plays Rafael Acosta (1 episode)

Philip Anthony-Rodriguez as Rafael Acosta

Philip Anthony-Rodriguez is an American actor.

See Philip Anthony-Rodriguez's other roles

Larisa Polonsky
plays Irina Kapp (1 episode)

Christopher Yee
plays D3mn8 (1 episode)

Amir Darvish
plays Aziz Mansoor (1 episode)

Scott Aiello
plays Detective Bowman (1 episode)

Annalaina Marks
plays Beautiful Woman (1 episode)

Mark Slama
plays Drunk (1 episode)

Veronica Cruz
plays Maria Ordoñez (1 episode)

Marcelo Laygo
plays Jorge Ordoñez (1 episode)

Kirill Nikiforov
plays Vadim Pushkov (1 episode)

Kirill Nikiforov as Vadim Pushkov

Kirill Nikiforov was born on July 9, 1980 and is currently 43 years old.

See Kirill Nikiforov's other roles

John Bedford Lloyd
plays Philip Chapple (1 episode)

John Bedford Lloyd as Philip Chapple

John Bedford Lloyd was born on January 2, 1956 and is currently 68 years old.

See John Bedford Lloyd's other roles

Creighton James
plays Wayne F. Packer (3 episodes)

Jeremiah Birkett
plays Planning Office Manager (1 episode)

Jeremiah Birkett as Planning Office Manager

Jeremiah Birkett is known for L.A. Confidential (1997), The 10th Kingdom (2000) and Evan Almighty (2007).

See Jeremiah Birkett's other roles

James Knight
plays Brian Kelly (3 episodes)

Jason Babinsky
plays Uniform (1 episode)

Douglas Taurel
plays Uniform (1 episode)

Austin Durant
plays SWAT Sergeant (1 episode)

Brendan Griffin
plays Charles MacAvoy (3 episodes)

Luke Kirby
plays Chris Beckner (1 episode)

Luke Kirby as Chris Beckner

Luke Kirby (born June 29, 1978) is an American-Canadian actor.

See Luke Kirby's other roles

James Colby
plays Officer Murphy (1 episode)

James Colby as Officer Murphy

James Colby is an actor.

See James Colby's other roles

Mary B. McCann
plays Lori Phipps (1 episode)

Hassan Johnson
plays Lorenzo (1 episode)

Hassan Johnson as Lorenzo

An American actor. His most noted performance was appearing on the HBO program The Wire as Wee-Bey Brice. His first a...

See Hassan Johnson's other roles

John Sharian
plays Warden Hutchins (2 episodes)

John Sharian as Warden Hutchins

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia John Sharian is an American actor whose film credits include The Machinist and...

See John Sharian's other roles

Gregory Abbey
plays Howard Glazer (1 episode)

Stevie Steel
plays Julia Franklin (1 episode)

Malika Samuel
plays Lily Williams (1 episode)

Ananias Dixon
plays Diego Velasquez (1 episode)

Michael Westman
plays Tall Guy (1 episode)

Jeff Woodman
plays FBI Tech (1 episode)

David Fierro
plays Stocky Guy (1 episode)

David Fierro as Stocky Guy

David Fierro is an actor and director.

See David Fierro's other roles

Karolína Kurková
plays Karolina Kurkova (1 episode)

Charlotte Maier
plays Megan (1 episode)

Tom Titone
plays Dawson (1 episode)

Tom Titone as Dawson

Tom Titone is an actor.

See Tom Titone's other roles

Tony DeVito
plays Ragazzo (1 episode)

Brian Hutchison
plays SAIC Brian Moss (3 episodes)

Matt Deangelis
plays Petar (1 episode)

Mike Carlsen
plays Uni (1 episode)

Mike Carlsen as Uni

Mike Carlsen was born on March 24, 1980 and is currently 44 years old.

See Mike Carlsen's other roles

Andrew Guilarte
plays DOD Guard (1 episode)

Charlie Semine
plays Justin Ogilvie (1 episode)

Charlie Semine as Justin Ogilvie

Charlie Semine is an actor.

See Charlie Semine's other roles

Chandler Williams
plays Jeremy Campbell (1 episode)

Brooke Bloom
plays Emily Morton (1 episode)

Jimmi Simpson
plays Logan Pierce (2 episodes)

Jimmi Simpson as Logan Pierce

Jimmi Simpson is an American stage, film and television actor, best known for his recurring roles in television serie...

See Jimmi Simpson's other roles

Tibor Feldman
plays Sinclair Melborne (1 episode)

Tibor Feldman as Sinclair Melborne

Tibor Feldman was born on April 25, 1947. He is an actor.

See Tibor Feldman's other roles

Quincy Chad
plays Bigfoot (1 episode)

Paul Schoeffler
plays Ben Kamin (1 episode)

Bridget McKevitt
plays Cynthia Kamin (1 episode)

Jordan Baker
plays Emily's Lawyer (1 episode)

Robert Jimenez
plays Grant's Lawyer (1 episode)

Barry Ratcliffe
plays Auctioneer (1 episode)

Liv Rooth
plays Attractive Reporter (1 episode)

David Pittu
plays Derek Fowler (1 episode)

David Pittu as Derek Fowler

David Pittu is an actor and director.

See David Pittu's other roles

Ted Koch
plays Admin (1 episode)

Stephen Schnetzer
plays Tug Brantley (1 episode)

Andy Murray
plays Charles Harris (1 episode)

Tommy Schrider
plays Husband (1 episode)

Jakob von Eichel
plays Turtleneck (1 episode)

Luba Mason
plays Betty (1 episode)

Edwin Cahill
plays Tourist (1 episode)

Aaron Roman Weiner
plays Uni (1 episode)

Lord Jamar
plays Grishin (1 episode)

Curtis McClarin
plays Mullins (1 episode)

Turron Kofi Alleyne
plays Lewis (1 episode)

Monte Bezell
plays Youssef (1 episode)

Michael Elian
plays Ahnaz Bekhti (1 episode)

Jonathan Sale
plays Beat Cop (Fleming) (1 episode)

Brent Werzner
plays Leader (1 episode)

Fajer Kaisi
plays Youssef's Friend (1 episode)

Luke Macfarlane
plays Special Agent Alan Fahey (1 episode)

Luke Macfarlane as Special Agent Alan Fahey

Luke Macfarlane is a Canadian-American actor best known for his role as Scotty Wandell on the family drama television...

