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Ryder and the pups are called to Adventure City to stop Mayor Humdinger from turning the bustling metropolis into a state of chaos.

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Iain Armitage
plays Chase (voice)

Iain Armitage as Chase (voice)
Iain Armitage's performance as Chase in 'PAW Patrol: The Movie' is both endearing and engaging. Armitage brings a youthful energy to the character, perfectly capturing the spirit of the brave and dedicated police pup. His voice acting is expressive and nuanced, allowing Chase's personality to shine through in every scene. Whether he's barking out orders or sharing a heartfelt moment with his fellow pups, Armitage's performance is sure to delight both young and old viewers alike. See Iain Armitage's other roles

Lilly Bartlam
plays Skye (voice)

Lilly Bartlam as Skye (voice)
Lilly Bartlam delivers a delightful performance as Skye in 'PAW Patrol: The Movie'. Her youthful and energetic voice perfectly captures the spirit of Skye, the brave and adventurous pup. Bartlam's performance adds a layer of charm and enthusiasm to the character, making Skye an endearing and relatable hero for young viewers. Her vocal range and expressiveness bring Skye's emotions to life, whether she's soaring through the sky or solving problems with her fellow pups. Overall, Bartlam's performance as Skye is a highlight of the movie, adding to its fun and engaging atmosphere. See Lilly Bartlam's other roles

Will Brisbin
plays Ryder (voice)

Ron Pardo
plays Humdinger / Turbot (voice)

Ron Pardo as Humdinger / Turbot (voice)
Ron Pardo's performance as Humdinger and Turbot in 'PAW Patrol: The Movie' is a delightful treat for both children and adults. His voice acting is versatile and engaging, effortlessly switching between the mischievous and self-centered Mayor Humdinger and the wise and supportive Captain Turbot. Pardo's comedic timing and ability to create distinct voices for each character add depth and humor to the film, making it an enjoyable experience for all viewers. See Ron Pardo's other roles

Marsai Martin
plays Liberty (voice)

Marsai Martin as Liberty (voice)
Marsai Martin delivers a delightful performance as Liberty in 'PAW Patrol: The Movie'. Her youthful and energetic voice perfectly captures the adventurous spirit of her character, making Liberty an instant favorite among young viewers. Marsai's comedic timing and witty banter add a layer of fun and excitement to the film, making her performance truly stand out. Her portrayal of Liberty not only entertains but also inspires, as the character embodies the values of bravery, teamwork, and friendship. Overall, Marsai Martin's performance is a testament to her talent and versatility as a young actress. See Marsai Martin's other roles

Yara Shahidi
plays Kendra Wilson (voice)

Yara Shahidi as Kendra Wilson (voice)
In 'PAW Patrol: The Movie', Yara Shahidi delivers a delightful performance as Kendra Wilson, the high-energy and ambitious young news reporter. Her voice acting is lively and engaging, perfectly capturing the spirit of Kendra's determined and enthusiastic character. Yara's performance adds a fresh and dynamic element to the movie, making Kendra a standout character that viewers will undoubtedly enjoy. See Yara Shahidi's other roles

Kim Kardashian
plays Delores (voice)

Kim Kardashian as Delores (voice)

Kimberly Noel Kardashian (formerly West; born October 21, 1980) is an American woman. She first gained media attentio...

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Randall Park
plays Butch (voice)

Randall Park as Butch (voice)

Randall Park (born March 23, 1974) is an American film and television actor, comedian, writer, and director of South ...

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Dax Shepard
plays Ruben (voice)

Dax Shepard as Ruben (voice)

Dax Randall Shepard (born January 2, 1975) is an American actor.Shepard was an actor on Punk'd with Ashton Kutcher. I...

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Jimmy Kimmel
plays Marty Muckracker (voice)

Jimmy Kimmel as Marty Muckracker (voice)

​James Christian "Jimmy" Kimmel is an American comedian, actor, voice artist and television host. He is the host and ...

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Tyler Perry
plays Gus (voice)

Tyler Perry as Gus (voice)

Tyler Perry (born Emmitt Perry, Jr.; September 13, 1969) is an African-American actor, director, playwright, screenwr...

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Saara Chaudry
plays Daughter (voice)

Raoul Bhaneja
plays (voice)

Raoul Bhaneja as (voice)

Raoul Bhaneja was born on June 6, 1974 and is currently 49 years old.

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Monique Alvarez
plays Carmen (voice)

Keegan Hedley
plays Rubble (voice)

Keegan Hedley as Rubble (voice)

Keegan Hedley is an actor, known for PAW Patrol: The Movie (2021), Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood (2012) and Odd Squad (2014).

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Callum Shoniker
plays Rocky (voice)

Kingsley Marshall
plays Marshall (voice)

Shayle Simons
plays Zuma (voice)

Shayle Simons is an actor, known for PAW Patrol: The Movie (2021), Corn & Peg (2019) and Let's Go Luna! (2018).

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