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Welcome to the "Norwegian Nynorsk" category! Here, you'll find a curated selection of movies and TV shows that are sure to delight language enthusiasts and fans of Nordic culture alike.

Nynorsk, also known as New Norwegian, is one of the two official written languages of Norway. It's a beautiful and expressive language that's spoken by over 10% of the population, particularly in the western and southern regions of the country.

Our collection includes a range of films and series that showcase the best of Nynorsk cinema and television. From heartwarming comedies like "Radiokameratane" to gripping dramas and thought-provoking documentaries, there's something for everyone in this category.

Whether you're a seasoned Nynorsk speaker or just starting to learn the language, you'll find that watching movies and TV shows in Nynorsk is a fun and engaging way to immerse yourself in the language and culture. So why not explore our collection today and discover your new favorite Nynorsk film or series?

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