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  • Released on February 19, 2021

Minato is a university student and has a fear of germs. She isn't interested in looking pretty. She lives with her stepbrother Toru, who is her stepbrother from her mother's remarriage. Meanwhile, Toru is handsome and a player with the ladies. He doesn't resist women who come on to him and he doesn't stop women from leaving him either. Minato is uncomfortable with Toru and his ways with women. They are the same age and attend the same university. They have an agreement, where Toru will not approach Minato within 2 meters when they are outside. One day, due to her friend’s request, Minato puts on make-up and wears her friend’s high school uniform. While she is out walking in public, she happens to meet Toru. She unexpectedly lies to him about her identity and tells him that she is a high school student. Toru falls in love with her at first sight.

Full Cast of Liar x Liar

Nana Mori
plays Minato Takatsuki

Hokuto Matsumura
plays Toru Takatsuki

Hokuto Matsumura as Toru Takatsuki

Hokuto Matsumura (松村 北斗) is a member of Johnny's group SixTONES (pronounced "Stones")

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Mayu Hotta
plays Maki Noguchi

Yuta Koseki
plays Shinki Karasuma

Satsuki Okumori
plays Junior high school student

Mone Akitani

Crew of Liar x Liar

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