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Operation Eichmann

About Operation Eichmann

  • Released on March 15, 1961
  • Drama

Drama about the life Adolf Eichmann, the Nazi officer responsible for the deaths of countless Jewish people during World War II.

Full Cast of Operation Eichmann

Werner Klemperer
plays Adolf Eichmann

Werner Klemperer as Adolf Eichmann

Werner Klemperer was an American actor. He was known for playing Colonel Wilhelm Klink on the CBS television sitcom H...

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Ruta Lee
plays Anna Kemp

Donald Buka
plays David

John Banner
plays Rudolf Hoff

Barbara Turner
plays Sara

Lester Fletcher
plays Kurt Kessner

Steve Gravers
plays Jacob

Oscar Beregi Jr.
plays Kuwait Chief of Police

Eric Braeden
plays Klaus

Eric Braeden as Klaus

Eric Braeden (born Hans-Jörg Gudegast; April 3, 1941) is a German-born film and television actor. The internationally...

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Paul Busch
plays Firing Squad Officer

Albert Carrier
plays Airline Attendant

Rodolfo Hoyos Jr.
plays Sanchez

Hanna Landy
plays Frau Tessa Hoss

Theo Marcuse
plays Captain Felsner

Otto Reichow
plays Rostich

Norbert Schiller
plays Uri Goldmann

Addison Richards
plays The Stranger

Jimmie Horan
plays Prisoner at Auschwitz

Albert Szabo
plays SS-Officer Manz

Crew of Operation Eichmann

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