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In a small Michigan town where the business of incarceration is the only thriving industry, the McClusky family are the power brokers between the police, criminals, inmates, prison guards and politicians in a city completely dependent on prisons and the prisoners they contain.

Main Cast of Mayor of Kingstown

Jeremy Renner
plays Mike McLusky (30 episodes)

Jeremy Renner as Mike McLusky

Jeremy Lee Renner (born January 7, 1971) is an American actor. He began his career by appearing in independent films...

See Jeremy Renner's other roles

Dianne Wiest
plays Miriam McLusky (20 episodes)

Dianne Wiest as Miriam McLusky

Dianne Evelyn Wiest (born March 28, 1946) is an American actress. She has won two Academy Awards, two Emmy Awards and...

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Hugh Dillon
plays Ian Ferguson (30 episodes)

Hugh Dillon as Ian Ferguson

Hugh Dillon  (born May 31, 1963) is a Canadian musician and actor.

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Tobi Bamtefa
plays Deverin 'Bunny' Washington (30 episodes)

Taylor Handley
plays Kyle McClusky (30 episodes)

Emma Laird
plays Iris (30 episodes)

Emma Laird as Iris

Emma Laird is a British actress.

See Emma Laird's other roles

Derek Webster
plays Stevie (30 episodes)

Hamish Allan-Headley
plays Robert Sawyer (30 episodes)

Hamish Allan-Headley as Robert Sawyer

Hamish Allan-Headley is an actor, known for Thinly Veiled (2009), Unidentified Objects and Warriors of Virtue (1997).

See Hamish Allan-Headley's other roles

Nishi Munshi
plays Tracy (25 episodes)

Aidan Gillen
plays Milo Sunter (20 episodes)

Aidan Gillen as Milo Sunter

Aidan Murphy (born 24 April 1968), better known as Aidan Gillen, is an Irish actor. He is the recipient of three Iris...

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Michael Beach
plays Kareem (19 episodes)

Michael Beach as Kareem

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Michael Anthony Beach (born October 30, 1963) is an American actor.

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Nichole Galicia
plays Rebecca (16 episodes)

Nichole Galicia as Rebecca

Nichole Galicia is a film and television actress whose journey to the big screen began as a high fashion model on the...

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Secondary Cast of Mayor of Kingstown

Pha'rez Lass
plays P-Dog (10 episodes)

Michael Beach
plays Captain Moore (5 episodes)

Michael Beach as Captain Moore

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Michael Anthony Beach (born October 30, 1963) is an American actor.

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Nishi Munshi
plays Tracy McLusky (10 episodes)

Elizaveta Neretin
plays Vera (1 episode)

Michael Reventar
plays Alberto (1 episode)

Michael Reventar as Alberto

Michael Reventar is a Canadian actor from Toront. Michael is the middle son of Rodolfo Reventar, MIT Grad and mechani...

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Kyle Chandler
plays Mitch McLusky (1 episode)

Kyle Chandler as Mitch McLusky

Kyle Martin Chandler (born September 17, 1965) is an American film and television actor best known for his roles in t...

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Wayne Ward
plays Walter Riggins (1 episode)

Brefny Caribou
plays Isabella (1 episode)

Horace Dodd
plays Darryl (1 episode)

Juan Pablo Rodriguez
plays Alfonzo (1 episode)

Elizabeth Erhart
plays Woman (1 episode)

Roman Pesino
plays Boy (1 episode)

Dawna Marie Wright
plays Women's Prison Counselor (1 episode)

Shelby Griffin
plays Exotic Dancer #1 (1 episode)

Haley Borenstein
plays Exotic Dancer #4 (1 episode)

Billy Lush
plays Kenny Miles (1 episode)

Billy Lush as Kenny Miles

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Billy Lush (born November 30, 1981) is an American actor from New Haven, Conn...

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Lombardo Boyar
plays Jimmy (2 episodes)

Lombardo Boyar as Jimmy

Lombardo Boyar (born December 1, 1973) is an American character actor and has been active in television, animation, c...

