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My Scene Goes Hollywood: The Movie

About My Scene Goes Hollywood: The Movie

Barbie and her friends stumble onto a movie set and get cast as extras. But their friendship is tested when one of the girls makes a quick rise to stardom.

Full Cast of My Scene Goes Hollywood: The Movie

Kelly Sheridan
plays Barbie (voice)

Kelly Sheridan as Barbie (voice)

Kelly Sheridan (born May 19, 1977 in Ottawa, Ontario) is a Canadian voice actress based in Vancouver, British Columbi...

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Kathleen Barr
plays Madison (voice)

Kathleen Barr as Madison (voice)

Kathleen Barr is a Canadian-American voice actress.

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Tegan Moss
plays Nolee (voice)

Tegan Moss as Nolee (voice)

Tegan Moss was born on February 7, 1985 and is currently 39 years old.

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Meghan Black
plays Delancey (voice)

Nicole Bouma
plays Chelsea (voice)

Saffron Henderson
plays Audra (voice)

Mark Hildreth
plays Sutton (voice)

Mark Hildreth as Sutton (voice)

Mark Hildreth is a Canadian stage, film and television actor and musician. He's a graduate of The National Theater Sc...

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Alessandro Juliani
plays River (voice)

Alessandro Juliani as River (voice)

Alessandro Juliani is a Canadian actor and singer. He is notable for playing the roles of Tactical Officer Lieutenant...

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Terry Klassen
plays Jim (voice)

Shane Meier
plays Ellis (voice)

Shane Meier as Ellis (voice)

Shane Meier (born June 11, 1977) is a Canadian actor. He played the title role in The Matthew Shepard Story, a TV fil...

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Kirby Morrow
plays Hudson (voice)

Kirby Morrow as Hudson (voice)

Kirby Robert Morrow (August 28, 1973 – November 18, 2020) was a Canadian actor, voice actor, writer and comedian. Mor...

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Sam Vincent
plays Ryan Ridley (voice)

Sam Vincent as Ryan Ridley (voice)

Sam Vincent Khouth is a Canadian film, television and voice over actor.

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Ashleigh Ball
plays Kenzie (voice)

Ashleigh Ball as Kenzie (voice)

Ashleigh Ball was born on March 31, 1983 and is currently 41 years old.

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Lindsay Lohan
plays Herself (voice)

Lindsay Lohan as Herself (voice)

Lindsay Dee Lohan (born July 2, 1986) is an American actress and singer. Born in New York City and raised on Long Isl...

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Harvey Weinstein
plays Himself (voice)

Harvey Weinstein as Himself (voice)

Harvey Weinstein (born March 19, 1952) is an American former film producer and convicted sex offender. He and his bro...

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Aden Hakimi
plays Paparazzi (voice)

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