Cast and Crew of My Son Johnny

Cast of
My Son Johnny

About My Son Johnny

  • Released on November 10, 1991
  • Drama

Anthony Cortino lives with his mother in a quiet suburb. His father is dead, and his violent criminal brother is a long way off, in the city, and if Anthony has his way, that's where he will stay. However, Johnny runs into trouble with the police in the city, and when he asks to come home, his mother agrees, despite Anthony's objections. A reign of terror begins for Anthony then, for as long as Johnny is around, Anthony is never safe, and never has been.

Full Cast of My Son Johnny

Mariangela Pino
plays Rhoda Cortina

Stephen Dimopoulos
plays Louie Cortino

Ken Pogue
plays Judge Burke

Joy Coghill
plays Anna Cortino

Rip Torn
plays Brian Stansbury

Johnny Cuthbert
plays Frankie Hines

Lawrence King-Phillips
plays Nick Chillens

Tom McBeath
plays Det. Morgan

Mina E. Mina
plays Dr. Fox

Chana Fay
plays Arlene

Chris Mackie
plays Al

Derek Senft
plays Anthony, Age 8

Deryl Hayes
plays Court Clerk

Crew of My Son Johnny