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Terry Belleville
plays Senator (1 episode)

Luke Marty
plays Corrections Officer (1 episode)

David McNally
plays Vic (1 episode)

Justin Landry
plays Burger Joint Owner (1 episode)

Dorly Jean-Louis
plays Child's Mother (1 episode)

Maia Jae Bastidas
plays Young Woman (1 episode)

Maia Jae Bastidas as Young Woman

Maia Jae Bastidas was born on March 18, 1998 and is currently 26 years old.

See Maia Jae Bastidas's other roles

Ivan Lopez
plays Juan (1 episode)

Sandra Aguilar
plays Juan's Mother (1 episode)

Jai Jai Jones
plays Tony (1 episode)

Shalyn Bass-McFaul
plays Linebacker Female Guard (1 episode) , Linebacker Guard (1 episode)

Rolando Alvarez Giacoman
plays Chaplain (1 episode)

Lochlan Ray Miller
plays Boy (1 episode)

Erik Knudsen
plays Spivey (1 episode)

Jason Blicker
plays Chief (1 episode)

Subhash Santosh
plays Coroner's Aide (1 episode)

Amelie Albert-LeBlanc
plays Meth House Woman (1 episode)

Cory O'Brien
plays Watch Commander (1 episode)

Reon Lucas
plays Dennis (1 episode)

James Warren Raynard
plays Cop #1 (1 episode)

Timothy Mooney
plays Desk Sergeant (1 episode)

Darlene Cooke
plays Claire (2 episodes)

Kion Flatts
plays Demarcus (1 episode)

David Collins
plays Trucker (1 episode)

Brendan Coates
plays Man at Peterford Trucking (1 episode)

Tony Nash
plays Fireman (1 episode)

Joel Rinzler
plays Fire Captain (2 episodes)

Joel Rinzler as Fire Captain

Joel Rinzler was born on August 4, 1964 and is currently 59 years old.

See Joel Rinzler's other roles

Tristan Paul Hernandez
plays Deputy (1 episode)

Ulysses Montoya
plays Chavez (1 episode)

Louco Saint-Fleur
plays Tyson (1 episode)

Nabeel El Khafif
plays Prison Guard (2 episodes)

Feaven Abera
plays Karen (1 episode)

Jesse Bostick
plays Young Man (1 episode)

Sophia Walker
plays Janelle (1 episode)

Sophia Walker as Janelle

Sophie Walker is a Canadian stage, film, and television actress. She's a graduate of the Theatre Program at Ryerson U...

See Sophia Walker's other roles

James Edward Campbell
plays Mat at Peterford Trucking #2 (1 episode)

Mark Patterson
plays Prisoner (1 episode)

Cody Hill
plays Prisoner (1 episode)

Drew Davis
plays Akim (1 episode)

Drew Davis as Akim

Drew Davis is a Canadian film and television child actor, best known for playing Oscar Hendrix on the television seri...

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Ryan Allen
plays Trashard Little (1 episode)

Austin Strugnell
plays Jefferson (1 episode)

Jordan Duarte
plays Andrew (1 episode)

Chris Owens
plays Tom (1 episode)

Amanda Barker
plays Wilma Van Ackle (1 episode)

Garrett Bales
plays Hart Van Ackle (1 episode)

Sarah Bishop
plays Animal Control Officer (1 episode)

Tim Beresford
plays Officer (1 episode)

Jason Burke
plays Greg (1 episode)

Connor Smith
plays Loner (2 episodes)

Jorge Molina
plays Mexican Cook (2 episodes)

Foad H.P.
plays Coroner (1 episode)

Patrick Stevenson
plays Hockey Dad (1 episode)

Reese Kontkanen
plays Tony (1 episode)

Joe Parro
plays Greaser (2 episodes)

David Francis
plays Prison Guard (1 episode)

Scott Gibson
plays Agent Aldrich (2 episodes)

Zoe Doyle
plays Agent Perry (2 episodes)

Tony Nappo
plays Craig (2 episodes)

Azaria Pynappls Nikolajev
plays Exotic Dancer #2 (3 episodes)

Kristen Pepper
plays Exotic Dancer #3 (3 episodes)

Eman Hillawi
plays Exotic Dancer #5 (3 episodes)

Aneesa Badshaw
plays Exotic Dancer #6 (2 episodes)

Jasmattie Mukutnauth
plays Exotic Dancer #7 (2 episodes)

Joseph Kathrein
plays Spider (1 episode)

Emma Campbell
plays Harper (1 episode)

Jonathan Watton
plays William Chalk (2 episodes)

Jonathan Watton as William Chalk

Jonathan Watton is an actor and cinematographer, known for Agent double (2007), Maps to the Stars (2014) and They Com...

