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Once Upon a Time is a captivating television series that combines the magic of classic fairy tales with the modernity of the 21st century. The show is set in the picturesque town of Storybrooke, Maine, where the viewer is taken on a journey through the lives of various storybook characters who have been cursed and trapped between two worlds. This powerful curse, cast by the Evil Queen Regina Mills, has left these beloved characters without their memories, living in a perpetual state of limbo.

At the heart of the story is Emma Swan, a 28-year-old bail bonds collector who has been surviving on her own since she was abandoned as a baby. Emma's life takes an unexpected turn when her son, Henry, whom she gave up for adoption years ago, finds her and pleads for her help. Henry, who is an avid reader of fairy tales, believes that Emma is the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming, who was whisked away to the real world before she could be cursed. Emma, being a practical and logical person, initially dismisses Henry's claims as the imaginings of a child, but as she spends more time in Storybrooke, she begins to question the true nature of the town and its inhabitants.

The show's plot thickens as Emma grapples with the idea that she might be the savior of Storybrooke and the only one who can break the curse. Jennifer Morrison, who plays Emma Swan, delivers a compelling performance as a strong and independent woman who is forced to confront her past and embrace her destiny. Lana Parrilla, who plays the Evil Queen Regina Mills, is equally impressive as the complex and multi-faceted villain who is both feared and respected by the people of Storybrooke. Once Upon a Time is a must-watch for anyone who loves fairy tales, adventure, and a healthy dose of mystery and intrigue.

Main Cast of Once Upon a Time

Jennifer Morrison
plays Emma Swan (136 episodes)

Jennifer Morrison as Emma Swan

Jennifer Morrison (born April 12, 1979) is an American actress, director and film producer. She is best known for her...

See Jennifer Morrison's other roles

Lana Parrilla
plays Regina Mills / Evil Queen (156 episodes)

Lana Parrilla as Regina Mills / Evil Queen

Lana Parrilla (born July 15, 1977, height 5' 4½" (1,64 m)) is a Puerto Rican-American actress known for her televisio...

See Lana Parrilla's other roles

Colin O'Donoghue
plays Captain Hook (134 episodes)

Robert Carlyle
plays Mr. Gold / Rumplestiltskin / Weaver (156 episodes)

Josh Dallas
plays David Nolan / Prince Charming (135 episodes)

Josh Dallas as David Nolan / Prince Charming

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Joshua Dallas (born December 18, 1981) is an American actor who played Fandra...

See Josh Dallas's other roles

Ginnifer Goodwin
plays Mary Margaret Blanchard / Snow White (135 episodes)

Ginnifer Goodwin as Mary Margaret Blanchard / Snow White

Jennifer Michelle "Ginnifer" Goodwin (born May 22, 1978) is an American actress. She is known for her starring role a...

See Ginnifer Goodwin's other roles

Emilie de Ravin
plays Belle (117 episodes)

Emilie de Ravin as Belle

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Emilie de Ravin (born 27 December 1981) is an Australian actress. She is commo...

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Jared Gilmore
plays Henry Mills (139 episodes)

Secondary Cast of Once Upon a Time

Rebecca Mader
plays Zelena / Wicked Witch of the West (67 episodes)

Rebecca Mader as Zelena / Wicked Witch of the West

Rebecca Leigh Mader (born 24 April 1977, Cambridge England) is an English actress known for her roles as Zelena on On...

See Rebecca Mader's other roles

Michael Raymond-James
plays Neal Cassidy (22 episodes) , Neal Cassidy / Baelfire (45 episodes)

Michael Raymond-James as Neal Cassidy

Michael Raymond-James (born Michael Weverstad; December 24, 1977) is an American actor. He is best known for playing ...

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Meghan Ory
plays Ruby Lucas / Red Riding Hood (46 episodes)

Meghan Ory as Ruby Lucas / Red Riding Hood

Meghan Ory (born August 20, 1982, height 5' 7" (1,70 m)) is a Canadian television and film actress. She starred as Re...

See Meghan Ory's other roles

Gabrielle Anwar
plays Victoria Belfrey / Lady Tremaine (22 episodes)

Dania Ramirez
plays Jacinda Vidrio / Cinderella (22 episodes)

Dania Ramirez as Jacinda Vidrio / Cinderella

Dania Jissell Ramirez (born November 8, 1979) is a Dominican actress. Her credits include the roles of Nikki Batista ...

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Mekia Cox
plays Sabine / Tiana (22 episodes)

Mekia Cox as Sabine / Tiana

Mekia Cox is an actress, singer and dancer. She was a dancer in the Michael Jackson concert series This Is It and the...

See Mekia Cox's other roles

Sean Maguire
plays Robin Hood (55 episodes)

Andrew J. West
plays Henry Mills (24 episodes)

Andrew J. West as Henry Mills

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Andrew James West (born November 22) is an American actor. He is best known fo...

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Alison Fernandez
plays Lucy Vidrio (24 episodes)

Georgina Haig
plays Elsa (12 episodes)

Elizabeth Lail
plays Anna (10 episodes)

Elizabeth Lail as Anna

Elizabeth Dean Lail (born on March 25, 1992) is an American actress. Known for her role as Anna in the ABC adventure ...

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Scott Michael Foster
plays Kristoff (8 episodes)

Oliver Rice
plays King of Arendelle (1 episode)

Sarah Bolger
plays Aurora (16 episodes)

Sarah Bolger as Aurora

Sarah Lee Bolger (born 28 February 1991) is an Irish actress. She is known for her role as Princess / Lady Mary Tudor...

See Sarah Bolger's other roles

Anastasia Griffith
plays Kathryn Nolan / Princess Abigail (8 episodes)

Anastasia Griffith as Kathryn Nolan / Princess Abigail

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Anastasia Griffith (born 23 March 1978) is a British actress known for her rol...

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Alex Zahara
plays King Midas (2 episodes)

Alex Zahara as King Midas

Alex Zahara is a Canadian actor and a voice actor. Alex was born in Northern Alberta, and, according to his mother, h...

See Alex Zahara's other roles

Christie Laing
plays Maid Marian (9 episodes)

Christie Laing as Maid Marian

Christie Laing was born on April 10, 1985 and is currently 39 years old.

See Christie Laing's other roles

John Rhys-Davies
plays Grand Pabbie (voice) (3 episodes)

John Rhys-Davies as Grand Pabbie (voice)

John Rhys-Davies (born 5 May 1944) is a Welsh actor and vocal artist. He is perhaps best known for playing the charis...

See John Rhys-Davies's other roles

Mik Byskov
plays Black Knight Archer (2 episodes)

Mik Byskov as Black Knight Archer

Mik Byskov was born on June 12, 1990 and is currently 34 years old.

See Mik Byskov's other roles

Mark Gibbon
plays Head Troll (2 episodes)

Mark Gibbon as Head Troll

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Mark Gibbon is a Canadian voice actor. Description above from the Wikipedia a...

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Christopher Gorham
plays Walsh / Wizard of Oz (3 episodes)

Sunny Mabrey
plays Glinda (2 episodes)

Matreya Scarrwener
plays Dorothy Gale (1 episode)

Karen Holness
plays Witch of the North (1 episode)

Karen Holness as Witch of the North


See Karen Holness's other roles

Sharon Taylor
plays Witch of the East (1 episode)

Sharon Taylor as Witch of the East

Sharon Taylor was born on June 5, 1981 and is currently 43 years old.

See Sharon Taylor's other roles

David de Lautour
plays Jonathan (1 episode)

David de Lautour as Jonathan

David de Lautour is an actor and writer.

See David de Lautour's other roles

Julian Morris
plays Prince Phillip (6 episodes)

Rose McGowan
plays Young Cora (2 episodes)

Rose McGowan as Young Cora

Rósa Arianna McGowan (born September 5, 1973) is a filmmaker, activist and musician. Born in Italy, she was raised in...

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Yvette Dudley-Neuman
plays Midwife (1 episode)

Steve Elliott
plays Drunk Charlie (1 episode)

Gabrielle Giraud
plays Royal Aide (1 episode)

Jessa Danielson
plays Wench (1 episode)

Jessa Danielson is an actress, known for Delivery Interrupted (2011), Eddie's Stereotype(2010) and Supernatural (2005)

See Jessa Danielson's other roles

Maria Marlow
plays Woodcutter's Wife (1 episode)

Henri Lubatti
plays Lumiere (1 episode)

Alexandra Metz
plays Rapunzel (1 episode)

Alexandra Metz as Rapunzel

Alexandra Metz is an actress and producer.

See Alexandra Metz's other roles

Everick Golding
plays Rapunzel's Father (1 episode)

Natalie von Rotsburg
plays Rapunzel's Mother (1 episode)

Nesta Chapman
plays Nurse #1 (1 episode)

Nesta Chapman as Nurse #1

Actress / Stunts.

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David Orth
plays NY Cop #1 (1 episode)

David Orth as NY Cop #1

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. David Orth (born March 13, 1965) is a Canadian actor. Orth was born and rai...

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Parker Croft
plays Felix (11 episodes)

Joy Castro
plays Nurse (2 episodes)

Evans Johnson
plays Nun #1 (1 episode)

Dave Mathews
plays Doctor (2 episodes)

Freya Tingley
plays Wendy Darling (5 episodes)

James Immekus
plays Michael Darling (3 episodes)

Matt Kane
plays John Darling (3 episodes)

Jack Di Blasio
plays Lost Boy (5 episodes)

Darien Provost
plays Lost Boy (1 episode)

Wyatt Oleff
plays Young Rumplestiltskin (1 episode)

Wyatt Oleff as Young Rumplestiltskin

Wyatt Jess Oleff is an American actor, known for portraying the role of Stanley Uris in the 2017 supernatural horror ...

