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My Husband

About My Husband

  • Released on April 12, 2001

A sexy renegade male chauvinist rock singer by day, a bossed around, lousy dressed and demurring husband by night.

Yuichi, the handsome, sexy, and a great rock singer, is known by his fans as 'The Wolf', a fearlessly independent musician who just couldn't care less about what others think of him. In reality, however, Yuichi is a lousy dresser, wears thick glasses and is totally devoted to his hidden girlfriend. Trouble ensues when he decides to marry in secret as he must fight to keep up his image while balancing his private life which grows ever complex as he is introduced to his overbearing family in law....

Main Cast of My Husband

Tomoya Nagase
plays Yuichiro Sakuraba(桜庭 裕一郎) (23 episodes)

Yûko Takeuchi
plays Sakura Arai(新井 さくら) (12 episodes)

Anju Suzuki
plays Azusa Arai(新井 あずさ) (12 episodes)

Ryoko Shinohara
plays Satsuki Arai(新井 さつき) (12 episodes)

Masaki Aiba
plays Ryo Takeyama(武山 亮) (12 episodes)

Ryunosuke Kamiki
plays Tsutomu Arai(新井 努) (12 episodes)

Ryunosuke Kamiki as Tsutomu Arai(新井 努)

Ryunosuke Kamiki is a Japanese actor. He entered the industry in 1995 when he was only 2 years old. He made his drama...

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Hironobu Nomura
plays Masaki Yajima(矢島 柾) (12 episodes)

Yasunori Danta
plays Otohiko Hakozaki(箱崎 乙彦) (12 episodes)

Kumiko Akiyoshi
plays Kaede Takeyama(武山 かえで) (12 episodes)

plays Takuro Komine(小峰 卓郎) (23 episodes)

Ken Utsui
plays Masumi Arai(新井 真澄) (12 episodes)

plays Chizuru Toyama(遠山 千鶴) (12 episodes)

Secondary Cast of My Husband

Noriko Sakai
plays Minami Ishihara(石原 南) (11 episodes)

Ryoko Shinohara
plays Sae Ishihara(石原 西絵) (11 episodes)

Yuki Matsushita
plays Michiko Sujiyama(筋山 通子) (11 episodes)

Rieko Miura
plays Kie Ishihara(石原 北絵) (11 episodes)

Haruka Suenaga
plays Akira Ishihara(石原 あきら) (11 episodes)

Kayoko Kishimoto
plays Toko Ishihara(石原 東子) (11 episodes)

Toshio Kurosawa
plays Mamoru Ishihara(石原 守) (11 episodes)

Mari Hoshino
plays Hikari Aikawa(相川 ヒカリ) (11 episodes)

Jun Fubuki
plays Fumiko Samehada(鮫肌 芙美子) (11 episodes)

Yusuke Kamiji
plays Ryuji Soma(相馬 龍二) (11 episodes)