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L'amour rend Aveugle

About L'amour rend Aveugle

  • Released on January 22, 2015

Tristan falls in love with a blind patient of his, Angel. They get married and have a beautiful boy but when he finds out that not only the operation he performed on her to save her sight failed but that she also contracted a lethal virus, he takes drastic measures to make her last wish come true.

Full Cast of L'amour rend Aveugle

Cédric Maruani
plays Tristan

Eliza Calmat
plays Angèle

Franck Boss
plays Patrick

Bernard Werber
plays Le Prêtre

Rébecca Dereims
plays Christel

Camille Andrey-David
plays Carla

Gustavo Marchand
plays Benjamin

Aurelien Charle
plays Le Serveur

Crew of L'amour rend Aveugle

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