See Wyatt Oleff's other roles

Colin Corrigan
plays Thug (1 episode)

Colin Corrigan as Thug

Colin Corrigan was born on July 7, 1971 and is currently 52 years old.

See Colin Corrigan's other roles

Lindsay Collins
plays Spinster (1 episode)

Glynis Davies
plays Spinster (1 episode)

Marilyn Manson
plays The Shadow (1 episode)

Josh Kalender
plays Lead Knight (1 episode)

Adam Lolacher
plays Black Knight (1 episode)

Adam Lolacher as Black Knight

Adam Lolacher was born on November 23, 1979 and is currently 44 years old.

See Adam Lolacher's other roles

Arpad Balogh
plays Eric's Footman (1 episode)

Yvette Nicole Brown
plays Ursula (1 episode)

Yvette Nicole Brown as Ursula

Yvette Nicole Brown (born August 12, 1971) is an American actress and comedian best known for her role as Shirley Ben...

See Yvette Nicole Brown's other roles

Skyler Gisondo
plays Devin (1 episode)

Skyler Gisondo as Devin

Skyler Gisondo (July 22, 1996 in Palm Beach County, Florida, USA) is an actor known for the Air Bud movies, The Amazi...

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Jordan Schartner
plays Sailor (1 episode)

Dylan Schmid
plays Baelfire (5 episodes)

Doug Abrahams
plays Sheriff (1 episode)

Doug Abrahams as Sheriff

Doug Abrahams is known for his work on Fido (2006), Elysium (2013) and Man of Steel (2013).

See Doug Abrahams's other roles

Dominic Downer
plays Knight (1 episode)

Robert Mann
plays Peasant (1 episode)

Robert Mann as Peasant

Actor / Performer.

See Robert Mann's other roles

Cainan Wiebe
plays Lost Boy (1 episode)

Cainan Wiebe as Lost Boy

Cainan Wiebe was born on August 27, 1995 and is currently 28 years old.

See Cainan Wiebe's other roles

Ethan Embry
plays Greg Mendell (10 episodes)

Ethan Embry as Greg Mendell

Ethan Embry (real name Ethan Philan Randall) is an American film and television actor.

See Ethan Embry's other roles

Sonequa Martin-Green
plays Tamara (7 episodes)

Sonequa Martin-Green as Tamara

Sonequa Martin-Green is an American actress and producer. She is best known for her television roles as Michael Burnh...

See Sonequa Martin-Green's other roles

Alex Barima
plays Lost Boy (2 episodes)

Alex Barima as Lost Boy

Alex Barima is a Canadian actor who portrays David Logan in the science fiction comedy series Resident Alien.

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Natasha Wilson
plays Mermaid (1 episode)

Andrew Airlie
plays George Darling (1 episode)

Andrew Airlie as George Darling

Andrew Airlie is a Scottish-born Canadian actor. He has starred in television series including Breaker High and his T...

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Benjamin Cook
plays Michael Darling (1 episode)

Karin Inghammer
plays Mary Darling (1 episode)

Jennifer Juniper Angeli
plays Wilma (1 episode)

Harold Davies
plays Fisherman (1 episode)

Hrothgar Mathews
plays Carny (1 episode)

Hrothgar Mathews as Carny

Hrothgar Mathews was born on January 27, 1964 and is currently 60 years old.

See Hrothgar Mathews's other roles

Max Montesi
plays Peasant Boy (1 episode)

Bri Neal
plays Peasant Girl (1 episode)

Bri Neal as Peasant Girl

Bri Neal is a Canadian Actress and Maxim Model Bri starred in Lucifer on Fox, DC Comics The Flash and Batwoman to na...

See Bri Neal's other roles

Aleks Paunovic
plays Berkley (1 episode)

Aleks Paunovic as Berkley

Aleks Paunovic is a Canadian actor. Paunovic is from Winnipeg, Manitoba, and "three generations of fighters" are in h...

See Aleks Paunovic's other roles

William Phillips
plays Peasant Man (1 episode)

William Phillips was born on February 14, 1966 and is currently 58 years old.

See William Phillips's other roles

Michael Teigen
plays Rivers (1 episode)

Tom Ellis
plays Robin Hood (1 episode)

Tom Ellis as Robin Hood

Tom Ellis is a Welsh actor, best known for playing Dr. Oliver Cousins in the BBC soap opera "EastEnders" and Detectiv...

See Tom Ellis's other roles

Nicholas Carella
plays Bartender (1 episode)

Nicholas Carella as Bartender

Nicholas Carella was born on August 20, 1980 and is currently 43 years old.

See Nicholas Carella's other roles

Dianne Doan
plays Isra (1 episode)

Dianne Doan as Isra

Dianne Doan is a Canadian actress of Vietnamese descent. She was born on September 8, 1990 in Abbotsford, British Col...

See Dianne Doan's other roles

Manny Jacinto
plays Quon (1 episode)

Manny Jacinto as Quon

Manuel Luis Jacinto (born August 19, 1987) is a Filipino-born Canadian actor. After several small roles on television...

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Peter Kawasaki
plays Orderly (1 episode)

Rick Tae
plays Doctor (1 episode)

Rick Tae as Doctor

Rick Tae was born on July 7, 1973 and is currently 50 years old.

See Rick Tae's other roles

John Pyper-Ferguson
plays Kurt Flynn (1 episode)

John Pyper-Ferguson as Kurt Flynn

John Pyper-Ferguson is an actor.

See John Pyper-Ferguson's other roles

Steve Makaj
plays Police Captain (1 episode)

Joaquim de Almeida
plays King Xavier (1 episode)

Joaquim de Almeida as King Xavier

Joaquim António Portugal Baptista de Almeida (born 15 March 1957) is a Portuguese actor. He began his acting during ...

See Joaquim de Almeida's other roles

Zak Santiago
plays Prince Henry (1 episode)

Eva Bourne
plays Princess Eva (2 episodes)

Gerry Rousseau
plays The Miller (1 episode)

Lesley Nicol
plays Johanna (1 episode)

Lesley Nicol as Johanna

​From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.   Lesley Nicol (born August 7, 1953 in Manchester, England) is an English ac...

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Rena Sofer
plays Queen Eva (1 episode)

Rena Sofer as Queen Eva

Rena Sherel Sofer is an American actress, known for her appearances in daytime television, episodic guest appearances...

See Rena Sofer's other roles

Duncan Ollerenshaw
plays Royal Doctor (1 episode)

Duncan Ollerenshaw as Royal Doctor

Duncan Ollerenshaw is an actor.

See Duncan Ollerenshaw's other roles

Brighid Fleming
plays Young Seer (1 episode)

Brighid Fleming as Young Seer

Brighid began her acting career at 3 years old when she saw "Seussical the Musical". After the show, she was asked if...

See Brighid Fleming's other roles

Shannon Lucio
plays Seer (1 episode)

Shannon Lucio as Seer

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Shannon Lucio (born June 25, 1980) is an American actress who played Lindsay ...

See Shannon Lucio's other roles

Spencer Drever
plays Boy (1 episode)

Spencer Drever as Boy

Spencer's acting career started in the first grade when, at the suggestion of his teacher, he started to go out for a...

See Spencer Drever's other roles

David Quinlan
plays Father (1 episode)

David Quinlan as Father

David Quinlan was born on January 24, 1973 and is currently 51 years old.

See David Quinlan's other roles

Primo Allon
plays Gadling (1 episode)

Primo Allon as Gadling

Primo Allon is an actor.

See Primo Allon's other roles

Mackenzie Gray
plays Hob (1 episode)

Mackenzie Gray as Hob

Mackenzie Gray was born and raised in Toronto. A professional actor for over 40 years, he has appeared in over 150 fi...

See Mackenzie Gray's other roles

Toby Levins
plays Sergeant (1 episode)

Toby Levins as Sergeant

Toby Levins was born on June 10, 1981 in Adelaide, Australia. He is known for his work on Godzilla (2014), The Age of...

See Toby Levins's other roles

Aaron Brooks
plays Soldier (1 episode)

Abraham Benrubi
plays Arlo (1 episode)

Abraham Benrubi as Arlo

Abraham Rubin Hercules Benrubi (born October 4, 1969) is an American actor. He is known for his appearances as Jerry ...

See Abraham Benrubi's other roles

Cassidy Freeman
plays Jack (1 episode)

Cassidy Freeman as Jack

Cassidy Freeman (born April 22, 1982, height 5' 8" (1,73 m)) is an American actress and musician. She is known for he...

See Cassidy Freeman's other roles

Byron Bertram
plays TSA Agent (1 episode)

Byron Bertram as TSA Agent

Byron Bertram is an actor.

See Byron Bertram's other roles

Todd Thomson
plays Business Man (1 episode)

Chad Michael Collins
plays Gerhardt Frankenstein (1 episode)

Chad Michael Collins as Gerhardt Frankenstein

Actor / Filmmaker / Producer.

See Chad Michael Collins's other roles

Gregory Itzin
plays Alphonse Frankenstein (1 episode)

Gregory Itzin as Alphonse Frankenstein

Gregory Martin Itzin (April 20, 1948 – July 8, 2022) was an American character actor of film and television, perhaps ...

See Gregory Itzin's other roles

Ian Harmon
plays Graveyard Sentry (1 episode)

Scott McAdam
plays Orderly (1 episode)

Janet Pinnick
plays Nurse (1 episode)

Nelson Wong
plays Paramedic (1 episode)

Nelson Wong as Paramedic

Nelson Wong is known for his work on American Mary (2012), Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked (2011) and Ice Blues (2008).

