Cast and Crew of Love, Guaranteed

Cast of
Love, Guaranteed

About Love, Guaranteed

A lawyer takes on a new client that wants to sue a dating website because it guarantees love.

Full Cast of Love, Guaranteed

Rachael Leigh Cook
plays Susan

Heather Graham
plays Tamara Taylor

Caitlin Howden
plays Melanie

Keisha Haines
plays Parent Girl

Natalie von Rotsburg
plays Mom

Colin Foo
plays Mr. Yang

Nick Fontaine
plays Reporter

Morgana Wyllie
plays Lifestyle Reporter

Judith Maxie
plays Judge Kay

Flossie McKnight
plays Bailiff

Jason Burkart
plays Sparkletts Guy

Arthur Corber
plays Max

Amitai Marmorstein
plays Intermittent Faster

Lauren McGibbon
plays Waitress

Clare Filipow
plays Hostess

Sasha Monica
plays Hipster Barista

Rebecca Olson
plays Receptionist

Christian Sloan
plays Lawyer Bro

Stephanie Son
plays Ms Lin

Crew of Love, Guaranteed