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Minoru Sanada is a cameraman with little skills in his profession. His wife Megumi runs a cafe, but the cafe doesn't have any customers. Yet, the couple has 8 chidren.

Full Cast of Odd Family 11

Gen Hoshino
plays Hiroyuki Sanada (9 episodes)

Gen Hoshino as Hiroyuki Sanada

Gen Hoshino (星野 源, Hoshino Gen, born January 28, 1981) is a Japanese singer-songwriter, musician, actor, and writer. ...

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Shingo Yanagisawa
plays Hiromi Suzuki (9 episodes)

Nana Akaishi
plays Satsuki Sanada (9 episodes)

Ryoko Hirosue
plays Megumi Sanada (9 episodes)

Masumi Nomura
plays Soara Suzuki (9 episodes)

Kaito Fukushima
plays Nanao Sanada (9 episodes)

plays Osamu Toyota (9 episodes)

Hokuto Fukushima
plays Rokuro Sanada (9 episodes)

Seishirou Katou
plays Saigo Sanada (9 episodes)

Ryunosuke Kamiki
plays Kazuo Sanada (9 episodes)

Ryunosuke Kamiki as Kazuo Sanada

Ryunosuke Kamiki is a Japanese actor. He entered the industry in 1995 when he was only 2 years old. He made his drama...

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Yasuko Mitsuura
plays Megumi Sanada (9 episodes)

Kasumi Arimura
plays Niko Sanada (9 episodes)

plays Usagi Tadokoro (9 episodes)

Takuma Hiraoka
plays Shiro Sanada (9 episodes)

Miki Kanai
plays Sanko Sanada (9 episodes)

Sarutoki Minagawa
plays Dynamic Papa (9 episodes)

Seiichi Tanabe
plays Minoru Sanada (9 episodes)

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