See Nelson Wong's other roles

Michael Adamwaite
plays Alistair (1 episode)

David Nykl
plays Fisherman (1 episode)

David Nykl as Fisherman

David Nykl (born 7 February 1967 in Prague, Czechoslovakia) is a Czech Canadian actor of film, television, commercial...

See David Nykl's other roles

Paul McGillion
plays Knave of Hearts (2 episodes)

Paul McGillion as Knave of Hearts

The sixth of seven children, Paul's family emigrated to Canada from Paisley, Scotland when he was just 2 years old. H...

See Paul McGillion's other roles

Michael Soltis
plays Black Knight (1 episode)

Michael Soltis (born October 25, 1971) is an American actor and artist living in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

See Michael Soltis's other roles

Annabeth Gish
plays Anita (1 episode)

Annabeth Gish as Anita

Annabeth Gish is an American actress. She has played roles in films Shag, Hiding Out, Mystic Pizza, SLC Punk!, The La...

See Annabeth Gish's other roles

Benjamin Hollingsworth
plays Quinn (1 episode)

Benjamin Hollingsworth as Quinn

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ben Hollingsworth (born September 7, 1984) is a Canadian actor. He was born ...

See Benjamin Hollingsworth's other roles

Jason Cermak
plays Black Knight (1 episode)

Jason Cermak as Black Knight

Jason Cermak is the younger of two children, and as a youth growing up in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, Canada he pu...

See Jason Cermak's other roles

Chad Riley
plays Black Knight (1 episode)

Chad Riley as Black Knight

Chad Riley was born on December 26, 1979 and is currently 44 years old.

See Chad Riley's other roles

Tony Alcantar
plays Cashier (1 episode)

Tony Alcantar as Cashier

Tony Alcantar was born on August 13, 1960 and is currently 63 years old.

See Tony Alcantar's other roles

Artine Brown
plays Arresting Officer (1 episode)

Artine Brown as Arresting Officer

Artine Brown was born on August 18, 1974 and is currently 49 years old.

See Artine Brown's other roles

Marc-Anthony Massiah
plays Portland Cop (1 episode)

Kerry Sandomirsky
plays Corrections Agent (1 episode)

Fane Tse
plays Customer (1 episode)

Noah Bean
plays Daniel Colter (2 episodes)

Noah Bean as Daniel Colter

Noah Bean (born 1978) is an American actor best known for his role as David Connor on the FX legal drama Damages and ...

See Noah Bean's other roles

Sebastian Stan
plays Jefferson / Mad Hatter (6 episodes)

Sebastian Stan as Jefferson / Mad Hatter

Sebastian Stan (born August 13, 1982) is a Romanian and American actor. He gained recognition for his role as Bucky B...

See Sebastian Stan's other roles

Paula Giroday
plays Trish (1 episode)

Ryan Hesp
plays Quartermaster (1 episode)

Rondel Reynoldson
plays Village Woman (1 episode)

Rondel Reynoldson as Village Woman

Rondel Reynoldson was born in small town Saskatchewan and grew up in small town British Columbia, Canada. Rondel brin...

See Rondel Reynoldson's other roles

Chelsea Turner
plays Tavern Waitress (1 episode)

Sebastian Wilkinson
plays Young Baelfire (1 episode)

Sinqua Walls
plays Sir Lancelot (6 episodes)

Sinqua Walls as Sir Lancelot

Sinqua Walls (born April 6, 1985) is an American actor known for appearing in Friday Night Lights, The Secret Life of...

See Sinqua Walls's other roles

Lee Tichon
plays Guard (1 episode)

Kristin Bauer
plays Maleficent (11 episodes)

Alissa Skovbye
plays Paige / Grace (2 episodes)

Alissa Skovbye as Paige / Grace

Alissa ‘Ali’ Skovbye was born in Vancouver, Canada. She comes from a Scandinavian background and most of her extended...

See Alissa Skovbye's other roles

Charles Zuckermann
plays Black Knight (1 episode)

Charles Zuckermann as Black Knight

Charles Zuckermann is a Canadian actor and photographer.

See Charles Zuckermann's other roles

Rick Dobran
plays Raskind (1 episode)

Isaiah Lehtinen
plays Gordie (1 episode)

Conner Dwelly
plays Morraine (2 episodes)

Jennifer Koenig
plays Queen of Hearts (1 episode)

Richard Schiff
plays King Leopold (2 episodes)

Richard Schiff as King Leopold

Richard Schiff (born May 27, 1955) is an American actor. He is best known for playing Toby Ziegler on the NBC televis...

See Richard Schiff's other roles

Christina Gooding
plays Mute Maid (1 episode)

Scott E. Miller
plays Mr. Grace (1 episode)

Scott E. Miller as Mr. Grace

Scott E. Miller was born on March 2, 1975 and is currently 49 years old.

See Scott E. Miller's other roles

Michael Roberds
plays Donkey Driver (1 episode)

Michael Roberds as Donkey Driver

Michael Roberds was born on January 18, 1964 and passed away 8 years ago at the age of 52 on May 15, 2016.

See Michael Roberds's other roles

Laura Wilson
plays Mrs. Grace (1 episode)

Jim Shield
plays Royal Guard (1 episode)

Bill Dow
plays Mayor Tomkins (1 episode)

Bill Dow as Mayor Tomkins

Bill Dow is an actor, director and writer in theatre, film, and television. He is best known for playing Bill Lee in ...

See Bill Dow's other roles

Jesse Hutch
plays Peter (1 episode)

Jesse Hutch as Peter

Sharing the same Birth place as Marvel Character Wolverine, Jesse James Hutch was born in Alberta Canada. At the age ...

See Jesse Hutch's other roles

Amy Acker
plays Astrid / Nova (1 episode)

Amy Acker as Astrid / Nova

Amy Louise Acker (born December 5, 1976) is an American actress, best known for her roles as Root on the scifi drama ...

See Amy Acker's other roles

Kwesi Ameyaw
plays Dr. Thatcher (1 episode)

Kwesi Ameyaw as Dr. Thatcher

Kwesi Ameyaw was born on August 24, 1975 and is currently 48 years old.

See Kwesi Ameyaw's other roles

Karley Scott Collins
plays Ava Zimmer / Gretel (1 episode)

Quinn Lord
plays Nicholas Zimmer / Hansel (1 episode)

Quinn Lord as Nicholas Zimmer / Hansel

​From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.   Quinn Edmond Julian Lord (born February 19, 1999) is a Canadian child acto...

See Quinn Lord's other roles

Nicholas Lea
plays Michael Tillman / The Woodcutter (1 episode)

Nicholas Lea as Michael Tillman / The Woodcutter

Nicholas Lea (born July 6, 1962) is a Canadian actor best known for The X-Files and Kyle XY.

See Nicholas Lea's other roles

Harry Groener
plays Martin (1 episode)

Harry Groener as Martin

Harry Groener was born on September 10, 1951 and is currently 72 years old.

See Harry Groener's other roles

Robin Weigert
plays Bo Peep (1 episode)

Robin Weigert as Bo Peep

Robin Weigert (born July 7, 1969) is an American actress. She is best known for portraying Calamity Jane on the telev...

See Robin Weigert's other roles

Brad Dourif
plays Zoso (2 episodes)

Brad Dourif as Zoso

Bradford Claude "Brad" Dourif is an American film and television actor who gained early fame for his portrayal of Bil...

See Brad Dourif's other roles

Catherine Bogdanova
plays Spaghetti Lady (1 episode)

Garry Garneau
plays Spaghetti Man (1 episode)

Emanuel Fappas
plays Bartender (1 episode)

Raf Rogers
plays Arendelle Servant (1 episode)

Lee Page
plays Arendelle Guard #1 (2 episodes)

Patrick Roccas
plays Arendelle Guard #2 (1 episode)

Darcey Johnson
plays Oaken (1 episode)

Garfield Wilson
plays Guard (1 episode)

Garfield Wilson as Guard

Garfield Wilson was born on April 15, 1969 and is currently 55 years old.

See Garfield Wilson's other roles

Frances O'Connor
plays Colette (1 episode)

Ava Acres
plays Young Regina (1 episode)

Ava Acres as Young Regina

Ava Acres (born May 13, 2004) is an American actress. She played young Regina in Once Upon a Time and also appears in...

See Ava Acres's other roles

Nikolai Witschl
plays Server (1 episode)

Brighton Sharbino
plays Young Ingrid (1 episode)

Brighton Sharbino as Young Ingrid

Brighton Rose Sharbino is an American actress. She is best known for her role as Lizzie Samuels on the AMC television...

See Brighton Sharbino's other roles

Tara Wilson
plays Ruth (1 episode)

Tara Wilson as Ruth

Tara Wilson was born on February 25, 1982 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. She is an actress, known for Firefl...

See Tara Wilson's other roles

Bailey Herbert
plays Young Helga (1 episode)

C. Ernst Harth
plays Burly Man (1 episode) , Abraham (1 episode) , Ogre (1 episode)

C. Ernst Harth as Burly Man

C. Ernst Harth got his first taste of acting in grade school when the drama club cast the school's largest child to p...

See C. Ernst Harth's other roles

Jonathan Runyon
plays Duke of Weselton (1 episode)

Peter Bryant
plays Jailer (1 episode)

Peter Bryant as Jailer

Peter Bryant was born on July 30, 1959 and is currently 64 years old.

