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Parasyte: Part 2

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  • Released on April 25, 2015

Alien pods come to Earth and, naturally, start taking over Human Hosts. One such pod only manages to take over one human's, Shin Izumi, right arm. Together they grow and co-exist, all the while the other aliens are making meals of other humans; Shin feels he must put a stop to it all, but his alien, Migi, doesn't see why.

Full Cast of Parasyte: Part 2

Shota Sometani
plays Izumi Shinichi

Shota Sometani as Izumi Shinichi

Shota Sometani (染谷 将太 Sometani Shōta, born 3 September 1992) is a Japanese actor from Koto, Tokyo. He is known for hi...

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Ai Hashimoto
plays Murano Satomi

Sadawo Abe
plays Migi (voice)

Eri Fukatsu
plays Tamiya Ryoko

Eri Fukatsu as Tamiya Ryoko

Eri Fukatsu (深津 絵里, Fukatsu Eri, born 11 January 1973) is a Japanese actress. She won the award for best actress at t...

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Masahiro Higashide
plays Shimada Hideo

Nao Omori
plays Kuramori

Pierre Taki
plays Miki

Hirofumi Arai
plays Uragami

Kazuki Kitamura
plays Hirokawa Takeshi

Tadanobu Asano
plays Goto

Tadanobu Asano as Goto

Tadanobu Asano, born Tadanobu Sato (born November 27, 1973) is a Japanese actor. He is known for his roles as Dragon ...

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Kimiko Yo
plays Izumi Nobuko

Jun Kunimura
plays Detective Hirama

Jun Kunimura as Detective Hirama

Jun Kunimura (國村 隼 Kunimura Jun, born November 16, 1955 in Kumamoto, Japan) is a Japanese actor known for his role as...

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Wataru Ichinose
plays Gang Member

Roy Kishima
plays Material Witness

Crew of Parasyte: Part 2

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