See Jonathan Watton's other roles

Carmen Johnson
plays Candace (3 episodes)

Helen Hayden
plays Judy Mason (1 episode)

Paul Popowich
plays Agent Hastings (2 episodes)

Alex House
plays Brandon Miles (1 episode)

Laurence Adams
plays Tumble (1 episode)

Lindsay Owen Pierre
plays Doctor (3 episodes)

Natalie Dale
plays Female Inmate 1 (1 episode)

Alycia Novak
plays Female Inmate 2 (1 episode)

Li Chen
plays Female Inmate 3 (1 episode)

Debbie Ananga
plays Female Inmate 4 (1 episode)

Ryan Turner
plays Guard (2 episodes)

Michael Koras
plays Guard 2 (2 episodes)

Domenico Fiore
plays Supervising Guard (1 episode)

Shannon Novak
plays 2nd Woman With Duke (1 episode)

Kayla Meyer
plays Corrections Officer (1 episode)

Ted Hallett
plays Sanitation Worker (1 episode)

Tim Campbell
plays Escort Guard (1 episode)

Scott Garland
plays Receiving Guard (1 episode)

Zak Boychuk
plays Nude Prisoner (1 episode)

Ben Bessong
plays Nude Prisoner (1 episode)

Joshua Fisher
plays Nude Prisoner (1 episode)

Devon Flash
plays Nude Prisoner (1 episode)

Siyawash Hassan
plays Nude Prisoner (1 episode)

Naushad Hosenbacus
plays Nude Prisoner (1 episode)

Anthony Idaho
plays Nude Prisoner (1 episode)

Arshaan Irani
plays Nude Prisoner (1 episode)

Michael Lamont-Lytle
plays Nude Prisoner (1 episode)

Oliver Marzec
plays Nude Prisoner (1 episode)

Marlon McGlashan
plays Nude Prisoner (1 episode)

Richard Ottenbrite
plays Nude Prisoner (1 episode)

Wesley Polston
plays Nude Prisoner (1 episode)

Chris Williams
plays Nude Prisoner (1 episode)

Jason E. Kelley
plays Tim Weaver (5 episodes)

Mandela Van Peebles
plays Sam (5 episodes)

Andrew Howard
plays Duke (5 episodes)

Andrew Howard as Duke

Andrew Howard is a Welsh theatre, television and film actor.

See Andrew Howard's other roles

Brian Markinson
plays Paul Selig (2 episodes)

Brian Markinson as Paul Selig

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Brian Markinson is a Canadian film and televisionactor.

See Brian Markinson's other roles

Joseph Ruud
plays Big Beard (2 episodes)

Alex Jade
plays Rita (2 episodes)

Cassius Crieghtney
plays Deuce (1 episode)

Kerry-Ann James
plays BeeDee (1 episode)

Ryan Rosery
plays Latrell (8 episodes)

Shauntel Harry
plays Cherry's Cellmate (2 episodes)

Simon Mutabazi
plays Blood (1 episode)

Toby Proctor
plays Police Officer (1 episode)

Madeline Bays
plays Meredith Chalk (1 episode)

Brandon Keel
plays Ruger (4 episodes)

Natasha Marc
plays Cherry (3 episodes)

Stacie Greenwell
plays Abby Steele (3 episodes)

Drew Nelson
plays Shift Commander (1 episode)

Drew Nelson as Shift Commander

Drew Nelson was born on August 11, 1979 and is currently 44 years old.

See Drew Nelson's other roles

Lara Zaluski
plays Corrections Officer (1 episode)

Lara Zaluski as Corrections Officer

Lara Zaluski is actress.

