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Keep Smiling

About Keep Smiling

  • Released on August 12, 1938

Jane breaks into the film business while also reviving the flagging career of her film director uncle and getting him hooked up with his secretary.

Full Cast of Keep Smiling

Jane Withers
plays Jane Rand

Gloria Stuart
plays Carol Walters

Gloria Stuart as Carol Walters

Gloria Stuart (1910–2010) was an American actress, activist, painter, bonsai artist and fine printer. She is best kn...

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Henry Wilcoxon
plays Jonathan Rand

Helen Westley
plays Mrs. Willoughby

Jed Prouty
plays Jerome Lawson

Douglas Fowley
plays Cedric Hunt

Robert Allen
plays Stanley Harper

Pedro de Cordoba
plays J. Howard Travers

Claudia Coleman
plays Mrs. Bowman

Paula Raymond
plays Bettina Bowman

Etta McDaniel
plays Violet

Carmencita Johnson
plays Brutus

Mary McCarty
plays Froggy

Hal K. Dawson
plays Casting Director

Crew of Keep Smiling

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