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Love and Other Cults

About Love and Other Cults

  • Released on July 15, 2017

Born in a small town in Japan, a young girl named Ai is sent to a cult commune by her religious maniac mother and lives there for seven long years. After the cult is exposed by the police, Ai starts a new stage of life, going to a normal school for the first time, but she can’t find her place to fit in there. Ai drops out from the school and society, spending her life living with a rock-bottom delinquent family full of gangsters and call girls. In a strange twist of fate she finds herself back in a new and normal life, living with a middle-class family, but her troubled life continues to follow her into more deep and seedy paths.

Full Cast of Love and Other Cults

Sairi Ito
plays Ai Shima

Sairi Ito as Ai Shima

Sairi Ito is a Japanese actress who is represented by the talent agency Alpha Agency.

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Kenta Suga
plays Ryota Sakuma

plays Kenta

Kaito Yoshimura
plays Yuji Mieno

Hanae Kan
plays Reika Kojima

Ami Tomite
plays Manami

Hana Matsumoto
plays Yuka Mita

Nanami Kawakami
plays Miharu Kitami

Katsuya Maiguma
plays Kazuharu Kitami

Matthew Chozick
plays Cult Leader Lavi

Taro Yabe
plays Seno

plays Hisaya Kida

Léona Hirota
plays Kaori Shima

Yoshimasa Kondo
plays Tsunehiko Mita

Nanami Hidaka

Ryoka Neya

Hako Ohshima
plays Miki Mita

Kunpei Matsui

Shingo Mizusawa

Nobu Morimoto

Atsushi Shinohara

Shunpei Kawagoshi

Wan Marui

Chavetaro Ishizaki
plays Biker1

Ryo Ikeda

Crew of Love and Other Cults

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