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Welcome to the Assamese category, where you can explore a rich and unique collection of movies and TV shows from the vibrant culture of Assam, a beautiful state in northeastern India. Assamese cinema, also known as Jollywood, has a long and storied history, with its roots dating back to the 1930s. The language, Assamese, is one of the 22 official languages of India and is spoken by over 15 million people worldwide.

Our selection includes a range of genres, from drama and comedy to action and romance, all showcasing the authentic stories, traditions, and values of Assam. One of the standout movies in this category is "Bhoga Khirikee," a critically acclaimed Assamese-language film directed by Jahnu Barua. The movie follows the life of a young woman who returns to her village after studying in the city and must navigate the challenges of tradition, modernity, and identity.

Whether you're an avid fan of Assamese cinema or new to the culture, our Assamese category offers something for everyone. So sit back, relax, and immerse yourself in the beauty and complexity of Assamese storytelling.

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