Cast of
Orange Roughies

About Orange Roughies

  • Released on May 25, 2006
  • Drama

The show centres around four main characters who are members of an elite New Zealand taskforce based in Auckland NZ, intended to be a combination of police and customs officers. Despite being an elite force, they are, as their commander Ron Maddock reminds them, under-funded, under-resourced and under the hammer. Because of this, the Roughies (as they are called) have to make sure that they perform exceptionally well to avoid being canned, as they are, after all, an experiment. Their members are: Detective Sergeant Danny Wilder, Senior Customs Officer Jane Durant, Detective Constable Zach Wiki and Noel Bullerton.

Main Cast of Orange Roughies

Nicholas Coghlan
plays Danny Wilder (20 episodes)

Nicholas Coghlan as Danny Wilder

Most famous for playing Shane Rebecchi in Neighbours soap opera.

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Zoe Naylor
plays Jane Durant (20 episodes)

Mark Ruka
plays Zack Wiki (20 episodes)

Stephen Hall
plays Ron Maddock (20 episodes)

Caroline Craig
plays Chloe Meachen (13 episodes)

Secondary Cast of Orange Roughies

Hori Ahipene

Rod Lousich

Toi Iti

Olivia James-Baird
plays Sophie Wilder (2 episodes) , (6 episodes)

Andrew Robertt
plays Leo Sullivan (3 episodes)

Anna Hutchison
plays Anja (1 episode)

Anna Hutchison as Anja

Anna Hutchison (born 8 February 1986) is a New Zealand actress and producer. Her best known roles are as Delphi Green...

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Grant McFarland
plays District Commander (1 episode)

Donna Pivac
plays Sal Jones (5 episodes)

William Wallace
plays Tom Bowden (2 episodes)

Kimberley Ooi
plays Tao Li (4 episodes)

Nicole Whippy
plays Donna Wiki (3 episodes)

Roy Snow
plays Denis Fielding (3 episodes)

Sean Duffy
plays Paul Grayson (2 episodes)

Blair Strang
plays Sean Parkes (1 episode)

Yvonne Tan
plays Crystal Yo (1 episode)

Daniel Sing
plays Terry Loo (1 episode)

Timothy Raby
plays Guy Abbott (1 episode)

Trevor Sai Louie
plays Bobby Yo (1 episode)

Peter Daube
plays David Chambers (1 episode)

Jeremy Winer
plays Taxi Driver (1 episode)

Dianne Lamont
plays Mrs Baxter (1 episode)

Sean Button
plays Car Cleaner (1 episode)

Deon Netana
plays Monitor (1 episode)

Andy Sophocleous
plays Policeman (1 episode)

Robert Pollock
plays Roger Steele (1 episode)

Robert Pollock as Roger Steele

Robert Pollock was born on September 16, 1951 and is currently 72 years old.

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Mike Oldershaw
plays Dive Supervisor (1 episode)

Ingrid Park
plays Helen Moore (2 episodes)

Mark Williams
plays Kevin Simmons (2 episodes)

Eryn Wilson
plays Paul Mossman (2 episodes)

Tony Martin
plays Bus Driver (2 episodes)

Richard Hanna
plays Richard Hanniford (2 episodes)

Katherine Kennard
plays Maria Hanniford (2 episodes)

Patrick Hales
plays Police Sergeant (1 episode)

Toni Potter
plays Cheryl Bowden (1 episode)

Brooke Petersen
plays Receptionist (1 episode)

Tim Beveridge
plays Steve Moore (2 episodes)

Nick Kemplen
plays Noel Bullerton (2 episodes)

Nikki Si'ulepa
plays Rental Office Manager (1 episode)

Patrick Kuhtze
plays Bradbury (1 episode)

Jack Hurst
plays Nick Hutton (1 episode)

Rebecca Mallitte
plays Cindy Hutton (1 episode)