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Madame Web is an upcoming movie that is sure to captivate audiences with its thrilling storyline and talented cast. The film centers around the character of Cassandra Webb, played by the talented Dakota Johnson. Cassandra is a paramedic who finds herself facing some shocking revelations about her past. As she grapples with these newfound truths, she forms a bond with three young women who are destined for greatness, but only if they can survive the dangerous present.

One of these young women is Julia Cornwall, played by Sydney Sweeney. Julia is a complex character with a lot of depth, and Sweeney brings her to life in a way that is both compelling and believable. Throughout the movie, we see Julia struggling to come to terms with her own destiny, even as she forms a close connection with Cassandra. Together, these two characters must navigate a world filled with danger and uncertainty, all while trying to hold onto the hope that a better future is possible.

At its core, Madame Web is a story about the power of friendship and the strength of the human spirit. Despite the many challenges and obstacles that stand in their way, Cassandra and Julia are able to forge a deep and meaningful connection that helps them both to grow and evolve as people. Along the way, they are joined by other powerful women who help to round out the cast and add even more depth to the story. If you're a fan of action-packed movies with complex characters and a strong emotional core, then Madame Web is definitely a film that you won't want to miss.

Full Cast of Madame Web

Dakota Johnson
plays Cassandra Webb , Cassandra 'Cassie' Webb / Madame Web

Dakota Johnson as Cassandra Webb

Dakota Mayi Johnson (born October 4, 1989) is an American actress. The daughter of actors Don Johnson and Melanie Gri...

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Sydney Sweeney
plays Julia Cornwall

Sydney Sweeney as Julia Cornwall
In the movie 'Madame Web', Sydney Sweeney delivers a captivating performance as Julia Cornwall. Sweeney brings a sense of vulnerability and strength to the character, making her relatable and endearing to the audience. Her portrayal of Julia's internal struggles and growth throughout the film is both nuanced and powerful. Sweeney's on-screen presence is undeniable, and her chemistry with her co-stars adds depth to the overall narrative. Overall, Sydney Sweeney's performance in 'Madame Web' is a testament to her talent and versatility as an actress. See Sydney Sweeney's other roles

Isabela Merced
plays Anya Corazón

Isabela Merced as Anya Corazón
Isabela Merced delivers a captivating performance as Anya Corazon in 'Madame Web'. She brings a perfect blend of vulnerability and strength to the character, making Anya a relatable and inspiring heroine. Merced's charisma shines through, making her a standout in the ensemble cast. Her portrayal of Anya's journey from an ordinary girl to a superhero is both convincing and engaging, leaving viewers eager to see more of her in the future. See Isabela Merced's other roles

Celeste O'Connor
plays Mattie Franklin

Tahar Rahim
plays Ezekiel Sims

Tahar Rahim as Ezekiel Sims
In the upcoming movie 'Madame Web', Tahar Rahim delivers a captivating performance as Ezekiel Sims. Rahim's portrayal of the enigmatic character is both charismatic and intense, as he brings to life the complexities of Ezekiel's past and motivations. His on-screen presence is commanding, making it impossible to look away as he navigates the intricate web of relationships and conflicts that define the world of 'Madame Web'. Rahim's performance is a testament to his range as an actor, and fans of his previous work will not be disappointed. See Tahar Rahim's other roles

Kerry Bishé
plays Constance

Kerry Bishé as Constance
Kerry Bishé delivers a captivating performance as Constance Webb in 'Madame Web'. Her portrayal of the determined journalist, who is initially skeptical of the supernatural world, is both convincing and engaging. Bishé's ability to convey Constance's transformation from a cynical non-believer to a courageous ally is a testament to her acting skills. Her on-screen chemistry with the other characters, particularly Madame Web, adds depth to the narrative, making her performance a standout in the film. See Kerry Bishé's other roles

Adam Scott
plays Ben Parker

Adam Scott as Ben Parker

Adam Scott (born April 3, 1973) is an American actor, producer, screenwriter, director and podcaster. He is best know...

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Emma Roberts
plays Mary Parker

Emma Roberts as Mary Parker

Emma Rose Roberts (born February 10, 1991) is an American actress and singer. After making her acting debut in the cr...

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Mike Epps
plays O'Neil

Mike Epps as O'Neil

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Michael Elliot "Mike" Epps (born November 18, 1970) is an American stand-up c...

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Zosia Mamet
plays Amaria

Zosia Mamet as Amaria

Zosia Russell Mamet (born February 2, 1988) is an American actress and musician who has appeared in television series...

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José María Yázpik
plays Santiago

Kathy-Ann Hart
plays Susan

Josh Drennen
plays Julia's Dad

Yuma Feldman
plays Julia's Half-Sibling

Miranda Adekoje
plays Doctor (Optometry)

Deirdre McCourt
plays Fresh-Faced Nurse

Naheem Garcia
plays Landlord

Jill Hennessy
plays Beautiful Woman

Jill Hennessy as Beautiful Woman

Jill Hennessy (born November 25, 1968) is a Canadian actress and musician known for her television roles on Law & Ord...

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Rosemary Crimp
plays Opera Singer

Brian Faherty
plays Firefighter

Shaun Bedgood
plays New York Dude

Mike Bash
plays Businessman

Cilda Shaur
plays Lady on Train

Jennifer Ellis
plays Chloe

Kris Sidberry
plays Ann

Erica Souza
plays Lorna

Rena Maliszewski
plays Doctor (OBGYN)

Michael Malvesti
plays Trucker

Gopal Lalwani
plays Midtown Taxi (Driver)

Shawnna Thibodeau
plays MTA Cop

Dominique Washington
plays Nurse

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