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A family drama that illustrates marriage and married life in modern society in a positive light.

Full Cast of Our Gap Soon

Kim So-eun
plays Shin Gab-Soon (61 episodes)

Walt Disney
plays Mickey Mouse (voice)

Yu Seon
plays Shin Jae-Soon (61 episodes)

Thelma Boardman
plays Minnie Mouse (voice)

Jeon Kuk-hwan
plays Yeo Bong (61 episodes)

Lee Byung-joon
plays Geum Do-Geum (61 episodes)

Lee Byung-joon as Geum Do-Geum

Lee Byung Joon is a South Korean actor. He was born in Busan on January 27, 1964 and made his acting debut in 1985. A...

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Jang Yong
plays Shin Joong-Nyeon (61 episodes)

Lee Bo-hee
plays Nam Gi-Ja (61 episodes)

Song Jae-rim
plays Heo Gab-Dol (61 episodes)

Goh Doo-shim
plays In Nae-Sim (61 episodes)

Kim Gyu-ri
plays Heo Da-Hae (61 episodes)

Lee Wan
plays Shin Se-Gye (61 episodes)

Kim Hye-sun
plays Yeo Si-nae (61 episodes)

Crew of Our Gap Soon

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