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  • Released on September 25, 2023
  • Drama

"Leading Role" is a captivating movie that follows the story of Aurora Guerra, a successful actress who rose to fame in the teen series "The Chosen Ones." Aurora's parents, Irene and Julio, played a significant role in her success by ensuring she got the part in the series. However, the audition process was not as straightforward as it seemed. Irene, who recognized that the decision was between Aurora and another girl, used her influence to manipulate the casting director in Aurora's favor.

The other girl who auditioned was Lucia, who shared the same dream as Aurora - to become a successful actress. Lucia applied for the casting, but she soon discovered Irene's scheme and confronted her. The confrontation led to a heated argument between the two, which resulted in Lucia having a severe accident that left her with physical disabilities and ended her chances of becoming an actress. Twenty years later, Lucia is determined to seek revenge on Aurora, not realizing that she is a victim of Irene's manipulations.

The movie explores themes of jealousy, manipulation, and revenge, as Lucia seeks to reclaim what she believes Aurora took from her. Lucia's desire for revenge is understandable, given the circumstances that led to her physical disabilities. However, as the story unfolds, it becomes clear that Aurora is not the enemy but rather a victim of her mother's schemes. The movie is a reminder that sometimes, what appears to be the truth is far from it, and that revenge is not always the answer. Overall, "Leading Role" is a compelling movie that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, eager to discover the outcome of Lucia's quest for revenge.

Full Cast of Leading Role

Carolina Carvalho
plays Aurora (164 episodes)

Ângelo Rodrigues
plays Frederico (Fred) (164 episodes)

Margarida Vila-Nova
plays Lúcia (164 episodes)

José Mata
plays Paulo (164 episodes)

Mafalda Vilhena
plays Irene (164 episodes)

António Fonseca
plays Júlio Guerra (164 episodes)

Victoria Guerra
plays Vera Nascimento (164 episodes)

Renato Godinho
plays Miguel Castilho (164 episodes)

Marco D'Almeida
plays Ângelo Tavares (164 episodes)

Carolina Loureiro
plays Gabriela Santos (164 episodes)

Márcia Breia
plays Fernanda Peixoto (164 episodes)

Melânia Gomes
plays Daniela Teixeira (164 episodes)

Noémia Costa
plays Matilde Silvestre (164 episodes)

Carlos Areia
plays Gustavo Silvestre (164 episodes)

Sandra Faleiro
plays Marina Bezerro (164 episodes)

Pedro Lacerda
plays Joel Bezerro (164 episodes)

Patrícia Tavares
plays Silvana Castilho (164 episodes)

Diogo Martins
plays Roberto Silvestre (164 episodes)

Isabela Valadeiro
plays Inês Freitas (164 episodes)

Miguel Raposo
plays Manel Silvestre (164 episodes)

Sofia Arruda
plays Denise Bezerro (164 episodes)

Igor Regalla
plays Diego Caseiro (164 episodes)

Vera Moura
plays Telma «Donatela» Castanheiro (164 episodes)

João Arrais
plays Zen Bezerro (164 episodes)

Cleia Almeida
plays Teresa Silvestre (164 episodes)

João Vicente
plays Pedro Dinis (164 episodes)

Diana Palmerston
plays Rita Castilho (164 episodes)

Beatriz Forjaz
plays Alice Teixeira (164 episodes)

Joaquim Monchique
plays Marcelo Pimenta (164 episodes)

Joana Cravo
plays Aurora (jovem) (164 episodes)

Guilherme Félix
plays João (5 episodes)

João Bettencourt
plays Fred (Jovem) (3 episodes)

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