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Maybe It's Love

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  • Released on January 12, 1935

Director William C. McGann's 1935 film stars Gloria Stuart and Ross Alexander as a young couple in love who face economic woes once they're wed.

Full Cast of Maybe It's Love

Gloria Stuart
plays Bobby Halevy

Gloria Stuart as Bobby Halevy

Gloria Stuart (1910–2010) was an American actress, activist, painter, bonsai artist and fine printer. She is best kn...

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Ross Alexander
plays Rims O'Neil

Ruth Donnelly
plays Florrie Sands

Frank McHugh
plays Willie Sands

Henry Travers
plays Mr. Halevy

Helen Lowell
plays Mrs. Halevy

Maude Eburne
plays Landlady

Mary Treen
plays Secretary (uncredited)

Joseph Cawthorn
plays Adolph Sr.

Phillip Reed
plays Adolph Jr.

Dorothy Dare
plays Lila

J. Farrell MacDonald
plays The Cop

Arthur Aylesworth
plays Diner (uncredited)

Eddy Chandler
plays Motor Cop Driver (uncredited)

Heinie Conklin
plays Second Complaining Husband (uncredited)

Ray Cooke
plays Diner (uncredited)

Billy Dooley
plays Louie - the Counterman (uncredited)

Betty Farrington
plays Second Complaining Wife (uncredited)

Paul Hurst
plays Expressman (uncredited)

William Irving
plays Man Going Down the Stairs (uncredited)

Maxine Jennings
plays Office Worker (uncredited)

Milton Kibbee
plays Backed-Into Driver (uncredited)

John "Skins" Miller
plays Elevator Operator (uncredited)

Ned Norton
plays Diner (uncredited)

John J. Richardson
plays Silent Diner (uncredited)

Christian Rub
plays Ole - the Janitor (uncredited)

Harry Seymour
plays First Complaining Husband (uncredited)

Eddie Shubert
plays Passenger Motor Cop (uncredited)

Lillian Worth
plays First Complaining Wife (uncredited)

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