See Luke Macfarlane's other roles

Becky Ann Baker
plays Deputy Erica Schmidt (1 episode)

Becky Ann Baker as Deputy Erica Schmidt

Becky Ann Baker (born February 17, 1953) is an American actress who is known for her portrayal of Jean Weir on NBC's ...

See Becky Ann Baker's other roles

Dan Lauria
plays Stanley Amis (1 episode)

Dan Lauria as Stanley Amis

Daniel Joseph Lauria (born April 12, 1947) is an American actor, known for playing the role of Jack Arnold in The Won...

See Dan Lauria's other roles

Cindy Katz
plays Vicki Winter (1 episode)

Dennis Flanagan
plays Victor Engquist (1 episode)

James Andrew O'Connor
plays Ethan Mattson (1 episode)

Derek Wilson
plays Dennis Cunningham (1 episode)

Mandy Siegfried
plays Carly Moon (1 episode)

Mandy Siegfried is an actress.

See Mandy Siegfried's other roles

Timothy Sekk
plays Kyle Moon (1 episode)

Hayley Treider
plays Becky Hess (1 episode)

Ron McLarty
plays Lou Mitchell (1 episode)

Michael Rispoli
plays Darien Makris (1 episode)

Michael Rispoli as Darien Makris

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Michael Rispoli (born November 27, 1960) is an American character actor. He w...

See Michael Rispoli's other roles

Jennifer Van Dyck
plays Assistant District Attorney Melinda Wright (1 episode)

Amy Hohn
plays Jen the Dealer (1 episode)

Lisa Brescia
plays Kelly (1 episode)

Luis Moreno
plays IAB Detective Ginsberg (1 episode)

Madison McKinley
plays Candi (1 episode)

Bowman Wright
plays Nigerian (1 episode)

Natalie Toro
plays Cashier (1 episode)

Jamie Choi
plays High Roller Dealer (1 episode)

Larry Bryggman
plays Martin Baxter (1 episode)

Andrew Rothenberg
plays Ross Haskell (1 episode)

Andrew Rothenberg as Ross Haskell

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Andrew Rothenberg (born January 26, 1969) is an American stage, television and...

See Andrew Rothenberg's other roles

Asa Somers
plays TOVO Networking Advisor (1 episode)

Joey Auzenne
plays Donnie (1 episode)

Joey Auzenne as Donnie

He grew up in Houston, went to college in New Orleans (it can be done) and now lives in New York City. As a kid, Joey...

See Joey Auzenne's other roles

Patrick Boll
plays Security Agent (1 episode)

Dennis Boutsikaris
plays Dr. Richard Nelson (1 episode)

Dennis Boutsikaris as Dr. Richard Nelson

Dennis Boutsikaris (born December 21, 1952) is an American actor known for his work on stage and on screen, as well a...

See Dennis Boutsikaris's other roles

Ned Eisenberg
plays Detective Joseph Soriano (2 episodes)

Ned Eisenberg as Detective Joseph Soriano

Ned Eisenberg (January 13, 1957 – February 27, 2022) was an American actor known for his recurring role on Law & Orde...

See Ned Eisenberg's other roles

Matthew Humphreys
plays Brandon Boyd (1 episode)

Matthew Humphreys as Brandon Boyd

Matthew Humphreys was born on January 22, 1974 and is currently 50 years old.

See Matthew Humphreys's other roles

Gabrielle Miller
plays Dr. Julianna De Matteo (1 episode)

Gabrielle Miller as Dr. Julianna De Matteo

Gabrielle Miller is one of Canada's most celebrated performers. A professional actor for over two decades, she is wid...

See Gabrielle Miller's other roles

Matthew Rauch
plays Dr. Garrett Rossmore (1 episode)

Matthew Rauch as Dr. Garrett Rossmore

Matthew Rauch is known for Partner Track (2022), The Terminal List (2022) and Banshee (2013).

See Matthew Rauch's other roles

Scott Jaeck
plays Vincent Cochran (1 episode)

Scott Jaeck as Vincent Cochran

Scott Jaeck is an American stage and screen actor.

See Scott Jaeck's other roles

Lynda Gravatt
plays Celia Beecher (1 episode)

Robert Turano
plays Sergeant (1 episode)

Harris Doran
plays Pork Pie (1 episode)

Mark DiConzo
plays Uniform (1 episode)

Kevyn Morrow
plays IAB Detective Ed Solis (1 episode)

Opal Alladin
plays Claudia Sugarman (1 episode)

Carter Gill
plays Office Drone (1 episode)

Mike Masters
plays ESU Captain (1 episode)

Kelvin McGrue
plays NYPD Uniform (1 episode) , Moto Masked Man (1 episode)

Sydney James Harcourt
plays NYPD Uniform (1 episode)

Adrian Matilla
plays Benedict (1 episode)

Wesley Broulik
plays Caretaker (1 episode)

Tom Galantich
plays Businessman (1 episode)

Brad Heberlee
plays Engineer (1 episode)

Maechi Aharanwa
plays Waitress (1 episode) , Gate Agent (1 episode)

Abraham Makany
plays Asif (1 episode)

Hadi Tabbal
plays Translator (1 episode)

Susan Cella
plays Lady Driver (1 episode)

Richard Gallagher
plays Jilted Man (1 episode)

Richard Gallagher as Jilted Man

Richard Gallagher is an American stage, film and television actor.