See Lara Zaluski's other roles

Monica Knox
plays Corrections Officer (1 episode)

Jesse Collin
plays Corrections Officer (1 episode)

Tyler Rive
plays Corrections Officer (1 episode)

Murray Furrow
plays Investigator (1 episode)

George Tchortov
plays Joseph (5 episodes) , Joseph the Russian (5 episodes)

Stephanie Smith
plays Investigator (1 episode)

Shaun Shetty
plays Transfer Guard (1 episode)

Tony Munch
plays Old Inmate (1 episode)

Mark Rainmaker
plays Command Guard (2 episodes)

Matthew Ip Shaw
plays Check Station Guard (1 episode)

Emeka Menakaya
plays Check Station Guard 2 (1 episode)

James Jordan
plays Ed (10 episodes)

Adam Clark
plays Warden Mills (5 episodes)

Adam Clark is an actor and director.

See Adam Clark's other roles

Jose Pablo Cantillo
plays Carlos (6 episodes)

Jose Pablo Cantillo as Carlos

​From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.   Jose Pablo Cantillo (born March 30, 1979) is an American actor of Costa Ri...

See Jose Pablo Cantillo's other roles

Derek Basco
plays Keno (6 episodes)

Derek Basco as Keno

Derek Basco (born 29 August 1970) is an American actor, producer, director, and writer.

See Derek Basco's other roles

Rob Kirkland
plays Captain Walter (3 episodes)

Paulino Nunes
plays State Watch Commander (1 episode)

Paulino Nunes as State Watch Commander

Paulino Nunes was born on April 27, 1968 and is currently 56 years old.

See Paulino Nunes's other roles

Rob Stewart
plays Captain Richard Heard (4 episodes)

Tim Post
plays Ernest Van Ackle (3 episodes)

Tim Post as Ernest Van Ackle

Tim Post was born on January 1, 1963 and is currently 61 years old.

See Tim Post's other roles

Drew Zeran
plays Chief Caleb Meacham (1 episode)

Caleb Phillips
plays Communications Specialist (1 episode)

Anwar Knight
plays News Reporter (1 episode)

Michael Friedman
plays Negotiator (1 episode)

Johan Strombergsson-Denora
plays Guardsman Brian (1 episode)

David Chinchilla
plays State Trooper (1 episode)

David Chinchilla as State Trooper

David Chinchilla is a Canadian actor and stunt performer born in Toronto to Guatemalan native parents.

See David Chinchilla's other roles

Chase Lawless
plays Sniper (1 episode)

Krista Morin
plays News Anchor (1 episode)

Dru Viergever
plays Guard 3 (3 episodes)

Necar Zadegan
plays Assistant D.A. Evelyn Foley (4 episodes) , Evelyn (9 episodes)

Necar Zadegan as Assistant D.A. Evelyn Foley

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Necar Zadegan is an Iranian American film, television actress and model. She ...

See Necar Zadegan's other roles

Michael Park Ingram
plays State Police Command Officer (1 episode)

Charlie Benger
plays State Police SWAT Officer (1 episode)

Len Gunson
plays Pilot (1 episode)

Kym Wyatt McKenzie
plays Command Sergeant (2 episodes)

Craig Fraser
plays Tunnel Inmate (1 episode)

Kassandra Santos
plays Detective (1 episode)

Lane Garrison
plays Carney (10 episodes)

Lane Garrison as Carney

Lane Edward Garrison is an American actor best known for the role of David "Tweener" Apolskis on the television seri...

See Lane Garrison's other roles

Latarsha Rose
plays Vanessa (1 episode)

Michael Gaston
plays Morass (2 episodes)

Michael Gaston as Morass

Michael Gaston (born November 5, 1962, height 6' 3" (1,91 m)) is an American film and television actor. He played age...

See Michael Gaston's other roles

Gena Shaw
plays Special Agent Leclerc (2 episodes)

Frank Licari
plays Special Agent Song (2 episodes)

Tommy Lafitte
plays Old Man (1 episode)

David Vegh
plays Psychiatrist (1 episode)

David Vegh was born on July 12, 1970 and is currently 53 years old.

