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  • Released on March 31, 2023
  • Horror

A rookie police officer willingly takes the last shift at a newly decommissioned police station in an attempt to uncover the mysterious connection between her father's death and a vicious cult.

Full Cast of Malum

Jessica Sula
plays Jessica Loren

Jessica Sula as Jessica Loren

Jessica Bianca Sula (born May 3, 1994 in Gorseinon, Wales, UK) is a Welsh actress best known for playing the characte...

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Candice Coke
plays Diane

Chaney Morrow
plays John Malum

Clarke Wolfe
plays Dorothea

Clarke Wolfe as Dorothea

Clarke Wolfe (born April 12, 1986 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA) is an actress, writer and entertainment host.

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Morgan Lennon
plays Kitty

Valerie Loo
plays Anna Cole

Monroe Cline
plays Betty

Monroe Cline as Betty

Monroe Cline is an American actress and dancer. Monroe trained in theatre and dance from an early age, and was born a...

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Eric Olson
plays Will Loren

Sam Brooks
plays Officer Price

Sam Brooks as Officer Price

Sam Brooks is an actor and director, known for Fear Street: Part Two - 1978 (2021), Stargirl (2020) and These Streets...

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Kevin Wayne
plays Nate

Kevin Wayne as Nate

Kevin Wayne was born on November 1, 1968 and is currently 55 years old.

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Danielle Reverman
plays Birdie

Natalie Victoria
plays Marigold

Natalie Victoria was born on October 5, 1982 and is currently 41 years old.

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Christopher Matthew Spencer
plays Officer Hudson

Britt George
plays Officer Grip Cohen

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