See Peter Bryant's other roles

Warren Christie
plays Ryan (1 episode)

Warren Christie as Ryan

Hans Warren Christie is a British-born Canadian television and film actor known for his roles as Ray Cataldo on the A...

See Warren Christie's other roles

Sally Pressman
plays Helga (1 episode)

James Bamford
plays The Black Knight (1 episode)

James Bamford as The Black Knight

James Bamford was born on February 26, 1967 and is currently 57 years old.

See James Bamford's other roles

Greg Webb
plays King Harald (1 episode)

Keith Dallas
plays Cabbie (1 episode)

Keith Dallas as Cabbie

Keith Dallas was born on May 10, 1978 and is currently 46 years old.

See Keith Dallas's other roles

Elizabeth McCarthy
plays Mob Girl (1 episode) , Wife (1 episode)

Ryan Jefferson Booth
plays Man (1 episode)

Ryan Jefferson Booth as Man

Ryan Jefferson Booth is an actor, known for iZombie (2015), Arrow (2012), DC's Legends of Tomorrow (2016) and Under W...

See Ryan Jefferson Booth's other roles

Merrin Dungey
plays Ursula (6 episodes)

Merrin Dungey as Ursula

Merrin Melissa Dungey is an American film and television actress, known for her roles on the television series The Ki...

See Merrin Dungey's other roles

Darla Fay
plays Woman on Bus (1 episode)

Andrew Jenkins
plays Sir Percival (3 episodes)

Andrew Jenkins as Sir Percival

Andrew Jenkins was born on December 28, 1988 and is currently 35 years old.

See Andrew Jenkins's other roles

Lee Majdoub
plays Sir Kay (1 episode)

Lee Majdoub as Sir Kay

Lee Majdoub (born May 31, 1982) is a Lebanese-Canadian actor. He is known for his role as Agent Stone in Sonic the He...

See Lee Majdoub's other roles

Tom Pickett
plays Bishop (2 episodes)

Joana Metrass
plays Queen Guinevere (8 episodes)

Giacomo Baessato
plays Grif (1 episode)

Giacomo Baessato as Grif

Giacomo Baessato is a Canadian actor.

See Giacomo Baessato's other roles

Webb Hayes
plays Young Arthur (1 episode)

Layton Keely
plays Gnome (1 episode)

Ehren Kassam
plays Young Sir Kay (1 episode)

Amos Stern
plays Lead Knight (1 episode)

Dalila Bela
plays Young Guinevere (1 episode)

Dalila Bela as Young Guinevere

Dalila Bela was born on October 5, 2001 and is currently 22 years old.

See Dalila Bela's other roles

Lucas Wolf
plays Armed Escort (1 episode)

Sebastian Roché
plays King Stefan (1 episode)

Sebastian Roché as King Stefan

Sebastian Roché is a Scottish-French actor and writer known for his roles as Kurt Mendel on Odyssey 5, , Thomas Jerom...

See Sebastian Roché's other roles

Natalie Gibson
plays Doctor (1 episode)

Elliot Knight
plays Merlin (6 episodes)

Catherine Lough Haggquist
plays Fairy Godmother (1 episode)

Catherine Lough Haggquist as Fairy Godmother

Catherine Lough Haggquist is an actress.

See Catherine Lough Haggquist's other roles

Ryan Robbins
plays Sir Morgan (1 episode)

Ryan Robbins as Sir Morgan

Ryan Robbins (born November 26) is a Canadian actor. He was married to the actress Rebecca Reichert (separated in 201...

See Ryan Robbins's other roles

Carolyn Hennesy
plays Myrna (1 episode)

Carolyn Hennesy as Myrna

Carolyn Lee Hennesy (born June 10, 1962) is an American actress, author and animal advocate. Hennesy's early work con...

See Carolyn Hennesy's other roles

Guy Fauchon
plays Vortigan (1 episode)

Laura Bertram
plays Donna (1 episode)

Laura Bertram as Donna

Laura Maureen Bertram is a Canadian actress best known for her role in Andromeda as Trance Gemini.

See Laura Bertram's other roles

Andre Tricoteux
plays Massive Brawler (1 episode) , Argyle (1 episode)

Paul Telfer
plays Lord Macintosh (2 episodes)

Paul Telfer as Lord Macintosh

Paul Telfer (born 30 October 1979 in Paisley, Scotland) is a British actor, who has lived and worked in both his nati...

See Paul Telfer's other roles

Luke Camilleri
plays Stephen (1 episode)

Patti Allan
plays Miss Ginger (1 episode) , Blind Witch (1 episode)

Michael Strusievici
plays Young Geppetto (1 episode)

Josh Hallem
plays Lord Dingwall (2 episodes)

Ian Butcher
plays Burly Knight (1 episode)

Demord Dann
plays Aide (1 episode)

Glenn Keogh
plays King Fergus (1 episode)

Glenn Keogh as King Fergus

Glenn Keogh is an actor and producer.

See Glenn Keogh's other roles

Marco D'Angelo
plays Lord Macguffin (1 episode) , Lord MacGuffin (1 episode)

Caroline Ford
plays Nimue (3 episodes)

Matthew MacCaull
plays Knight (1 episode)

Matthew MacCaull as Knight

Matthew MacCaull was born on April 4, 1978 and is currently 46 years old.

See Matthew MacCaull's other roles

Caroline Morahan
plays Queen Elinor (1 episode)

Ava Telek
plays Young Gerda (1 episode)

Ava Telek as Young Gerda

Ava Telek is an actress, known for The Magicians (2015), Freaks (2018) and Flowers in the Attic (2014). Google

See Ava Telek's other roles

Benjamin Stockham
plays Owen Flynn (1 episode)

Benjamin Stockham as Owen Flynn

Benjamin Stockham is an actor.

See Benjamin Stockham's other roles

Robert Maillet
plays Behemoth (1 episode)

Richard Stroh
plays Edgar (1 episode)

Richard Stroh as Edgar

Richard Stroh was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He is known for Maximum Conviction (2012), 30 Days of ...

See Richard Stroh's other roles

Milli Wilkinson
plays Young Cruella (1 episode)

Scott Heindl
plays Bartholomew (1 episode)

Tristan Jensen
plays Horatio (1 episode)

Kam Kozak
plays Black Knight (1 episode)

Howard Siegel
plays Tavern Owner (1 episode)

Kate Bateman
plays Mother (1 episode)

Mark Gash
plays Father (1 episode)

Osmond L. Bramble
plays Queen's Guard (1 episode)

Jonathan Holmes
plays Majordomo (1 episode)

Sage Brocklebank
plays Sir Gaston (1 episode)

Sage Brocklebank as Sir Gaston

Sage Brocklebank was born on January 14, 1978 and is currently 46 years old.

See Sage Brocklebank's other roles

John DeSantis
plays The Dove (1 episode)

John DeSantis as The Dove

John DeSantis was born on November 13, 1973 in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada. He is an actor, known for Master an...

See John DeSantis's other roles

Chris Shields
plays Military Advisor (1 episode)

Aria Pullman
plays Siren (1 episode)

Paul Chevreau
plays Skinny Man (1 episode)

Richard Ian Cox
plays Watchy (1 episode)

Ken Kramer
plays Bossy (1 episode)

Michael Rinaldi
plays Helper Dwarf (1 episode)

Roger Daltrey
plays The Caterpillar (voice) (1 episode)

Roger Daltrey as The Caterpillar (voice)

Roger Harry Daltrey, CBE (born 1 March 1944), is an English singer-songwriter and actor, best known as the founder an...

See Roger Daltrey's other roles

Julian Christopher
plays Adoption Agent (1 episode)

Julian Christopher as Adoption Agent

Julian Christopher was born on November 7, 1944 and is currently 79 years old.

See Julian Christopher's other roles

J.C. Williams
plays Lead Guard (1 episode)

Eric Lange
plays Prince Leopold (1 episode)

Eric Lange as Prince Leopold

Eric Lange is an actor and producer.

See Eric Lange's other roles

William Ainscough
plays John Darling (1 episode)

Hannah Longworth
plays Cecilia (1 episode)

Kis Yurij
plays Igor (2 episodes)

Abby Ross
plays Young Emma (5 episodes)

Abby Ross as Young Emma

Abby Ross was born on March 19, 1997 and is currently 27 years old.

See Abby Ross's other roles

Iris Truong
plays Little Girl (1 episode)

Colleen Wheeler
plays Group Mother (1 episode)

Colleen Wheeler as Group Mother

Colleen Wheeler was born on March 21, 1967 and is currently 57 years old.

See Colleen Wheeler's other roles

Chad Rook
plays Captain Ahab (1 episode)

Chad Rook as Captain Ahab

Chad Rook was born on March 29, 1982 and is currently 42 years old.

See Chad Rook's other roles

Elle McKinnon
plays Young Alice (1 episode)

Elle McKinnon as Young Alice

Elle McKinnon (born August 5, 2006) is a Canadian actress.

See Elle McKinnon's other roles

Nils Hognestad
plays Franz (2 episodes)

Nils Hognestad as Franz

Nils Hognestad was born on July 16, 1984 and is currently 39 years old.

See Nils Hognestad's other roles

Marcus Rosner
plays Jurgen (2 episodes)

Marcus Rosner as Jurgen

Marcus Rosner was born on August 10, 1989 and is currently 34 years old.

See Marcus Rosner's other roles

Charles Singh
plays General (1 episode)

Charles Singh as General

Charles Raahul Singh is an Indo-Canadian actor, producer and director.