See David Vegh's other roles

Sydney Johnson
plays Regina (1 episode)

Vickie Warehime
plays Corrections Officer (1 episode)

Brandon Rush
plays Classroom Guard (1 episode)

Barron Bass
plays Guard (1 episode)

Kevin Inouye
plays Trawler Captain (1 episode)

Nancy McNulty
plays FBI Agent 1 (1 episode)

Darren Constantine
plays FBI Agent 2 (1 episode)

Adam Weyer
plays Cashier (1 episode)

Steven Rodriguez
plays Marco Diaz (2 episodes)

Joe Fishel
plays Juvenile Prison Guard (1 episode)

Joe Fishel as Juvenile Prison Guard

Joe Fishel is known for The Dark Knight Rises (2012), Occurrence at Mills Creek (2020) and Concussion (2015).

See Joe Fishel's other roles

Marcus Gladney Jr.
plays Ray Ray (1 episode)

Dylan Kenin
plays Gunner (7 episodes)

Dylan Kenin as Gunner

Dylan Kenin was born on January 1, 1970 and is currently 54 years old.

See Dylan Kenin's other roles

Ben Sanders
plays Patrol Officer (1 episode)

Marcus Brandon
plays Dedrick (6 episodes)

Reinaldo Faberlle
plays Luis (4 episodes)

Braxtyn McKinney
plays Young Woman (1 episode)

Xavier Michael
plays Crip Shooter (1 episode)

Brandon Tyler Moore
plays Police Officer (1 episode)

Sandrine Holt
plays Wendy (2 episodes)

Sandrine Holt as Wendy

Sandrine Holt is a British-born Eurasian Canadian model turned actress.

See Sandrine Holt's other roles

Gratiela Brancusi
plays Tatiana (6 episodes)

D Smoke
plays Raphael (7 episodes)

Juanita Jennings
plays Esther (1 episode)

Juanita Jennings as Esther

Juanita Jennings (born September 12, 1952) is an American actress, known for her roles on television.

See Juanita Jennings's other roles

Ash Santos
plays Coco (4 episodes)

Jocelyn Cherry
plays Shante (1 episode)

Andrew Howell
plays K.D. (1 episode)

Vadim Brunell
plays Concierge Doctor (1 episode)

Brett Kline
plays SWAT Officer (1 episode)

Charles Baker
plays Horace (1 episode)

Charles Baker as Horace

Charles Edward Baker (born February 27, 1971) is an American actor, writer, and director. He played Skinny Pete on th...

See Charles Baker's other roles

Jake Schur
plays Jacob (3 episodes)

Lovensky Jean-Baptiste
plays Lifeguard (1 episode)

Tony DeMil
plays Colton (1 episode)

Javon Johnson
plays Juvie Guard (1 episode)

Robert Liscio
plays Juvie Guard 2 (1 episode)

Bryce Clyde Jenkins
plays Ronald (1 episode)

Giovanni Lee Pridgen
plays Kareem's Son (1 episode)

Kristen Rakes
plays Rosanna (2 episodes)

Neil Mulac
plays Slender Man (1 episode)

Alec Ludacka
plays Long-Haired Defendant (1 episode)

Chad Gall
plays Public Defender (1 episode)

Charles Pitts-Bonner
plays Parks & Rec Attendant (1 episode)

Phil Rice
plays Crip (1 episode) , Digo (5 episodes)

Leo Williams
plays Luke (1 episode)

Robert S. Bates
plays Foreman (1 episode)

Tyler O'Malley
plays Waiting Client (1 episode)

Matt Gerald
plays Davidson (4 episodes)

Matt Gerald as Davidson

Matthew Gerald is an American actor and screenwriter. Gerald was born in Miami, Florida. A graduate of The University...

See Matt Gerald's other roles

Kenny Johnson
plays Charlie (3 episodes)

Kenny Johnson as Charlie

Kenneth Allen Johnson is an American actor, producer, and former model. He's well known for his portrayal of Detectiv...

