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A decade ago, curler Chris Cutter disappeared suddenly on the verge of stardom, dropping his curling stones to the bottom of a lake and leaving his fiancée, Julie Foley, at the altar. But when his former coach dies, Cutter returns home for the funeral and attempts to fulfill the man's last wishes. The team is reunited under Cutter's estranged dad, Gordon — himself a former curling star — for a final attempt at glory.

Full Cast of Men with Brooms

Rihoko Yoshida
plays Megu (voice) (72 episodes)

Hiroko Maruyama
plays Roko (voice) (72 episodes)

Hiroshi Ôtake
plays Mr. Kanzaki (voice) (72 episodes) , Crow (voice) (72 episodes) , Boss (voice) (72 episodes)

Noriko Tsukase
plays Furu Furu (voice) (72 episodes) , Non (voice) (72 episodes)

Keaton Yamada
plays Mr. Omatsu (voice) (72 episodes)

Nana Yamaguchi
plays Mami (voice) (72 episodes)

Sachiko Chijimatsu
plays Apo (voice) (72 episodes)

Sanji Hase
plays Chou-san (voice) (72 episodes)

Tamaki Taura
plays Emi-chan (voice) (72 episodes)

Barbara Gordon
plays Eva Foley

Crew of Men with Brooms