See Charles Singh's other roles

Nicole Muñoz
plays Young Lily (2 episodes)

Nicole Muñoz as Young Lily

Nicole Muñoz (born June 24, 1994) is a Canadian film and television actress. She is known for her roles as Kelly in t...

See Nicole Muñoz's other roles

Nick Hunnings
plays Prison Guard (1 episode) , Jack (1 episode)

Anson Hibbert
plays Policeman (1 episode)

Kelly-Ruth Mercier
plays Store Manager (1 episode)

Kelly-Ruth Mercier as Store Manager

Kelly-Ruth Mercier was born on January 1, 1967 and is currently 57 years old.

See Kelly-Ruth Mercier's other roles

Ilias Webb
plays Kevin (2 episodes)

Rebecca Wisocky
plays Madame Faustina (1 episode)

Rebecca Wisocky as Madame Faustina

Rebecca Wisocky was born on November 12, 1971 and is currently 52 years old.

See Rebecca Wisocky's other roles

plays FBI Agent (1 episode)

Panou as FBI Agent

Panou is a Canadian actor. His birth-name translates to 'God Among Us' in his native Creole. His first feature film w...

See Panou's other roles

Michael Querin
plays Mr. Feinberg (1 episode)

Daniel Dae Kim
plays Fast Food Worker (voice) (1 episode)

Daniel Dae Kim as Fast Food Worker (voice)

Daniel Dae Kim (born August 4, 1968) is a South Korean-American actor, best known for his roles as Chin Ho Kelly in H...

See Daniel Dae Kim's other roles

Russell Roberts
plays Duke (1 episode)

Russell Roberts as Duke

Russell Roberts was born on January 1, 1956 and is currently 68 years old.

See Russell Roberts's other roles

Tiffany Boone
plays Young Ursula (1 episode)

Ernie Hudson
plays King Poseidon (1 episode)

Ernie Hudson as King Poseidon

Earnest Lee Hudson is an American actor and voice actor. He is most known for his roles as Winston Zeddemore in the G...

See Ernie Hudson's other roles

Michelle Choi-Lee
plays Adoption Agent (1 episode)

Michelle Choi-Lee as Adoption Agent

Michelle Choi-Lee is an actress, known for iZombie (2015), When We Rise (2017) and Once Upon a Time (2011).

See Michelle Choi-Lee's other roles

Jennifer Cheon
plays Nurse (1 episode)

Jennifer Cheon as Nurse

Jennifer Cheon Garcia is a native to Vancouver, Canada and of Mexican/Korean heritage. She is also a New Zealand resi...

See Jennifer Cheon's other roles

Paul Kloegman
plays Carriage Driver (1 episode)

Anna Galvin
plays Madeline De Vil (1 episode)

Anna Galvin as Madeline De Vil

Anna Galvin is an actress.

See Anna Galvin's other roles

Agnes Bruckner
plays Lily Page (3 episodes)

Cameron Bancroft
plays Bill (1 episode)

Cameron Bancroft as Bill

Cameron Bancroft (born May 17, 1967 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada), sometimes credited as Cam Bancroft is a televisio...

See Cameron Bancroft's other roles

Kendall Cross
plays Katie (1 episode)

Kendall Cross as Katie

Kendall Cross is a Canadian actress featured as a guest star in several episodes of various Canadian produced Televis...

See Kendall Cross's other roles

Sidney Shapiro
plays Max (1 episode)

Parker Magnuson
plays Zach (1 episode)

Zoey Siewert
plays Brunette Girl (1 episode)

Philip Granger
plays Landlord (1 episode)

Philip Granger as Landlord

Philip Granger: is the distinguished recipient of a Gemini Award and two Hollywood Drama-Logue Awards. He has garnere...

See Philip Granger's other roles

John Innes
plays Priest (1 episode)

Jeremy Schuetze
plays Groom (1 episode)

Paralee Cook
plays Middle Aged Woman (1 episode)

Sean Campbell
plays Middle Aged Man (1 episode)

Sean Campbell as Middle Aged Man

Sean Campbell is an actor, known for Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency (2016), Quest for Zhu (2011) and The Una...

See Sean Campbell's other roles

Sarah Hayward
plays Villager (2 episodes)

Benjamin Wilkinson
plays Hank (1 episode)

Benjamin Wilkinson as Hank

Ben Wilkinson is known for The Adam Project (2022), Deadpool (2016) and Grave Encounters 2 (2012).

See Benjamin Wilkinson's other roles

Alison Wandzura
plays Hostess (1 episode)

Edward Foy
plays Black Knight (1 episode) , Lead Knight (1 episode)

Mandie Vredegoor
plays Fan (1 episode)

Dante Arias
plays Child #1 (1 episode)

Octavian Kaul
plays Child #2 (1 episode)

Octavian Kaul as Child #2

Octavian was born in Vancouver, British Columbia in September 2003. His father is Canadian and his mother is American...

See Octavian Kaul's other roles

Jesse Blue
plays Black Knight (1 episode)

Barclay Hope
plays James Page (2 episodes)

Barclay Hope as James Page

Barclay Hope (born February 25, 1958) is a Canadian actor. He is perhaps best known for his roles as Clifford and Cla...

See Barclay Hope's other roles

Stefano Giulianetti
plays Jester (1 episode)

Steven Roberts
plays Blacktooth (1 episode)

Tyler Jacob Moore
plays Prince Hans (2 episodes)

Tyler Jacob Moore as Prince Hans

Tyler Jacob Moore is an American actor. Tyler was born and raised in Catlin, Illinois, to Cynthia Donnell and James M...

See Tyler Jacob Moore's other roles

Brent Stait
plays Peddler (1 episode)

Brent Stait as Peddler

Brent Stait is a Canadian actor, best known for his roles as Rev Bem in the science fiction television series Androme...

See Brent Stait's other roles

Julia Tortolano
plays Blueberry Pie Gal (1 episode)

Julia Tortolano is an actress.

See Julia Tortolano's other roles

Pascale Hutton
plays Queen Gerda (2 episodes)

Pascale Hutton as Queen Gerda

Pascale Hutton (born June 14, 1979) is a Canadian actress. She was born in Creston, British Columbia. Hutton attended...

See Pascale Hutton's other roles

Donald Adams
plays Footman (1 episode)

Oliver Bell
plays Young Killian (1 episode)

Adam Croasdell
plays Brennan Jones (1 episode)

Adam Croasdell as Brennan Jones

Adam Croasdell was born on July 10, 1980 and is currently 43 years old.

See Adam Croasdell's other roles

Darren Moore
plays Vortigan (1 episode)

Scott Hylands
plays Captain (1 episode)

Scott Hylands as Captain

Scott Hylands is a Canadian stage, film and television actor, best known for playing Detective Kevin 'O. B.' O'Brien ...

See Scott Hylands's other roles

Jason Simpson
plays Adda (1 episode)

Graham Verchere
plays Young Apprentice (1 episode)

Sebastian West
plays Young Liam (1 episode)

Noah Beggs
plays Mob Guy (2 episodes)

Noah Beggs as Mob Guy

Noah Beggs was born on March 13, 1970 and is currently 54 years old.

See Noah Beggs's other roles

Bailee Madison
plays Young Snow White (4 episodes)

Bailee Madison as Young Snow White

Bailee Madison Riley (born October 15, 1999) is an American actress and singer. She first gained acclaim for her role...

See Bailee Madison's other roles

Maxwell Haynes
plays Young Man (1 episode)

Jorge Garcia
plays Anton (3 episodes)

Jorge Garcia as Anton

Jorge García (born April 28, 1973, height 5' 11½" (1,82 m)) is an American actor and comedian. He first came to publi...

See Jorge Garcia's other roles

Kacey Rohl
plays Megara (1 episode)

Kacey Rohl as Megara

Kacey Rohl (born August 6, 1991) is a Canadian actress. She is known for playing Sterling Fitch in the television cri...

See Kacey Rohl's other roles

Jackie Minns
plays Woman (1 episode)

Jonathan Whitesell
plays Hercules (1 episode)

Jonathan Whitesell as Hercules

Jonathan Rae Whitesell (born August 28, 1991) is a Canadian actor known for his role as Luke Matthews in the Freeform...

See Jonathan Whitesell's other roles

Greyston Holt
plays Frederick / Jim (2 episodes)

Greyston Holt as Frederick / Jim

Greyston Holt was born on September 30, 1985 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He is an actor, best suited for small supp...

See Greyston Holt's other roles

Lily Knight
plays Witch (1 episode)

Lily Knight as Witch

Known for her work on The Artist (2011), Once Upon a Time (2011) and American Crime (2015).

See Lily Knight's other roles

Teach Grant
plays Dead Eye (1 episode)

Kerry van der Griend
plays Peasant (1 episode)

Janet Walmsley
plays Peasant Woman (1 episode)

Brian Knox McGugan
plays Drunk Charlie’s Friend (1 episode)

Aaron Douglas
plays Fendrake the Healer (1 episode)

Aaron Douglas as Fendrake the Healer

Aaron Douglas was born on August 23, 1971 and is currently 52 years old.

See Aaron Douglas's other roles

Robbie Kay
plays Peter Pan (16 episodes)

Robbie Kay as Peter Pan

Robert Andrew "Robbie" Kay is an English actor whose credits include Fugitive Pieces, Heroes Reborn, Pinocchio, Pirat...

See Robbie Kay's other roles

Rachel Shelley
plays Milah (3 episodes)

Luke Roessler
plays Young David / Young James (1 episode)

Luke Roessler as Young David / Young James

Luke Roessler was born on March 12, 2007 and is currently 17 years old.