See Richard Gallagher's other roles

Carmen Ruby Floyd
plays Nurse (1 episode)

Nick Mills
plays Uni (1 episode)

Dan Amboyer
plays Don Juan (1 episode)

Roman Roytberg
plays Maksim (1 episode)

Alberto Bonilla
plays Angel (1 episode)

Sekou Laidlow
plays Swabbie (1 episode)

Paulina Singer
plays Amber (1 episode)

Diane Guerrero
plays Ashley (1 episode)

Ben Horner
plays Jarhead (1 episode)

Alfredo Narciso
plays Forensic Tech (1 episode) , Patrol Uni (1 episode)

Alfredo Narciso as Forensic Tech

Alfredo Narciso is an actor.

See Alfredo Narciso's other roles

Steven Ogg
plays Chuck (1 episode)

Steven Ogg as Chuck

Steven Ogg is a Canadian film and television actor and voice artist, best known for voicing Trevor Philips in the vid...

See Steven Ogg's other roles

Tony Naumovski
plays Russian Thug (1 episode)

Cosmo Pfeil
plays Devil Dog (1 episode)

Jessica Denson
plays Vanessa (1 episode)

Tom Tammi
plays Neal Jenkins (1 episode)

Shannon Marie Sullivan
plays Karen Mills (1 episode)

Bradford Cover
plays Matthew Hayes (1 episode)

Megan West
plays Haley (1 episode)

Megan West as Haley

Megan West was born on January 9, 1991 and is currently 33 years old.

See Megan West's other roles

Kenneth Boys
plays Dennis Poulson (1 episode)

Bridget White
plays Deedee Kruger (1 episode)

Bridget White as Deedee Kruger

Bridget White was a competitive gymnast for ten years and started her professional career as a dancer/singer and chor...

See Bridget White's other roles

Kyle Sutton
plays Alex Wyley (1 episode)

Rachel Oyama
plays Veronica (1 episode)

Antonio Edwards Suarez
plays Thug (1 episode)

Diane Poulos
plays Dana Wellington (1 episode)

Tim Jerome
plays Ancient Banker (1 episode)

Jennifer Restivo
plays Sarah Ellis (1 episode)

Emily Hsu
plays Olivia (1 episode)

Catherine Eaton
plays Jillian (1 episode)

Stephen C. Bradbury
plays Old Man (1 episode)

Akim Black
plays Corner Boy (1 episode)

Sean Phillips
plays Uni (1 episode)

David H. Holmes
plays Ketamine Tweaker (1 episode)

Gregory Wooddell
plays Eric Mathers (1 episode)

Ava Szymanski
plays Sameen (1 episode)

Robert C. Kirk
plays Jerry (1 episode)

Robert C. Kirk as Jerry

Robert C. Kirk is an American actor. He plays Mr. Johansen in Boardwalk Empire. He is a co-star in the third season e...

See Robert C. Kirk's other roles

Jun Naito
plays Murakami (1 episode)

Marja Harmon
plays EMT (1 episode)

Peter Von Berg
plays Morozov (1 episode)

Peter Von Berg as Morozov

Peter Von Berg was born on November 7, 1947 and is currently 76 years old.

See Peter Von Berg's other roles

Michael Zlabinger
plays Transport Operative A (1 episode)

Michael Cyril Creighton
plays Russell (1 episode)

Michael Cyril Creighton as Russell

Michael Cyril Creighton is an American writer, stage and screen actor.

See Michael Cyril Creighton's other roles

Peter Brouwer
plays Auctioneer (1 episode)

Luis Scott
plays Soda Boy (1 episode)

Ben Livingston
plays Lead FBI Agent Barnes (1 episode)

Ben Livingston as Lead FBI Agent Barnes

Ben Livingston is an American writer, stage and screen actor with an MFA in Drama from Indiana University.

See Ben Livingston's other roles

Jeb Kreager
plays Detective Stan Mitchell (1 episode)

Tony Ward
plays Officer Vogel (1 episode)

Tom Patrick Stephens
plays UNI (1 episode)

Markita Prescott
plays Lori (1 episode)

Tre Jamison
plays Young Taylor Carter (1 episode)

Aleksander Mici
plays Russian Driver (1 episode)

Dustyn Gulledge
plays Russian Passenger (1 episode)

Paul Woodburn
plays Ed The Guard (1 episode)

James L. Ward
plays UNI (1 episode)

Taylor C. Hays
plays UNI (1 episode)

Jas Anderson
plays Blood Leader (1 episode)

Cullen R. Titmas
plays HR Detective (1 episode)

Zack Fine
plays Federal Agent (1 episode)

Shawn Andrew
plays US Marshal (1 episode)

Kohler McKenzie
plays US Marshall (1 episode)

Brett G. Smith
plays Team Leader (1 episode)

Bruce Winant
plays QMI Manager (1 episode)

Reginald Huc
plays Ready Team One (1 episode)

Jeanine Serralles
plays Ross (2 episodes)

Jacob Rosenbaum
plays Stewart (1 episode)

Bob Walton
plays State Trooper (1 episode)

Nambi E. Kelley
plays Claypool's Nurse (1 episode)

Joseph Urban
plays Biker (1 episode)

Eric T. Miller
plays Trucker (1 episode)

David Webb
plays Fred (1 episode)

Tina Fabrique
plays Nurse (1 episode)

Justin Morck
plays Heyward (1 episode)

Alex Alessi
plays Young Arthur Claypool (1 episode)

Alma Cuervo
plays Diane Claypool (1 episode)

Adam Henry Garcia
plays Carlos (1 episode)

Lucy Martin
plays Older Lady (1 episode)

David Anzuelo
plays Colombian (1 episode)

John E. Brady
plays Second Marshal (1 episode)

Wallace Smith
plays Pilot (1 episode)

Curt Bouril
plays Guard (1 episode)

James Hindman
plays Museum Director (1 episode)

Megan Byrne
plays Museum Staffer (1 episode)

Nick Dillenburg
plays Armed Guard (1 episode)

Chloe Cheng
plays Kai Lin (1 episode)

Alexander Salamat
plays Uni (1 episode)

Tyler Evans
plays Detective Mackenna (1 episode)

Carson Elrod
plays Todd (1 episode)

Robbie Sublett
plays Bent Holm (1 episode)

Robbie Sublett as Bent Holm

Robbie Sublett is an actor.

