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In the year 2022, a ruthless prison warden has created the ultimate solution for his most troublesome and violent inmates: Absolom, a secret jungle island where prisoners are abandoned and left to die. But Marine Captain John Robbins, convicted of murdering a commanding officer, is determined to escape the island in order to reveal the truth behind his murderous actions and clear his name.

Full Cast of No Escape

Ray Liotta
plays Capt. J.T. Robbins

Ray Liotta as Capt. J.T. Robbins

Raymond Allen Liotta (December 18, 1954 – May 26, 2022) was an American actor and producer. His best-known roles incl...

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Lance Henriksen
plays The Father

Lance Henriksen as The Father

An American actor and artist best known to film and television audiences for his roles in science fiction, action, an...

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Stuart Wilson
plays Walter Marek

Kevin Dillon
plays Casey

Kevin Dillon as Casey

Kevin Brady Dillon (born August 19, 1965) is an American actor best known as Johnny "Drama" Chase on the HBO dramedy ...

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Kevin J. O'Connor
plays Stephano

Kevin J. O'Connor as Stephano

An American actor. He is known for playing character roles in major studio films such as There Will Be Blood, The Mum...

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Don Henderson
plays Killian

Don Henderson as Killian

Born Donald Francis Henderson in Leystonstone, 1931, Don Henderson was an English actor of stage, television and scre...

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Ian McNeice
plays King

Ian McNeice as King

Ian McNeice (born 2 October 1950) is a prolific English screen, stage, and television character actor. Description a...

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Jack Shepherd
plays Dysart

Michael Lerner
plays Warden

Ernie Hudson
plays Hawkins

Ernie Hudson as Hawkins

Earnest Lee Hudson is an American actor and voice actor. He is most known for his roles as Winston Zeddemore in the G...

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Russell Kiefel
plays Iceman

Brian M. Logan
plays Scab

Cheuk-Fai Chan
plays Skull

David Wenham
plays Hotel Guard

David Wenham as Hotel Guard

David Wenham (born 21 September 1965) is an Australian actor who has appeared in movies, television series and theatr...

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Machs Colombani
plays Ratman

David Argue
plays Cellmate

Stephen Shanahan
plays Screaming Inmate

Dominic Bianco
plays Ralph

Justin Monjo
plays Technician #1

Brandon Burke
plays Technician #2

Stan Kouros
plays NCO

Ron Vreeken
plays Biker

Scott Lowe
plays Skinhead

Colin Moody
plays Outsider #2

Richard Carter
plays Sleeping Sentry

Boris Brkic
plays Hotel Guard #1

Vic Wilson
plays Military Officer

Chris Hargreaves
plays Prison Guard

Wilfred Woodrow
plays Bola Thrower

Jimmy Costas
plays Insider

Barry Duffield
plays Prison Guard

Xavier Gouault
plays Forest Tribesman

Axle Gunn
plays Marek Gang Member

Gordon Waddell
plays Weed

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio (born November 11, 1974) is an American actor and film producer. Known for his work in biop...

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