See Kenny Johnson's other roles

Nona Parker Johnson
plays Rhonda (3 episodes)

Jock McKissic
plays Big Hush (3 episodes)

Ezekiel Boston
plays CO Jamp (1 episode) , Prison Guard (2 episodes)

Lissa Brennan
plays Donna (2 episodes)

Jason Diers
plays Scrawny White Inmate (1 episode)

Mario Beverly
plays Brother (1 episode)

Bryant Bentley
plays Father (1 episode)

Katie Carpenter
plays Pregnant Woman (1 episode)

Richie Stephens
plays Dimitri (1 episode) , Dmitri (2 episodes)

Drew Phillips
plays Young Corrections Officer (1 episode)

Tiffany Raelynn
plays Satisfied Customer (1 episode)

Alan Boell
plays D.O.C. Rep (1 episode)

Lawrence Adimora
plays D.A. Lockett (1 episode)

Georin Aquila
plays Juvenile Detention Guard (1 episode)

Michael Godere
plays Lewis (3 episodes)

Mark McKinnon
plays Bunny's Sergeant (1 episode)

Ian McLaren
plays AB Rogue (1 episode)

John E. Tremba
plays Drone Tech (1 episode)

Callie Thorne
plays Allison (1 episode)

Callie Thorne as Allison

Calliope "Callie" Thorne (born November 20, 1969) is an American actress known for her roles on Homicide: Life on the...

See Callie Thorne's other roles

Blake Shields
plays Morrisey (1 episode)

Tina Ivlev
plays Paris (1 episode)

Tina Ivlev as Paris

Tina Ivlev was born on June 10, 1989 and is currently 35 years old.

See Tina Ivlev's other roles

Matt Hopkins
plays Check-Out Guard (1 episode)

Caesar Gilliam
plays Cesar (1 episode) , Bunny's Lieutenant (1 episode)

Bennie Taylor
plays Officious Guard (1 episode)

Marcie Kemmler
plays Sarah (1 episode)

Pete Burris
plays Gun Shop Shopkeeper (1 episode)

Jose Luis Valdez
plays Van Driver (1 episode)

Mitchell Warren
plays Shopkeeper's Son (1 episode)

Ben Sanders
plays Patrol Officer (1 episode)

Yorick van Wageningen
plays Konstantin (1 episode)

Richard Brake
plays Merle Callahan (2 episodes)

Richard Brake as Merle Callahan

Richard Brake is a Welsh/American actor.

See Richard Brake's other roles

Mark Ivanir
plays Roman (1 episode)

Mark Ivanir as Roman

Mark Ivanir is an Israeli Russian stage, film and television actor who lives in Los Angeles, California, since 2001. ...

See Mark Ivanir's other roles

Denny Love
plays Kevin Jackson (1 episode)

Ken Bolden
plays Priest (1 episode)

Shane Nelson
plays Con (1 episode)

Phil McFall
plays Second Con (1 episode)

Jessica Steen
plays Sarah (2 episodes)

Jessica Steen as Sarah

Jessica Steen (born December 19, 1965) is a film and television actress, noted for her roles in Captain Power and the...

See Jessica Steen's other roles

Cameron Patterson
plays Kid (1 episode)

Enzo Vargo
plays Kid #2 (1 episode)

Paula Malcomson
plays Anna Fletcher (1 episode)

Paula Malcomson as Anna Fletcher

Paula Malcomson (born 1970) is a Northern Irish actress born in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Malcomson is sometimes c...

See Paula Malcomson's other roles

Josh Drennen
plays Officer Harper (1 episode)

Christian Maverick White
plays Lucas Hayes (1 episode)

Amanda Drinkall
plays Patty (1 episode)

Mystie Smith
plays Roe (1 episode)

Brandon Faison
plays Trey (1 episode)

Antuone Torbert
plays Ton (1 episode)

Tatiana Harman
plays Jenny (1 episode)

Naomi Terrell
plays Sharon (1 episode)

B. Todd Johnston
plays Norseman (1 episode)

Robert J Morgalo
plays Custodian Teddy (1 episode)

Corey Ronald Walter
plays CO Mullen (1 episode)

Derek Johnson
plays Head (1 episode)

Derek Johnson was born on September 20, 1982 and is currently 41 years old.

See Derek Johnson's other roles

Jean Bonavita
plays Visitation CO (1 episode)

Jake Andolina
plays Cop (1 episode)

Crew of Mayor of Kingstown

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