See Robbie Sublett's other roles

Andrew Dolan
plays Forensic Specialist (1 episode)

Barrett Doss
plays Trainee (1 episode)

Barrett Doss as Trainee

Barrett Doss was born on March 20, 1989 and is currently 35 years old.

See Barrett Doss's other roles

Nikiya Mathis
plays Operator A (1 episode)

Jesse Jensen
plays Operator B (1 episode)

John Eric Parker
plays Security Officer (1 episode)

Adam Pagdon
plays Man (1 episode)

Tommy Walker
plays Limo Driver (1 episode)

Noah Racey
plays Gunman (1 episode)

Dillan Arrick
plays Haley McNabb (1 episode)

Peter Rini
plays Dr. Stephen Carr (1 episode)

Peter Rini as Dr. Stephen Carr

Peter Rini is an actor.

See Peter Rini's other roles

Matthew Stocke
plays Courier (1 episode)

Steve Lord
plays Skinhead (1 episode)

Joe Gately
plays Guard (1 episode)

Rose Sias
plays Uni (1 episode)

Usman Ally
plays Jamal Risha (1 episode)

Nick Kohn
plays Prison Guard (1 episode)

Amr El-Bayoumi
plays Legionnaire (1 episode)

Amr El-Bayoumi as Legionnaire

Amr El-Bayoumi is an actor.

See Amr El-Bayoumi's other roles

Robert O'Gorman
plays Annoyed Guy (1 episode)

Malachy Cleary
plays Attorney (1 episode)

Maceo Oliver
plays NYPD Patrolman (1 episode)

Alec Beard
plays UN Guard (1 episode)

Don Guillory
plays UN Guard (1 episode)

Timothy Devlin
plays Phil (1 episode)

Jaiden Kaine
plays Federal Agent (1 episode)

Mark Light-Orr
plays FBI Guard (1 episode)

Ryan Garbayo
plays Male Receptionist (1 episode)

Lipica Shah
plays Secretary's Assistant (1 episode)

Wayne Pretlow
plays Middle-Aged Man (1 episode)

Jim Watkins
plays Reporter (1 episode)

Chagmion Antoine
plays Reporter (1 episode)

Sandy Rosenberg
plays Leona Wainwright (1 episode)

Jared Johnston
plays Cabbie (1 episode)

Kelly McCormick
plays Slapper (1 episode)

Elisa Van Duyne
plays Slapper (1 episode)

Crystal Kellog
plays Slapper (1 episode)

Amanda Barlow
plays Betty Harris (1 episode)

Daniel K. Isaac
plays Virgil (2 episodes)

Stephanie Gibson
plays Leslie (1 episode)

Luis Da Silva Jr.
plays Garcia (1 episode) , Trinitario Leader (1 episode)

Luis Da Silva Jr. as Garcia

Luis Fernando Da Silva Jr. (born August 3, 1982), also known as Trikz, is an American actor, basketball player, autho...

See Luis Da Silva Jr.'s other roles

Luis Bordoy
plays Ray (1 episode)

Marcus Lorenzo
plays Julio (1 episode)

Cortez Nance Jr.
plays Disheveled Man (1 episode)

Kate Sullivan-Green
plays Anchor (1 episode)

Maurice DuBois
plays Anchor (1 episode)

Daniel J. Osipowich
plays SWAT Leader (1 episode)

David Adams
plays SWAT (1 episode)

Freddy Esposito
plays Sonny (1 episode)

John Herrera
plays Bodega Owner (1 episode)

Rayniel Rufino
plays Gunman / Raul (1 episode)

Joey Sorge
plays NYPD Uniform (1 episode)

Tyler Bunch
plays Homeless Guy (1 episode)

De'Adre Aziza
plays Shari (1 episode)

De'Adre Aziza as Shari

De'Adre Danielle Avery (Born June 14, 1977) is an American actress and singer. She is known for her work in the music...

See De'Adre Aziza's other roles

Diane Davis
plays Madison (2 episodes)

Adi Hanash
plays Aziz Al-Ibrahim (1 episode)

Lisa Kron
plays Jillian Wirth (1 episode)

Robbie Tann
plays Niall Jacobs (1 episode)

John Wernke
plays Agent One (1 episode)

Sebastian Maynard-Palmer
plays Frankie Brandt (1 episode)

Mariusz Kubicki
plays Otto (1 episode)

Alex Webb
plays General Holcombe (1 episode)

Tom Coiner
plays Decima Tech (1 episode)

Ari Butler
plays Vigilance Tech (1 episode)

Frederick Weller
plays Novak (1 episode)

Frederick Weller as Novak

​From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Frederick Weller  (born 1966) is an American actor and director.

See Frederick Weller's other roles

Andrew Polk
plays University Department Chair (1 episode)

Andrew Polk as University Department Chair

Andrew Polk was born on October 2, 1962 and is currently 61 years old.

See Andrew Polk's other roles
Navid Negahban as Ali Hasan

Navid Negahban was born and raised in Mashhad, Iran. His passion for acting led him to Germany, where he spent eight ...

See Navid Negahban's other roles

Eshan Bay
plays Ben Hasan (1 episode)

Tama Filianga
plays Lowlife (1 episode)

Jason Alan Carvell
plays NYPD Officer (1 episode)

Shawn Parsons
plays Positivity Speaker (1 episode)

Leopold Manswell
plays Wood (1 episode)

Leopold Manswell as Wood

Leopold Manswell is an American stage and screen actor.

See Leopold Manswell's other roles

Jimmy Martinez
plays Link's Lieutenant (1 episode)

Braeson Herold
plays IT Tech (1 episode)

David Carranza
plays NYPD Queens Officer (1 episode)

David Starzyk
plays David (1 episode)

David Starzyk as David

David Starzyk was born on July 14, 1961 and is currently 62 years old.

See David Starzyk's other roles

Samantha Posey
plays Pushy Student (1 episode)

Dan McCabe
plays Hipster Geek (1 episode)

Quinn Meyers
plays Barista (1 episode)

Brendan Burke
plays Jackass Biker (1 episode)

Brendan Burke as Jackass Biker

Brendan Burke was born on August 6, 1978 and is currently 45 years old.

