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Offensive Behaviour

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  • Released on September 10, 2004

Quentin is a destitute filmmaker who resorts to making home-made pornos to achieve his celluloid dreams. Nigel is a sweet and sensitive hairdresser, reluctantly lured by his hit-woman Mother to join her on one last lucrative job. Can Quentin convince his recently unemployed girlfriend, Debbie, to co-star in his upcoming pornographic masterpiece with his best buddy, Clarke? Can Nigel complete the job with his sanity intact or will he finally snap - becoming the psychopath his Mother always dreamed he'd be?

Full Cast of Offensive Behaviour

Richard Allom Cosgrove
plays Quentin

Janice Gray
plays Mother

David Sheard
plays Nigel

Fraser Jackson
plays Clarke

Yvonne Dyson
plays Debbie

Aaron Bloomfield
plays Jason

Sera Kerr
plays Bernadette

Charles Grubb
plays Rugby-Head

Mike Maxwell
plays Reilly

Martin Howells
plays Producer

Elizabeth Moody
plays Crystal

Elizabeth Moody as Crystal

Elizabeth Moody was born on January 1, 1939 and passed away 14 years ago at the age of 71 on January 12, 2010.

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