Cast and Crew of Money Movers

Cast of
Money Movers

About Money Movers

A group of crooks plan a heist to steal twenty million dollars from a Security Firm counting house.

Full Cast of Money Movers

Terence Donovan
plays Eric Jackson

Tony Bonner
plays Leo Bassett

Ed Devereaux
plays Dick Martin

Candy Raymond
plays Mindel Seagers

Jeanie Drynan
plays Dawn Jackson

Bryan Brown
plays Brian Jackson

Alan Cassell
plays Sammy Ross

Gary Files
plays Ernest Sainsbury

Ray Marshall
plays Ed Gallagher

Hu Pryce
plays David Griffiths

Frank Wilson
plays Lionel Darcy

Lucky Grills
plays Robert Conway

Tony Allison
plays Man at bank

Brian Anderson
plays Technician

Charles Tingwell
plays Jack Henderson

Terry Camilleri
plays Dino

Kathy Dior
plays Managing Director's Secretary

Graham Dow
plays Detective

James Elliott
plays Bengal Lancer

Max Fairchild
plays Dim Sims

Robert Essex
plays Tony Duggan

Brian Harrison
plays Managing Director

Rick Hart
plays Geronimo

Max Height
plays Dolan

Edwin Hodgeman
plays Nacker

Ray Meagher
plays Guard

Crew of Money Movers

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