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  • Released on July 21, 1988
  • Drama

Rewi Rapana returns to the small country town of Te Mata after his family has left the district. His arrival rekindles old tensions as well as renewing family ties. He is seeking an identity and a permanent place to call home yet desperately hiding a secret from his past. Oddly enough there is one person with whom he finds peace of mind. She is an old woman known as Kara. A special relationship develops between Rewi, Kara and Kara’s great granddaughter Awatea.

Full Cast of Mauri

Anzac Wallace
plays Rewi Rapana

Eva Rickard
plays Kara

James L. Heyward
plays Steve

Willie Raana
plays Willie Rapana

Susan D. Ramari Paul
plays Ramari

Geoff Murphy
plays Mr Semmens

Geoff Murphy as Mr Semmens

Geoff Murphy was a successful New Zealand filmmaker best-known for his work during the renaissance of New Zealand cin...

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Sonny Waru
plays Hemi

Temuera Morrison
plays Young Cop

Temuera Morrison as Young Cop

Temuera Derek Morrison (born December 26, 1960) is a New Zealand actor. He has become one of the country's most famou...

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Don Selwyn
plays Old Cop

Rangimarie Delamere
plays Awatea

Crew of Mauri

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