See Brendan Burke's other roles

Antoine Harris
plays Street Tough (1 episode)

Marco Reininger
plays PMC (1 episode)

Jason Pendergraft
plays Mickey (1 episode)

Jamie Jackson
plays Janis (1 episode)

Spencer Moses
plays Lenny (1 episode)

Stephen Badalamenti
plays Roman Packard (1 episode)

Hugues Faustin
plays Jude (1 episode)

Will Blomker
plays Nick (1 episode)

Anne Richardson
plays Angela (1 episode)

Bernard Bygott
plays Tate (1 episode)

Warren E. Hull
plays Eddie (1 episode)

Amir Mitchell-Townes
plays Malcolm Booker (1 episode)

Amir Mitchell-Townes as Malcolm Booker

Amir Mitchell-Townes was born on September 8, 1999 and is currently 24 years old.

See Amir Mitchell-Townes's other roles

Rosie Benton
plays Agent Erica Lennox (1 episode)

Michael J. Burg
plays Department Store Floor Manager (1 episode) , Cosmetics Manager (1 episode)

Kaci Walfall
plays Tracie Booker (1 episode)

Jermel Howard
plays Mosley (1 episode)

Lexi Underwood
plays Queen Bee (1 episode)

Lexi Underwood as Queen Bee

Lexi Underwood was born on August 28, 2003 and is currently 20 years old.

See Lexi Underwood's other roles

Michael Bryan French
plays Governor James Murray (1 episode)

Michael Bryan French as Governor James Murray

Michael Bryan French was born in Lackawanna, NY and raised in Elmira NY. In his early career he worked as an associat...

See Michael Bryan French's other roles

Anthony Arkin
plays Mike Fisher (1 episode)

Anthony Arkin as Mike Fisher

Anthony Arkin was born in 1967. He is an actor and editor.

See Anthony Arkin's other roles

David Beach
plays Douglas Rogers (1 episode)

Jasmin Walker
plays Hotel Receptionist (1 episode)

Eileen Faxas
plays Newscast Host (1 episode)

Oriana Oppice
plays Woman With List (1 episode)

Oriana Oppice as Woman With List

Oriana Oppice is an Italian-American director, writer, producer, and actor. She was born in Sicily, Italy and raised ...

See Oriana Oppice's other roles

Kevin Prowse
plays Cop (1 episode)

Eric Gravez
plays Eddie (1 episode)

Robert Chang
plays HK Mugger (1 episode)

Eddie Clark
plays Fake Evidence Sergeant (1 episode)

Lorraine Farris
plays Vault Receptionist (1 episode)

Yinka Adeboyeku
plays Airport Masked Man (1 episode)

Faina Reinhardt
plays Katya Rodchenko (2 episodes)

Angel Dillemuth
plays Meech (1 episode)

Tom Greer
plays Detective Walsh (1 episode)

Samuel J. Joseph
plays Trinitario Deputy (1 episode)

Elizabeth Inghram
plays Trophy Wife (1 episode)

Charlie Romanelli
plays Elvis Munson (1 episode)

James Le Gros
plays Bruce Moran (3 episodes)

James Le Gros as Bruce Moran

James Le Gros (/ləˈɡroʊ/) (born April 27, 1962) is an American actor. He was nominated for the Independent Spirit Awa...

See James Le Gros's other roles

Salvatore Inzerillo
plays Gino (1 episode)

Steve Beauchamp
plays Moving Truck Driver (1 episode)

Campfield Heinrich
plays Young Bruce Moran (1 episode)

Daniel Tocco
plays Young Scarface (1 episode)

Emrhys Cooper
plays Young Greer (1 episode)

Michael Siberry
plays Blackwood (1 episode)

Alexie Gilmore
plays Rachel Farrow (1 episode)

Alexie Gilmore as Rachel Farrow

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.   Alexie Gilmore (born 1976) is an American actress who starred in the televi...

See Alexie Gilmore's other roles

Roman Blat
plays Oleg Luski (1 episode)

Roman Blat as Oleg Luski

Born in Latvia, Roman Blat is an American film and television actor and artist.

See Roman Blat's other roles

Rafael Poueriet
plays SWAT Team Officer (1 episode)

Veronica Reyes-How
plays Arguing Girlfriend (1 episode)

Chris LaPanta
plays Kenneth (1 episode)

Chris LaPanta as Kenneth

Chris LaPanta was born on July 9, 1962 and is currently 61 years old.

See Chris LaPanta's other roles

Brennan Taylor
plays Investment Banker (1 episode)

Charles Techman
plays Old Man (1 episode)

Gameela Wright
plays Single Mom (1 episode)

Gameela Wright as Single Mom

Gameela Wright is an American actor.

See Gameela Wright's other roles

Greg McFadden
plays Businessman (1 episode)

Chester Jones III
plays Monty (1 episode)

Andy English
plays Harvey (1 episode)

Alexis Suarez
plays Janitor (1 episode)

Alexis Suarez as Janitor

Alexis Suarez is an actor and producer.

See Alexis Suarez's other roles

Tuffy Questell
plays Guard (1 episode)

Tuffy Questell as Guard

Tuffy Questell was born on May 9, 1968 and is currently 56 years old.

See Tuffy Questell's other roles

Victor Joel Ortiz
plays Bomb Squad Cop (1 episode)

Rebecca White
plays Onlooker (1 episode)

Alice Chastain Levy
plays Julia (1 episode)

Bill Timoney
plays Bob (1 episode)

Bill Timoney as Bob

Bill Timoney, (born William Regan Timoney) is an American actor, voice actor, director, script writer and producer.

