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Leave All Fair

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  • Released on June 24, 1985

John Middleton Murry visits France to finalize the publication of a collection of his late wife, Katherine Mansfield's, letters and journals. The publisher's girlfriend Marie (who physically resembles Mansfield) and Murry become friends. Marie gradually learns that Murry not only profited greatly from his publication of Mansfield's writings, but that as her editor he sacrificed the real Mansfield to his own romantic dream, and even that he published her letters and journals against her expressed wishes.

Full Cast of Leave All Fair

John Gielgud
plays John Middleton Murry

Jane Birkin
plays Marie Taylor, Katherine Mansfield

Féodor Atkine
plays Andre de Sarry

Simon Ward
plays young John

Louba Guertchikoff
plays Lisa

Maurice Chevit
plays Alain

Mireille Alcantara
plays Violetta

Leonard Pezzino
plays Alfredo

Crew of Leave All Fair

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