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With computer genius Luther Stickell at his side and a beautiful thief on his mind, agent Ethan Hunt races across Australia and Spain to stop a former IMF agent from unleashing a genetically engineered biological weapon called Chimera. This mission, should Hunt choose to accept it, plunges him into the center of an international crisis of terrifying magnitude.

Full Cast of Mission: Impossible II

Tom Cruise
plays Ethan Hunt

Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt
Tom Cruise delivers a captivating performance as Ethan Hunt in 'Mission: Impossible II'. His portrayal of the skilled and resourceful IMF agent is both thrilling and engaging. Cruise's charisma and physical prowess are on full display as he navigates high-stakes action sequences and complex plot twists. His chemistry with co-star Thandie Newton adds an extra layer of intrigue to the film. Overall, Cruise's performance as Ethan Hunt in 'Mission: Impossible II' is a testament to his star power and acting ability. See Tom Cruise's other roles

Dougray Scott
plays Sean Ambrose

Dougray Scott as Sean Ambrose
Dougray Scott delivers a captivating performance as the villainous Sean Ambrose in 'Mission: Impossible II'. His portrayal of the rogue IMF agent is both menacing and charismatic, making him a formidable adversary for Ethan Hunt. Scott's ability to convey Ambrose's intelligence and ruthlessness, combined with his physical prowess in the action sequences, creates a memorable and engaging antagonist that elevates the overall film. See Dougray Scott's other roles

Thandiwe Newton
plays Nyah Nordoff-Hall

Thandiwe Newton as Nyah Nordoff-Hall
Thandiwe Newton delivers a captivating performance as Nyah Nordoff-Hall in 'Mission: Impossible II'. As a skilled professional thief turned reluctant IMF agent, Newton expertly balances her character's fierce independence and vulnerability. Her on-screen chemistry with Tom Cruise's Ethan Hunt is palpable, adding a layer of emotional depth to the high-octane action sequences. Newton's nuanced portrayal of Nyah, particularly in the film's climactic moments, showcases her talent for conveying complex emotions with subtlety and grace. Overall, Newton's performance is a standout in the 'Mission: Impossible' franchise, adding a compelling human element to the thrilling spy action. See Thandiwe Newton's other roles

Ving Rhames
plays Luther Stickell

Ving Rhames as Luther Stickell
Ving Rhames delivers a standout performance as Luther Stickell in 'Mission: Impossible II'. His charismatic portrayal of the tech-savvy agent brings a sense of familiarity and camaraderie to the high-stakes world of international espionage. Rhames's on-screen presence is commanding, and his ability to convey a range of emotions, from humor to intensity, adds depth to his character. His performance serves as a reliable anchor in the film, grounding the action-packed sequences with his steadfast loyalty to Ethan Hunt and the Impossible Missions Force. See Ving Rhames's other roles

Richard Roxburgh
plays Hugh Stamp

Richard Roxburgh as Hugh Stamp
Richard Roxburgh delivers a captivating performance as the charismatic villain Hugh Stamp in 'Mission: Impossible II'. His portrayal of the ruthless yet sophisticated international arms dealer adds a layer of complexity to the film, making him a formidable adversary for Ethan Hunt. Roxburgh's ability to convey Stamp's intelligence and menace with a subtle charm makes his character both intriguing and dangerous, elevating the overall tension and excitement of the movie. See Richard Roxburgh's other roles

John Polson
plays Billy Baird

John Polson as Billy Baird
John Polson delivers a noteworthy performance as Billy Baird in 'Mission: Impossible II'. As the loyal and resourceful helicopter pilot, Polson brings a sense of camaraderie and humor to the high-stakes action film. His character's lighthearted banter with Tom Cruise's Ethan Hunt provides a welcome contrast to the intense and dramatic moments of the movie. Polson's performance, while not central to the plot, adds depth and warmth to the overall narrative, making Billy Baird a memorable and likable character. See John Polson's other roles

Brendan Gleeson
plays John C. McCloy

Rade Šerbedžija
plays Dr. Vladimir Nekhorvich

Rade Šerbedžija as Dr. Vladimir Nekhorvich

Rade Šerbedžija (Serbian Cyrillic: Раде Шербеџија; born July 27, 1946) is a Serbian actor, director and musician. He...

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Anthony Hopkins
plays Mission Commander Swanbeck (uncredited)

Anthony Hopkins as Mission Commander Swanbeck (uncredited)

Sir Philip Anthony Hopkins CBE (born December 31, 1937) is a Welsh actor, film director, and film producer. He is the...

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William Mapother
plays Wallis

William Mapother as Wallis

William Reibert Mapother Jr. (/ˈmeɪpɒθər/; born April 17, 1965) is an American actor, known for his role as Ethan Rom...

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Dominic Purcell
plays Ulrich

Dominic Purcell as Ulrich

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Dominic Haakon Myrtvedt Purcell (born 17 February 1970) is a British-born Aus...

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Mathew Wilkinson
plays Michael

Nicholas Bell
plays McCloy's Accountant

Cristina Brogeras
plays Flamenco Dancer #4

Kee Chan
plays McCloy's Chemist

Kim Fleming
plays Larrabee

Alan Lovell
plays Biocyte Security Guard #2

Dan Luxton
plays Relief Pilot

Christian Manon
plays Dr. Gradsky

Karl McMillan
plays Biocyte Security Guard #1

Lester Morris
plays Bookie

Kelly Ons
plays Flamenco Dancer #1

Nicholas Papademetriou
plays Prison Guard #2

Brett Partridge
plays Biocyte Security Guard #3

Candice Partridge
plays Flamenco Dancer #7

Natalie Reis
plays Flamenco Dancer #2

Daniel Roberts
plays Co-Pilot

Adriana Rodríguez
plays Flamenco Dancer #5

Sandra Rodríguez
plays Flamenco Dancer #6

Nada Rogic
plays Flamenco Dancer #3

Antonio Vargas
plays Senor De L'Arena

Alison Araya
plays Girl (uncredited)

Alison Araya as Girl (uncredited)

Alison Araya is an actress.

See Alison Araya's other roles

Rebecca Barratt
plays Art Teacher (uncredited)

Douglas Bunn
plays Race Track Crowd (uncredited)

plays Race Track Punter (uncredited)

Fred Chen
plays Club Patron (uncredited)

Mark Connolly
plays Gate Guard #1 (uncredited)

Ryder Davis
plays Server (uncredited)

Alan Hennessy
plays Race-goer (uncredited)

Patrick Marber
plays Train Driver (uncredited)

William Morts
plays Man with Mission Rocket in Helicopter (uncredited)

Tory Mussett
plays Flamenco Guest (uncredited)

Paul Roget
plays Spanish Party Goer (uncredited)

Shant Sarkissian
plays Party Attendant (uncredited)

Darren Dupree Washington
plays Nightclub Patron (uncredited)

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