See Bill Timoney's other roles

Cliff Moylan
plays Shooting Victim (1 episode)

Guiesseppe Jones
plays Level 6 Security Guard (1 episode)

Shahar Isaac
plays Tariq Al Juhani (1 episode)

Rahim Omar
plays Hussain Ashoor (1 episode)

Malikha Mallette
plays Cable News Anchor (1 episode)

Marci Fine
plays News Correspondent (1 episode)

Mason Pettit
plays Albert Weiss (1 episode)

John Leonard Thompson
plays Dr. Victor Haskell (1 episode)

Brian Patrick Russell
plays Chief Wicker (1 episode)

Darren Lipari
plays Officer Craig (1 episode)

Daniel J. Watts
plays Marcus Young (1 episode)

T.J. Kenneally
plays Larry (1 episode)

Louis Lourens
plays Mr. Flint (1 episode) , Samaritan Representative (2 episodes)

Julie Jesneck
plays Laura (1 episode)

Cormac Bluestone
plays Mason (1 episode)

Cormac Bluestone as Mason

Cormac Bluestone is a composer and actor.

See Cormac Bluestone's other roles

Jonathan Tindle
plays Doctor (1 episode)

Vanessa Wasche
plays Delia Jones (1 episode)

Robert Eckard
plays Willy (1 episode)

Victoria Arbiter
plays News Reporter (1 episode)

Lillias White
plays Hon. R. Reginald (1 episode)

Richard Topol
plays Phillip Ward (1 episode)

Richard Topol as Phillip Ward

Richard Topol is an actor.

See Richard Topol's other roles

Bryan Terrell Clark
plays Tim Rollins (1 episode)

Jamie Carroll
plays Lana Trainor (1 episode)

Massiel Mordan
plays Mikki Vara (1 episode)

Samuel Ray Gates
plays Yates (1 episode)

Samuel Ray Gates as Yates

Samuel Ray Gates is an actor.

See Samuel Ray Gates's other roles

Paul Niebanck
plays Dean Reston (1 episode)

Brian Berrebbi
plays Juror (1 episode)

Pedro Carmo
plays Chad Bryson (1 episode)

Pedro Carmo as Chad Bryson

Pedro Carmo was born on May 31, 1973 and is currently 51 years old.

See Pedro Carmo's other roles

Amanda Rising
plays Caroline Mills (1 episode)

Richard Duva
plays Court Officer (1 episode)

Mia Caress
plays Reporter (1 episode)

David Lavine
plays Asinine Pundit (1 episode)

Erica Fae
plays Jen Diaz (1 episode)

Jen Weissenberg
plays Fiona (1 episode)

Jen Weissenberg as Fiona

Jen Weissenberg was born on December 12, 1985 in Abington, Pennsylvania, USA. She is known for her work on Cisne negr...

See Jen Weissenberg's other roles

Nick Westrate
plays Calvin Mazer (1 episode)

Nick Westrate as Calvin Mazer

Nick Westrate is an actor.

See Nick Westrate's other roles

Omar Maskati
plays Naresh Prasad (1 episode)

Omar Maskati as Naresh Prasad

Omar Maskati is an actor.

See Omar Maskati's other roles

Kazy Tauginas
plays Alek (1 episode)

Ayana Workman
plays Receptionist (1 episode)

Andrew Criss
plays Referee (1 episode)

Fiona Choi
plays Samaritan Tech (1 episode)

Kenneth McCoy
plays Busy Coder (1 episode)

Samantha Bart
plays Jill Mueller (1 episode)

Connor Hines
plays Trey Wender (1 episode)

Carlos Leon
plays Nico (1 episode)

William DeMeritt
plays Noah (1 episode)

Trevor Zhou
plays Javier Braga (1 episode)

Raymond Neil Hernandez
plays Alfonso (1 episode)

Kareem Savinon
plays Jorge (1 episode)

Shabazz Ray
plays Ike (1 episode)

Barthelemy Atsin
plays S.W.A.T. One (1 episode)

Haley Higgins
plays Isabel (1 episode)

Patrick Kennedy
plays Dr. Shane Edwards (1 episode)

Patrick Kennedy as Dr. Shane Edwards

Patrick Kennedy (born 28 August 1977) is an English actor. He is an Oxford graduate. His largest role to date is in t...

See Patrick Kennedy's other roles

Daniel Sauli
plays Wyatt Morris (1 episode)

Daniel Sauli as Wyatt Morris

Daniel Sauli is an actor and director.

See Daniel Sauli's other roles

Frank Carlo
plays Clyde Barton (1 episode)

Megan Tusing
plays Angela (1 episode)

Gregory Konow
plays Bank Security Guard (1 episode)

Mark Solari
plays Sid Morris (1 episode)

Ato Essandoh
plays Ray Pratt (1 episode)

Ato Essandoh as Ray Pratt

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ato Essandoh (born 29th of July 1972) is an Americantelevision and film actor....

See Ato Essandoh's other roles

Jeff LaMarre
plays Carlton Worthy (1 episode)

Alexander Blaise
plays Wolfram (1 episode)

Alexander Blaise as Wolfram

Alexander Blaise is an actor.

See Alexander Blaise's other roles

Guyviaud Joseph
plays Security Guy (1 episode)

John Sousa
plays Bartender (1 episode)

Josh Salt
plays Terrified Man (1 episode)

Jessica Leccia
plays Linda Khan (1 episode)

Steve Park
plays Mark Lee (1 episode)

Steve Park as Mark Lee

Stephen Park is an American comedian and actor. The son of Korean immigrants, Park began his entertainment career as ...

See Steve Park's other roles

Jonathan Walker
plays Joseph Nicassio (1 episode)

Elia Monte-Brown
plays Kelly Brewer (1 episode)

Timothy Smallwood
plays Businessman (1 episode)

Anthony Goes
plays Associate (1 episode)

Jim Santangeli
plays Hawaiian Shirt Guy (1 episode)

Matthew Gray
plays Waiter (1 episode)

Clem McIntosh
plays Supervisor (1 episode)

Edgar Ribon
plays Uniformed Officer (1 episode)

plays Seasoned Officer (1 episode)

Patch Darragh
plays Gil (1 episode)

Patch Darragh as Gil

Patch Darragh was born on June 21, 1977 and is currently 46 years old.