See Luke Roessler's other roles

Gavin Cooke
plays Drunken Lout (1 episode)

Elizabeth Mitchell
plays Snow Queen (10 episodes)

Elizabeth Mitchell as Snow Queen

Elizabeth Joanna Mitchell (née Robertson; born March 27, 1970), is an American actress who is known for her roles as ...

See Elizabeth Mitchell's other roles

Ted Whittall
plays Mitchell Herman / The King (1 episode)

Dean Petriw
plays Young Baelfire (1 episode)

Jamie Dornan
plays Sheriff Graham / Huntsman (9 episodes)

Shanna Amaral
plays Diner Waitress (1 episode)

Bernard Curry
plays Liam Jones (2 episodes)

Costas Mandylor
plays Captain Silver (1 episode)

Costas Mandylor as Captain Silver

Costas Mandylor is a Greek Australian film and television actor, best known for his role as Officer Kenny Lacos in th...

See Costas Mandylor's other roles

Chris Humphreys
plays Naval Captain (1 episode)

Teri Reeves
plays Dorothy Gale (1 episode)

Teri Reeves as Dorothy Gale

Teri Reeves was born on July 14, 1981 and is currently 42 years old.

See Teri Reeves's other roles

Paul Scheer
plays Scarecrow (voice) (1 episode)

Paul Scheer as Scarecrow (voice)

Paul Christian Scheer (born January 31, 1976) is an American actor, comedian, writer, producer and director.

See Paul Scheer's other roles

Ray Boulay
plays Oz Guard (1 episode)

Jeff Gulka
plays Boq (1 episode)

Donny Lucas
plays Sad-Eyed Man (1 episode)

Wes Brown
plays Sir Gaston (1 episode)

Wes Brown as Sir Gaston

Wes Brown was born on January 26, 1982 and is currently 42 years old.

See Wes Brown's other roles

Jamie Chung
plays Mulan (12 episodes)

Jamie Chung as Mulan

Jamie Jilynn Chung (born April 10, 1983) is an American actress known to reality television audiences as a cast membe...

See Jamie Chung's other roles

Paul Lazenby
plays Claude (4 episodes)

Gina Stockdale
plays Auntie Em (1 episode)

Barbara Hershey
plays Cora / Queen of Hearts (14 episodes)

Adrian Hough
plays Woodcutter (2 episodes)

Romuald Hivert
plays Guard (1 episode)

Rya Kihlstedt
plays Cleo Fox (1 episode)

Rya Kihlstedt as Cleo Fox

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Rya Kihlstedt (born July 23, 1970) is an American actress. Kihlstedt was bor...

See Rya Kihlstedt's other roles

Max Chadburn
plays Tasha Morris (1 episode)

Bronwen Smith
plays Cashier (1 episode)

Victoria Smurfit
plays Cruella De Vil (15 episodes)

Liam Garrigan
plays King Arthur (11 episodes)

Liam Garrigan as King Arthur

Liam Garrigan was born on October 17, 1981 and is currently 42 years old.

See Liam Garrigan's other roles

Emma Caulfield Ford
plays Blind Witch (7 episodes)

Greg Germann
plays Hades (10 episodes)

Greg Germann as Hades

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Gregory Andrew "Greg" Germann (born February 26, 1958) is an American actor. H...

See Greg Germann's other roles

David Hoflin
plays Zeus (1 episode)

David Hoflin as Zeus

David Hoflin was born on February 25, 1979 and is currently 45 years old.

See David Hoflin's other roles

Eric Keenleyside
plays Moe French / Sir Maurice (7 episodes)

Eric Keenleyside as Moe French / Sir Maurice

Eric Keenleyside was born on October 11, 1957 and is currently 66 years old.

See Eric Keenleyside's other roles

Kiefer Bahrich
plays Sad-Eyed Boy (1 episode)

Yana Oblasova
plays Diner Waitress (1 episode)

Amy Manson
plays Merida (8 episodes)

Amy Manson as Merida

Amy Manson (born c. 1985) is a Scottish actress, known for portraying Alice Guppy in Torchwood, Abby Evans in Casualt...

See Amy Manson's other roles

Jason Burkart
plays Little John (10 episodes)

Raphael Alejandro
plays Roland (15 episodes)

Candus Churchill
plays Librarian (1 episode)

Candus Churchill as Librarian

Candus Churchill was born on January 10, 1951 and is currently 73 years old.

See Candus Churchill's other roles

Flossie McKnight
plays Bus Driver (1 episode)

Shannon Hearn
plays Frontiersman (1 episode)

Michael P. Northey
plays Friar Tuck (5 episodes)

Michael P. Northey as Friar Tuck

Born in Vancouver, Michael P. Northey is an accomplished actor who has worked in film and television since 1995. He i...

See Michael P. Northey's other roles

Arnold Pinnock
plays Orderly Poole (2 episodes)

Tarun Keram
plays Emir (1 episode)

Tarun Keram as Emir

Tarun Keram was born on August 16, 1991 and is currently 32 years old.

See Tarun Keram's other roles

Craig Horner
plays Count of Monte Cristo / Edmond Dantès (1 episode)

Andrea Brooks
plays Charlotte (1 episode)

Andrea Brooks as Charlotte

Andrea Brooks is a Canadian actress who began her acting career at age fifteen after being spotted at an open casting...

See Andrea Brooks's other roles

Craig Ericsson
plays Butler (1 episode)

Andrew Kavadas
plays Baron Danglars (1 episode)

Olena Medwid
plays Partygoer #1 (1 episode)

Nadeen Lightbody
plays Partygoer #2 (1 episode)

Jessy Schram
plays Ashley Boyd / Cinderella (4 episodes)

David Anders
plays Dr. Whale / Victor Frankenstein (15 episodes)

David Anders as Dr. Whale / Victor Frankenstein

David Anders (born David Anders Holt on March 11, 1981) is an American television and stage actor. He is best known f...

See David Anders's other roles

Thomas Gasior
plays Musketeer (2 episodes)

Lisa Banes
plays Lady Tremaine (1 episode)

Max Lloyd-Jones
plays Jacob (1 episode)

Max Lloyd-Jones as Jacob

Max Lloyd-Jones was born on February 26, 1991 in London, England as Maxmillian Edward Lloyd-Jones. He is an actor.

See Max Lloyd-Jones's other roles

Tim Phillipps
plays Sean Herman / Prince Thomas (3 episodes)

Goldie Hoffman
plays Tisbe Tremaine (1 episode)

Jarod Joseph
plays Billy (6 episodes)

Serena Crouse
plays Partygoer (1 episode)

Keilani Elizabeth Rose
plays Partygoer (1 episode)

Tristan Chad Ghostkeeper
plays Partygoer (1 episode)

Nathaniel Gosselin
plays Partygoer (1 episode)

Antoine Baby Harry
plays Castle Servant (1 episode)

Scott Lockyer
plays Partygoer (1 episode)

Billy Mustapha
plays Partygoer (1 episode)

Emily Shuttleworth
plays Partygoer (1 episode)

Morgan Tanner
plays Partygoer (1 episode)

Liz Tookey
plays Partygoer (1 episode)

Emma Willey
plays Partygoer (1 episode)

Jonny Coyne
plays Dr. Lydgate (1 episode)

Jonny Coyne as Dr. Lydgate

Coyne's earliest performances were in school plays. He played leading roles in two outstanding productions: ‘The Judg...

See Jonny Coyne's other roles

Hank Harris
plays Dr. Jekyll (5 episodes)

Hank Harris as Dr. Jekyll

Hank Harris is an American actor who has been working in movies and television since the late 1990s. He is perhaps be...

See Hank Harris's other roles

Sam Witwer
plays Mr. Hyde (5 episodes)

Sam Witwer as Mr. Hyde

Samuel Stewart Witwer is an American actor, voice actor, and musician. He is known for playing Crashdown in Battlesta...

See Sam Witwer's other roles

Elizabeth Blackmore
plays Mary Lydgate (1 episode)

Elizabeth Blackmore as Mary Lydgate

Elizabeth Blackmore is an Australian film and television actress, best known for portraying Valerie Tulle in the tele...

See Elizabeth Blackmore's other roles

Reilly Jacob
plays Tom Sawyer (1 episode)

Kate Dion-Richard
plays Goldilocks (1 episode)

David Forts
plays Burly Man (1 episode)

Jordyn Ashley Olson
plays Oracle (3 episodes)

Jordyn Ashley Olson as Oracle

Jordyn Ashley Olson was born on February 14, 2001 and is currently 23 years old.

See Jordyn Ashley Olson's other roles

Corey Schmitt
plays Second Mate (1 episode)

Paul Johansson
plays Gabriel the Woodcutter (1 episode)

Paul Johansson as Gabriel the Woodcutter

Paul Johansson is an American-born Canadian actor, writer and director, best known for playing Dan Scott on One Tree ...

See Paul Johansson's other roles

Gabrielle Rose
plays Ruth (4 episodes)

Gabrielle Rose as Ruth

Gabrielle Rose (born 1954) is a Canadian actress. She has an extensive resume that include multiple nominations for G...

See Gabrielle Rose's other roles

Paul Jarrett
plays Nobleman (1 episode)

Paul Jarrett as Nobleman

Paul Jarrett began performing as a mime at the age of fifteen. He later studied fine arts and film making. After bein...

See Paul Jarrett's other roles

Tzi Ma
plays The Dragon (3 episodes)

Tzi Ma as The Dragon

Tzi Ma (Chinese: 馬泰;) is a Hong Kong-American actor. He is well known for his roles in television shows, such as The ...

