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My Demon Lover

About My Demon Lover

Denny has yet again been left by her thug boyfriend Chip. It seems as if she is doomed to be stuck with awful guys, this time she has to choose between nerdy Charles and the strange Kaz, who turns into a monster when sexually aroused.

Full Cast of My Demon Lover

Scott Valentine
plays Kaz

Michele Little
plays Denny

Robert Trebor
plays Charles

Gina Gallego
plays Sonia

Alan Fudge
plays Phil Janus

Alan Fudge as Phil Janus

Alan Fudge  (born February 27, 1944) was an American actor known for being part of the cast of four television progra...

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Peewee Piemonte
plays Charles Monster

Tasia Valenza
plays Miguela

Tasia Valenza as Miguela

Tasia Valenza was born on April 5, 1967 and is currently 57 years old.

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James Gleason
plays Alert Cop

Franis James
plays Mrs. Szegulesco

Arnold Johnson
plays Fixer

Lin Shaye
plays Anemic Counter Girl

Lin Shaye as Anemic Counter Girl

Lin attended the University of Michigan, where she was an Art History major, although acting in as many University pr...

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Daniel Zippi
plays Nerd

Crew of My Demon Lover

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