See Patch Darragh's other roles

Zachary Booth
plays Chase Patterson (1 episode)

Paul Diomede
plays Jerome (1 episode)

William DeMeo
plays Carlo (1 episode)

Elena McGhee
plays Housekeeper (1 episode)

John Dinello
plays Clerk (1 episode)

Matthew J. Harris
plays Chef (1 episode)

Logan Crawford
plays Reporter (1 episode) , News Reporter (1 episode)

Radu Spinghel
plays Lenny (1 episode)

John Preston
plays Admitting Physician (1 episode)

Juan Pablo Veizaga
plays Tyler (1 episode)

Juan Pablo Veizaga as Tyler

Juan Pablo Veizaga was born on April 3, 1982 and is currently 42 years old.

See Juan Pablo Veizaga's other roles

Joe Curnutte
plays Samaritan Operative (1 episode)

Joe Curnutte was born on January 28, 1982 and is currently 42 years old.

See Joe Curnutte's other roles

Jack Ferry
plays Head Sentry (1 episode)

Anthony Gaskins
plays Lineman (1 episode)

Kendrick Merdani
plays Arms Dealer (1 episode)

J. Oscar Simmons
plays Doorman (1 episode)

Jason Altman
plays Fireman (1 episode)

Johnny Solo
plays Elias' Man (1 episode)

Joseph McKenna
plays Odd Man (1 episode)

David Aaron Baker
plays S.A. Martin LeRoux (2 episodes)

Dikran Tulaine
plays Bella Durchenko (1 episode)

Dikran Tulaine as Bella Durchenko

Dikran Tulaine is an English-Armenian actor.

See Dikran Tulaine's other roles

Lisa B. Tharps
plays IAB Agent Glenda Sumner (1 episode)

Lisa B. Tharps as IAB Agent Glenda Sumner

Lisa Blythe Tharps is an American actress who graduated from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts with...

See Lisa B. Tharps's other roles

Mason Alban
plays AK-12 (1 episode)

Michael Blaustein
plays Club Kid (1 episode)

Joshua Close
plays Jeff Blackwell (4 episodes)

plays Mona (1 episode)

LaChanze as Mona

Rhonda LaChanze Sapp (born December 16, 1961), known professionally as LaChanze, is an American actress, singer, and ...

See LaChanze's other roles

Paige Patterson
plays Laurie Granger (1 episode)

Anthony Grasso
plays Gerald Mancini (1 episode)

Nurit Monacelli
plays Rachel Mancini (1 episode)

Deandre Sevon
plays Wally (1 episode)

Joe Lanza
plays Mikey (1 episode)

Jasson Finney
plays Andrius (1 episode)

Brian McCarthy
plays Edgar (1 episode)

Nick Doolan
plays Reg (1 episode)

Darren Goldstein
plays Brent Tomlinson (1 episode)

Darren Goldstein as Brent Tomlinson

Darren Goldstein is an actor,

See Darren Goldstein's other roles

Nicholas Baroudi
plays Agent Ortega (1 episode)

Asta Hansen
plays Dinah Campbell (1 episode)

Brian McCormack
plays Phil Campbell (1 episode)

Collin Smith
plays Waiter (1 episode)

James Riordan
plays Dr. Aaron Wendell (1 episode)

Eyas Younis
plays Hamid (1 episode)

Andrew MacLarty
plays Bobby Jackson (1 episode)

Kim Ramirez
plays Briggs (2 episodes)

Jabari Gray
plays Murrow (1 episode)

Evan Leone
plays Lead Op (1 episode)

Anne Carney
plays Nurse (1 episode)

Brit Whittle
plays Benjamin Haas (1 episode)

Brit Whittle as Benjamin Haas

Brit Whittle is an American actor and voice over artist native of Georgia. He holds a Bachelor of Science with a majo...

See Brit Whittle's other roles

Peter Gray Lewis
plays JD Carrick (1 episode)

Julie Cavaliere
plays Mary Mulhall (1 episode)

Finnerty Steeves
plays RTCC Supervisor (1 episode)

Jonathan Wilde
plays RTCC Dispatch (1 episode)

Tyson Hall
plays 4D (1 episode)

Romell Witherspoon
plays Officer James (1 episode)

Brian J. Carter
plays Stewart (1 episode) , Medical Tech (1 episode)

Daniel Morgan Shelley
plays Amped Up Cop (1 episode)

Julian Rozzell Jr.
plays Homeless Guy (1 episode)

Christina Bennett Lind
plays Karen (1 episode)

Purva Bedi
plays Maggie (1 episode)

Daniel Abeles
plays Will (1 episode)

Kati Rediger
plays Janna Turner (1 episode)

Kati Rediger as Janna Turner

Kati Rediger is an actress.

See Kati Rediger's other roles

Sarah Wilson
plays Phoebe Turner (1 episode)

Russell G. Jones
plays Howard Carpenter (1 episode)

Tom Wiggin
plays Kent Turner (1 episode)

Dan Puck
plays Beefcake Uni (1 episode)

Mark Delabarre
plays Officiant (1 episode)

Sandy Dell
plays Mrs. Turner (1 episode)

Natalia Kiriya
plays Becca (1 episode)

Scott Adsit
plays Max (1 episode)

Scott Adsit as Max

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Scott Adsit (born November 26, 1965, height 6' 2" (1,88 m)) is an American ac...

See Scott Adsit's other roles

Abbi Snee
plays Brittany (1 episode)

Samantha Buck
plays Samaritan Doctor (1 episode)

Kushtrim Hoxha
plays Vasily (1 episode)

Kushtrim Hoxha as Vasily

Kushtrim Hoxha was born on May 12, 1978 and is currently 46 years old.

See Kushtrim Hoxha's other roles

Christopher Stadulis
plays Barrett (1 episode)

Christopher Stadulis as Barrett

Christopher Stadulis was born on June 1, 1972 and is currently 52 years old.

See Christopher Stadulis's other roles

Ashyer Gibbons
plays Young Shaw (1 episode)

Jenna Stern
plays Dr. Mason (1 episode)

James Chen
plays James Ko (1 episode)

James Chen as James Ko

James C. Chen is an American actor, classically trained at the Yale School of Drama, bi-lingual in English & Mandarin...