See Tzi Ma's other roles

Tammy Gillis
plays Jill (1 episode)

Tammy Gillis as Jill

Tammy Gillis is a Canadian film and television actress, best known for playing the leading roles in feature films suc...

See Tammy Gillis's other roles

Jacky Lai
plays Novice Fairy (1 episode)

Jacky Lai as Novice Fairy

Jacky Lai was born on November 9, 1989 and is currently 34 years old.

See Jacky Lai's other roles

Edwina Shuster
plays Aged Nun (1 episode)

Geoff Gustafson
plays Stealthy (4 episodes)

Geoff Gustafson as Stealthy

Geoff Gustafson was born on February 20, 1974 and is currently 50 years old.

See Geoff Gustafson's other roles

Gaalen Engen
plays Bar Patron (1 episode)

Rustin Gresiuk
plays Teen August (1 episode)

Nancy Sivak
plays Helen (1 episode)

Nancy Sivak as Helen

Nancy Sivak, a graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, originally wanted to be a dancer before discovering...

See Nancy Sivak's other roles

David Cubitt
plays Robert (1 episode)

David Cubitt as Robert

David Cubitt was born on March 18, 1965 and is currently 59 years old.

See David Cubitt's other roles

Wil Traval
plays Keith / Sheriff of Nottingham (5 episodes)

Wil Traval as Keith / Sheriff of Nottingham

Wil Traval is an actor.

See Wil Traval's other roles

Matt Ellis
plays Francisco (1 episode)

Jakob Davies
plays Pinocchio (6 episodes)

Jakob Davies as Pinocchio

Jakob Davies is a Canadian born Actor. He began acting in 2009 and was featured in several National and International...

See Jakob Davies's other roles

Bart Anderson
plays Innkeeper (1 episode)

Brandyn Eddy
plays Beer Carny (1 episode)

King Lau
plays Ticket Carny (1 episode)

Torstein Byørkland
plays Beowulf (1 episode)

Brandon Spink
plays Baelfire (1 episode)

Samuel Patrick Chu
plays Frightened Soldier (1 episode)

Samuel Patrick Chu as Frightened Soldier

Samuel Patrick Chu is an actor, known for Diary of a Wimpy Kid (2010), iZombie (2015) and Imposters (2017).

See Samuel Patrick Chu's other roles

Chris Loubardeas
plays Reveling Soldier (1 episode)

Angela Moore
plays Villager (1 episode)

Tony Perez
plays King Henry (11 episodes)

Rose McIver
plays Tinker Bell (9 episodes)

Hesham Hammoud
plays Crewman (1 episode)

JoAnna Garcia
plays Ariel (7 episodes)

JoAnna Garcia as Ariel

Joanna Leanna García (born August 10, 1979) is an American television and film actress. She is known for her portraya...

See JoAnna Garcia's other roles

Gil McKinney
plays Prince Eric (4 episodes)

Gil McKinney as Prince Eric

Gil McKinney is an actor and writer.

See Gil McKinney's other roles

Oded Fehr
plays Jafar (3 episodes)

Oded Fehr as Jafar

Oded Fehr was born November 23, 1970 in Tel Aviv, Israel.

See Oded Fehr's other roles

Nick Eversman
plays Liam Jones II (2 episodes)

Nick Eversman as Liam Jones II

Nick Eversman was born on February 15, 1986 and is currently 38 years old.

See Nick Eversman's other roles

Faran Tahir
plays Captain Nemo (3 episodes)

Faran Tahir as Captain Nemo

Faran Tahir (born February 16th, 1963) is a Pakistani-American actor known for his roles in films such as Iron Man, S...

See Faran Tahir's other roles

Thomas Cadrot
plays Bartender (1 episode)

Thomas Cadrot as Bartender

Thomas Julien Cadrot is a French-born actor, best known for his starring role as Tyler Brooks in the Merry Liddle mov...

See Thomas Cadrot's other roles

Cedric De Souza
plays Sultan of Agrabah (2 episodes)

Shaun Omaid
plays Street Vendor (1 episode)

Zahf Paroo
plays Prince Achmed (1 episode)

Zahf Paroo as Prince Achmed

Zahf Paroo (born Zahfeer Hajee) is a Canadian actor, host, voice-over actor, and sketch-comedy artist. Zahf has had ...

See Zahf Paroo's other roles

Jesse Stretch
plays Head Viking (1 episode)

Charles Mesure
plays Black Beard (6 episodes)

Charles Mesure as Black Beard

Charles Mesure was born on August 12, 1970 and is currently 53 years old.

See Charles Mesure's other roles

Patrick Fischler
plays Isaac Heller (8 episodes)

Patrick Fischler as Isaac Heller

Patrick Fischler (born December 29, 1969) is an American character actor known for his roles as Jimmy Barrett on the ...

See Patrick Fischler's other roles

Grayson Gabriel
plays Roderick (1 episode)

Mason McKenzie
plays Young Roderick (1 episode)

Rohan Campbell
plays Male Miner (1 episode)

Rohan Campbell as Male Miner

Rohan Campbell (born September 23, 1997) is a Canadian actor. He is known for starring as Frank Hardy in the 2020s te...

See Rohan Campbell's other roles

Eleanor Jade
plays Nurse (1 episode)

Nickolas Gregory Johnston
plays Child (1 episode)

Isabella Blake-Thomas
plays Young Zelena (2 episodes)

Mathew Bittroff
plays Lost Boy (2 episodes)

Ayden Turpel-Stewart
plays Lost Boy (1 episode)

Alex Désert
plays Stanum (1 episode)

Alex Désert as Stanum

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Alex Désert (born July 18, 1968) is a Haitian-American actor and musician most...

See Alex Désert's other roles

Jorden Birch
plays Guard (1 episode)

Austin Anozie
plays Young Stanum (1 episode)

Dylan Sloane
plays Bully (1 episode)

Stephen Lord
plays Malcolm (3 episodes)

Yasmin Abidi
plays Midwife (1 episode)

Kristina Lao
plays Peasant Mother (1 episode)

Tony Amendola
plays Marco / Geppetto (13 episodes)

Tony Amendola as Marco / Geppetto

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Tony Amendola (born August 24, 1951) is an American actor who is best known f...

See Tony Amendola's other roles

Ari Guzhel
plays Older Girl (1 episode)

Ingrid Torrance
plays Nurse Ratched (12 episodes)

Ingrid Torrance as Nurse Ratched

Ingrid Torrance was born on December 29, 1969 and is currently 54 years old.

See Ingrid Torrance's other roles

Olivia Steele-Falconer
plays Violet Morgan (8 episodes)

Olivia Steele-Falconer as Violet Morgan

Olivia Steele Falconer is an actress, known for Red Riding Hood (2011), The Client List (2010) and Crowsnest (2012).

See Olivia Steele-Falconer's other roles

Lee Arenberg
plays Leroy / Grumpy (54 episodes)

Lee Arenberg as Leroy / Grumpy

Lee Arenberg was born on July 18, 1962 and is currently 61 years old.

See Lee Arenberg's other roles

Deniz Akdeniz
plays Aladdin (9 episodes)

Peter Marcin
plays Chief Bromden (3 episodes)

Karen David
plays Jasmine (9 episodes)

Karen David as Jasmine

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Karen Shenaz David (born 15 April 1979) is an Indian-born English actress and...

See Karen David's other roles

Jaime Murray
plays Black Fairy (8 episodes)

Jaime Murray as Black Fairy

Jaime Murray (born 21 July 1977, height 5' 7" (1,70 m)) is an English actress, best known for playing Stacie Monroe i...

See Jaime Murray's other roles

Zena Darawalla
plays Passerby (1 episode)

Julian Domingues
plays Cop (1 episode)

Jillian Fargey
plays Fairy Godmother (1 episode)

Daniel Jeffrey
plays Carl (1 episode)

Darcy Laurie
plays Louie (1 episode)

Darcy Laurie as Louie

Darcy Laurie was born on March 28, 1966 in Montréal, Québec, Canada. He is an actor and writer.

See Darcy Laurie's other roles

Vladmir Ruzich
plays Suited Heavy (1 episode)

Simon Arblaster
plays Michael Griffiths (1 episode)

Dalias Blake
plays Palace Guard (1 episode)

Mike Carpenter
plays Guard (1 episode)

Jaren Moore
plays Construction Foreman (1 episode)

Richard Newman
plays Jeremiah (1 episode)

Richard Newman as Jeremiah

Richard Newman was born on November 2, 1946 and is currently 77 years old.

See Richard Newman's other roles

Giles Matthey
plays Gideon (14 episodes)

Giles Matthey as Gideon

Giles Ingram Matthey (born 11 November 1987) is an Aussie-born British actor best known for his role as Claude Crane ...

See Giles Matthey's other roles

Anton Starkman
plays Young Gideon (2 episodes)

Evryle Ebora
plays Fake Lucy (1 episode)

Robin Givens
plays Eudora (2 episodes)

Robin Givens as Eudora

Robin Simone Givens is an American model and film, television, and stage actress. Givens first began acting in 1985 w...

See Robin Givens's other roles

Kevin Ryan
plays Robert (1 episode)

Kevin Ryan as Robert

Kevin John Ryan (born 20 June 1984) is an Irish actor, best known for his roles outside the US as DI Charlie Wild on ...

See Kevin Ryan's other roles

Graem Beddoes
plays Gruff Patron (1 episode)

Graem Beddoes is a Canadian actor, writer, and producer based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Graem Beddoes was born...

