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About Maze Runner: The Death Cure

In the thrilling conclusion to the Maze Runner trilogy, 'Maze Runner: The Death Cure', the brave and resourceful Thomas, portrayed by Dylan O'Brien, leads his determined group of escaped Gladers on their most perilous mission yet. This diverse and dynamic group, including Kaya Scodelario's Teresa Agnes, have proven their resilience time and again as they've navigated the treacherous world of the Maze. With their unbreakable bond and unwavering resolve, they are prepared to face the unimaginable challenges that lie ahead.

Their mission takes them to the legendary Last City, a sprawling metropolis controlled by the enigmatic and powerful organization known as WCKD. This labyrinthine city is the most formidable maze they've encountered yet, filled with unpredictable twists and turns designed to thwart even the most skilled of navigators. The stakes have never been higher, as the Gladers must infiltrate this deadly maze to rescue their captured friends and uncover the truth behind WCKD's sinister plans.

The fate of the Gladers and the future of humanity hang in the balance as they race against time to complete their mission. With every step, they come closer to the answers they've been seeking since they first arrived in the maze. The truth they discover will change their lives forever, revealing the shocking secrets behind the creation of the Maze and the true purpose of the Gladers themselves. 'Maze Runner: The Death Cure' is an action-packed, emotionally charged finale that will leave viewers breathless and wanting more.

Full Cast of Maze Runner: The Death Cure

Dylan O'Brien
plays Thomas

Dylan O'Brien as Thomas

Dylan Rhodes O'Brien (born August 26, 1991) is an American actor. His first major role was Stiles Stilinski on the MT...

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Kaya Scodelario
plays Teresa Agnes

Kaya Scodelario as Teresa Agnes

Kaya Rose Scodelario-Davis (née Humphrey; born 13 March 1992) is an English actress best known for her roles as Effy ...

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Thomas Brodie-Sangster
plays Newt

Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Newt

Thomas Brodie-Sangster (born 16 May 1990), is an English actor. He is known for playing Sam in Love Actually (2003), ...

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Ki Hong Lee
plays Minho

Ki Hong Lee as Minho

Ki Hong Lee is an actor and writer.

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Rosa Salazar
plays Brenda

Giancarlo Esposito
plays Jorge

Giancarlo Esposito as Jorge

Giancarlo Giuseppe Alessandro Esposito (born April 26, 1958) is an American actor. He is best known for portraying Gu...

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Will Poulter
plays Gally

Will Poulter as Gally

William Jack Poulter (born January 28, 1993) is an English actor. He first gained recognition for his role as Eustace...

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Jacob Lofland
plays Aris Jones

Patricia Clarkson
plays Ava Paige

Patricia Clarkson as Ava Paige

Patricia Davies Clarkson (born December 29, 1959) is an American actress. After studying drama on the East Coast, Cla...

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Aidan Gillen
plays Janson

Aidan Gillen as Janson

Aidan Murphy (born 24 April 1968), better known as Aidan Gillen, is an Irish actor. He is the recipient of three Iris...

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Walton Goggins
plays Lawrence

Walton Goggins as Lawrence

Walton Sanders Goggins, Jr. (born November 10, 1971) is an American actor best known for his roles on the FX Networks...

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Dexter Darden
plays Frypan

Katherine McNamara
plays Sonya

Katherine McNamara as Sonya

Katherine 'Kat' Grace McNamara (born November 22, 1995) is an American actress. She is known for her roles as Harper ...

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Nathalie Emmanuel
plays Harriet

Nathalie Emmanuel as Harriet

Nathalie Joanne Emmanuel (born 2 March 1989) is an English actress best known for her role as Sasha Valentine in the ...

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Barry Pepper
plays Vince

Barry Pepper as Vince

Barry Robert Pepper is a Canadian actor. He is best known for roles such as Private Daniel Jackson in Saving Private ...

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Dylan Smith
plays Jasper

Dylan Smith as Jasper

Dylan Smith is a actor and teacher.

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Jake Curran
plays WCKD Lieutenant

Dylan Kriek
plays Co Conductor

Scot Cooper
plays Station Chief

Kazi Maubert
plays Immune Child

Bart Fouche
plays Engineer

Greg Kriek
plays Co-Conductor

Paul du Toit
plays Berg Pilot

Liza Scholtz
plays Nurse

Shai Lun Choo
plays Little Girl

Fiona Ramsay
plays Board Member

Paul Hampshire
plays Soldier

Nathan Barris
plays Soldier

Drikus Volschenk
plays Team Leader

Clayton Evertson
plays WCKD Operator

Emily Child
plays Infected Woman

Dale Jackson
plays Holding Area Guard

Armando De Leca
plays WCKD Guard

Paul Lazenby
plays Guard (uncredited)

Parm Soor
plays Board Member (uncredited)

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