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About Mortuary

  • Released on September 02, 1983
  • Horror

Christie Parson has constant nightmares of her father's death whom died in a swimming pool. Christie's mother thinks it was an accident, but Christie believes it was murder. Christie then sees an unknown figure dressed in a cape following her and harassing her. But still nobody believes her, until her boyfriend sees the figure himself. The figure hides in the town mortuary which is owned by Hank Andrews and his demented son, Paul. Both are trying to form rituals to bring back Dr. Parson's spirit. But, who is this figure and why is he harassing Christie?

Full Cast of Mortuary

Mary Beth McDonough
plays Christie Parson

David Wallace
plays Greg Stevens

Bill Paxton
plays Paul Andrews

Bill Paxton as Paul Andrews

Bill Paxton (May 17, 1955 - February 25, 2017) was an American actor. He appeared in films including Aliens and Titan...

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Lynda Day George
plays Eve Parson

Christopher George
plays Hank Andrews

Curt Ayers
plays Jim

Bill Conklin
plays Sheriff Duncan

Donna Garrett
plays Mrs. Andrews

Greg Kaye
plays Mark

Denis Mandel
plays Josh

Violet Manes
plays Mortuary Customer

Alvy Moore
plays Bob Stevens

Danny Rogers
plays Dr. Parson

Beth Scheffell
plays Bonnie

Marlene Schmidt
plays Lois Stevens

Marilyn Corwin
plays Dancer

Pam Wren
plays Dead girl in mortuary (uncredited)

Crew of Mortuary

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