See Graem Beddoes's other roles

Evan Frayne
plays Customer (1 episode)

Naomi Simpson
plays Beggar Woman (1 episode)

Julian Haig
plays Prince Gregor (1 episode)

Lincoln McGowan
plays Brigand (1 episode)

Donna Soares
plays Nurse (1 episode)

Chris Gauthier
plays William Smee (14 episodes)

Chris Gauthier as William Smee

Christopher Gauthier is an English-born Canadian actor. He is married with two children and currently resides in Vanc...

See Chris Gauthier's other roles

Sandy Robson
plays Sam Ochotta (3 episodes)

Sandy Robson as Sam Ochotta

Sandy Robson was born on November 6, 1973 and is currently 50 years old.

See Sandy Robson's other roles

Meegan Warner
plays Rapunzel (2 episodes)

Nneka Croal
plays Social Worker (2 episodes)

Matty Finochio
plays Marcus Tremaine (1 episode)

Matty Finochio as Marcus Tremaine

Matty Finochio is known for Love Hard (2021), The Order (2019) and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (2018).

See Matty Finochio's other roles

Cindy Luna
plays Cecelia (1 episode)

Naiah Cummins
plays Uniformed Police (1 episode)

Naiah Cummins as Uniformed Police

Naiah Cummins was born as Nia Cummins. She is an actress, known for The X-Files (1993), To All the Boys: P.S. I Still...

See Naiah Cummins's other roles

Lula Mae Melenchuk
plays Young Drizella (1 episode)

Alejandra Pérez
plays Teen Cinderella (1 episode)

Sophia Reid-Gantzert
plays Young Anastasia (1 episode)

Adelaide Kane
plays Ivy Belfrey / Drizella Tremaine (13 episodes)

Adelaide Kane as Ivy Belfrey / Drizella Tremaine

Adelaide Kane (she/her) (born 9 August 1990) is an Australian actress and model, who lives in Los Angeles, California.

See Adelaide Kane's other roles

Sara Tomko
plays Tiger Lily (4 episodes)

Sara Tomko as Tiger Lily

Sara Tomko is an Actress, Activist, Poet, Producer, Singer, Tarot Healer, Moon Ceremony Leader, Mental Health Advocat...

See Sara Tomko's other roles

plays Witch Friend (1 episode)

Suzy Joachim
plays Madame Leota (1 episode)

Willy Lavendel
plays Nurse (1 episode)

Willy Lavendel as Nurse

Willy Lavendel was born on March 24, 1982 and is currently 42 years old.

See Willy Lavendel's other roles

Nevin Burkholder
plays Villager (1 episode)

Nisreen Slim
plays Dr. Sage (2 episodes)

Ian Nsenga
plays First Mate (1 episode)

Bobby Stewart
plays Older Man (1 episode)

Peter Ciuffa
plays Deli Owner (1 episode)

Sara Canning
plays Gretel (1 episode)

Sara Canning as Gretel

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Sara Canning (born July 14, 1987) is a Canadian actress. She co-starred on Th...

See Sara Canning's other roles

David-Paul Grove
plays Doc (45 episodes)

David-Paul Grove as Doc

David-Paul Grove was born on December 10, 1958 and is currently 65 years old.

See David-Paul Grove's other roles

Michael Socha
plays Will Scarlet (15 episodes)

Yael Yurman
plays Anastasia Tremaine (4 episodes)

Anna Cathcart
plays Tween Drizella (2 episodes)

Anna Cathcart as Tween Drizella

Anna Cathcart was born on June 16, 2003 in Vancouver, Canada. She starred in the Television show Odd Squad (2014). In...

See Anna Cathcart's other roles

Jasmine Lukuku
plays Produce Vendor (1 episode)

Jasmine Lukuku as Produce Vendor

Jasmine Lukuku is an actress, known for Dragged Across Concrete (2018), To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You (2020)...

See Jasmine Lukuku's other roles

Andy Nez
plays Filthy Man (1 episode)

Olson Lloyd
plays Toll Operator (1 episode)

Anthony Ingram
plays Clerk (1 episode)

Anthony Ingram as Clerk

Anthony Ingram was born on November 27, 1966 and is currently 57 years old.

See Anthony Ingram's other roles

Mekenna Melvin
plays Clorinda Tremaine (1 episode)

Liam Hall
plays Prince (1 episode)

Liam Hall as Prince

Liam Hall is an Australian actor and model. He portrays Joe Wilson in the sixth season of Arrow.

See Liam Hall's other roles

David Bloom
plays Mr. 'K' Krzyszkowski (1 episode)

Alan Dale
plays King George / Albert Spencer (9 episodes)

Alan Dale as King George / Albert Spencer

Alan Hugh Dale is a New Zealand actor. As a child, Dale developed a love of theatre and also became a rugby player. A...

See Alan Dale's other roles

Cory Rempel
plays Clayton (1 episode)

Alison Raine
plays Customer (1 episode)

Alison Raine as Customer

Alison Raine was born on March 31, 1971 and is currently 53 years old.

See Alison Raine's other roles

Ty Olsson
plays Hordor (1 episode)

Ty Olsson as Hordor

Ty Olsson is a Canadian voice, film and television actor, best known for voicing the dragon Ord on Dragon Tales, for ...

See Ty Olsson's other roles

Giancarlo Esposito
plays Sidney Glass / Magic Mirror (14 episodes)

Giancarlo Esposito as Sidney Glass / Magic Mirror

Giancarlo Giuseppe Alessandro Esposito (born April 26, 1958) is an American actor. He is best known for portraying Gu...

See Giancarlo Esposito's other roles

Leana Yu
plays Customer (1 episode)

Kip Pardue
plays Chad (1 episode)

Mckenna Grace
plays Young Emma Swan (4 episodes)

Mckenna Grace as Young Emma Swan

Mckenna Grace (born June 25, 2006) is an American child actress. She began acting professionally at the age of six, w...

See Mckenna Grace's other roles

Patrick Doyle
plays Pirate (1 episode)

Seth Isaac Johnson
plays Young Hansel (1 episode)

Seth Isaac Johnson as Young Hansel

Seth Isaac Johnson is a Film, Television and Voice actor. He is best known for his dramatic series regular role as De...

See Seth Isaac Johnson's other roles

Keegan Connor Tracy
plays Mother Superior / Blue Fairy (35 episodes)

Keegan Connor Tracy as Mother Superior / Blue Fairy

Keegan Connor Tracy is a Canadian actress known for her roles as the ill-fated Kat Jennings in Final Destination 2 (2...

See Keegan Connor Tracy's other roles

Dan Payne
plays Ivo (1 episode)

Dan Payne as Ivo

​From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Dan Payne (born August 4, 1972) is a Canadian actor best known for playing th...

See Dan Payne's other roles

Gabe Khouth
plays Tom Clark / Sneezy (42 episodes)

Gabe Khouth as Tom Clark / Sneezy

Gabe Khouth was born on November 2, 1972 and passed away 4 years ago at the age of 46 on July 23, 2019.

See Gabe Khouth's other roles

Faustino Di Bauda
plays Sleepy (42 episodes)

Faustino Di Bauda as Sleepy

Faustino Di Bauda was born on September 15, 1965 and is currently 58 years old.

See Faustino Di Bauda's other roles

Rose Reynolds
plays Tilly / Alice (14 episodes)

Jack Davies
plays Pinocchio (2 episodes)

Nathan Parsons
plays Nick Branson / Hansel (8 episodes)

Tiera Skovbye
plays Margot / Robin Hood, Jr. (10 episodes)

Tiera Skovbye as Margot / Robin Hood, Jr.

A Canadian actress known for starring as Polly Cooper on The CW series Riverdale and as Robin on the ABC television s...

See Tiera Skovbye's other roles

Chilton Crane
plays Hilda Braeburn / Blind Witch (3 episodes)

Lily van der Griend
plays Young Gretel (1 episode)

Gabrielle Miller
plays Flora (1 episode)

Gabrielle Miller as Flora

Gabrielle Miller is one of Canada's most celebrated performers. A professional actor for over two decades, she is wid...

See Gabrielle Miller's other roles

Abigayle Laura Mutch
plays Young Robin (1 episode)

Emily Tennant
plays Isla (1 episode)

Emily Tennant as Isla

Emily Tennant is a Canadian actress, best known for her roles as Ivy Young in Mr. Young, and as Sarah in Triple Dog. ...

See Emily Tennant's other roles

Timothy Webber
plays The Apprentice (10 episodes)

Raphael Sbarge
plays Archie Hopper / Jiminy Cricket (34 episodes)

Raphael Sbarge as Archie Hopper / Jiminy Cricket

​From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.   Raphael Sbarge (born February 12, 1964) is an American actor and voice actor.

See Raphael Sbarge's other roles

Jeff Pierre
plays Drew / Naveen (6 episodes)

Sarah Grey
plays Princess (1 episode)

Kyra Leroux
plays Yarrow (1 episode)

Kyra Leroux as Yarrow

Kyra Leroux was born on April 30, 2002 and is currently 22 years old.

See Kyra Leroux's other roles

James Rittinger
plays Prince (1 episode)

James Rittinger as Prince

James Rittinger is a Canadian television and film actor.

See James Rittinger's other roles

Beverley Elliott
plays Granny (61 episodes)

Trevor Roberts
plays Remy (4 episodes)

Bruce Blain
plays Samuel B. Ryce (9 episodes)

Emma Booth
plays Eloise Gardener / Mother Gothel (12 episodes)

Daniel Francis
plays Baron Samdi / Dr. Facilier (8 episodes)

Naika Toussaint
plays Seraphina (2 episodes)

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