See James Chen's other roles

Sonnie Brown
plays Nurse Carroll (1 episode)

John Mondin
plays Paulie (1 episode)

Antonio David Lyons
plays Samuel (1 episode)

Martin Ewens
plays Sid (1 episode)

James Ciccone
plays Frank Capello (1 episode)

James Ciccone as Frank Capello

James Ciccone was born on June 14, 1963 and is currently 60 years old.

See James Ciccone's other roles

Ras Enoch McCurdie
plays Gangster (1 episode)

Christina Saragaglia
plays Punk Rocker Girl (1 episode)

Jennifer Fouché
plays Mother (1 episode)

Jon Collin Barclay
plays Rugby Player (1 episode)

Jon Collin Barclay as Rugby Player

Jon Collin Barclay is an American actor known for: The Bourne Supremacy (2004), Valkyrie (2008), In Good Company (200...

See Jon Collin Barclay's other roles

Leajato Amara Robinson
plays Orderly (1 episode)

Brian Michael Smith
plays Patrolman (1 episode)

Robin Rieger
plays News Reporter (1 episode)

Ed Heavey
plays Oskar (1 episode)

Neal Huff
plays Terry Easton (1 episode)

Neal Huff as Terry Easton

Neal Huff is an American stage and screen actor. He received his MFA from the Tisch School of the Arts at New York Un...

See Neal Huff's other roles

Rupak Ginn
plays Amir Saddiq (1 episode)

Teddy Cañez
plays Raul (1 episode)

Teddy Cañez as Raul

Teddy Cañez is a New York City based actor. He grew up in Tucson, Arizona where he received his B.F.A. at The Univers...

See Teddy Cañez's other roles

Marcus Ho
plays Officer Chen (1 episode)

Gino Vento
plays Benavides (1 episode)

Gino Vento as Benavides

Gino Vento was born on June 26, 1986 and is currently 37 years old.

See Gino Vento's other roles

John Halas
plays Cop (1 episode)

Philip Martin Reid
plays ESU Lieutenant (1 episode)

Elizabeth Loyacano
plays Carla Easton (1 episode)

Jose Joaquin Perez
plays Cowboy Hat (1 episode)

Al Roffe
plays Father (1 episode)

Geoff Pierson
plays FBI SAIC Roberts (1 episode)

Geoff Pierson as FBI SAIC Roberts

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Geoff Pierson (born June 16, 1949) is an American actor known for his role on...

See Geoff Pierson's other roles

Sunita Mani
plays Sonum (1 episode)

Sunita Mani as Sonum

Sunita Mani is an actress, dancer, and comedian most commonly recognized for her gyrations in the viral music video "...

See Sunita Mani's other roles

Christine Cartell
plays Brenda Jones (1 episode)

Reese Madigan
plays Detective (1 episode)

DeShawn Harold Mitchell
plays Detective (1 episode)

Barrington Walters Jr.
plays Banger (1 episode)

Edward Incle
plays Javier (1 episode)

R.J. Foster
plays Police Officer (1 episode)

Debbie Campbell
plays Waitress (1 episode)

Ryan Quinn
plays Guard (1 episode)

Mark Doherty
plays First Samaritan Op (1 episode)

Nicholas Tucci
plays Samaritan Op (1 episode)

Karen Pittman
plays Tracey Phillips (1 episode)

Karen Pittman as Tracey Phillips

Karen Pittman is an accomplished American actress and singer, born in Mississippi and raised in Nashville, Tennessee....

See Karen Pittman's other roles

Will Brill
plays Charlie Vaida (1 episode)

Will Brill as Charlie Vaida

Will Brill is an American actor best known for his role as Scott Brown in The OA. Brill grew up in Menlo Park, Califo...

See Will Brill's other roles

L. Steven Taylor
plays AIC Barnes (1 episode)

Theis Weckesser
plays Agent Daniels (1 episode)

Gregory Porter Miller
plays Officer Reed (1 episode)

Adrian Alvarado
plays Lieutenant Johnson (1 episode)

Nathan James
plays Suit (1 episode)

Joel Haberli
plays President of the U.S.A. (1 episode)

John Quilty
plays Think Tanker (1 episode)

Alex Manette
plays Barnett (1 episode)

Jean Brassard
plays Emile Bertrand (1 episode)

Jean Brassard as Emile Bertrand

Jean Brassard is a Canadian actor hailing from Quebec City. He is based in New York City.

See Jean Brassard's other roles

William Popp
plays McManus (1 episode)

Pasha Pellosie
plays Desk Guard (1 episode)

Patrick Byas
plays Guard (1 episode)

Jeremy Burnett
plays Samaritan Op (1 episode)

Lorrie Odom
plays Woman (1 episode)

Marlon Perrier
plays Security Agent (1 episode)

Tristão Darius
plays Valet (1 episode)

Kereem Vargas
plays McNally (Army Enemy Intelligence Analyst) (uncredited) (1 episode)

John Douglas Thompson
plays Murphy (1 episode)

Neal Matarazzo
plays Lt. Kearny (1 episode)

Neal Matarazzo as Lt. Kearny

Neal Matarazzo was born on June 8, 1962 and is currently 62 years old.

See Neal Matarazzo's other roles

Justin Grace
plays Younger Cop (1 episode)

Dylan Chalfy
plays Hanger (1 episode)

Dick Brennan
plays Newscaster (1 episode)

Jack Davis
plays Little Reese (1 episode)

Amy Tribbey
plays Reese's Mother (1 episode)

Michael De Nola
plays Taxi Driver (1 episode)

Jacob Berger
plays Guard (1 episode)

Kate Kearney-Patch
plays Chairwoman (1 episode)

Miguel Cervantes
plays Uniform (1 episode)

Wayne Maugans
plays Man (1 episode)

Rebecca Darke
plays Dying Lady (1 episode)

Joel Perez
plays Mask (1 episode)

Edward Astor Chin
plays Ghost Hunter (1 episode)

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