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In the newest addition to the DC Animated Universe, 'Justice League: Warworld' brings together some of the most iconic superheroes of all time for an action-packed adventure that is not to be missed. The film features a star-studded cast, including Jensen Ackles as Batman/Officer Wayne and Darren Criss as Superman/Agent Kent, who lend their voices to these beloved characters in a way that is both fresh and familiar.

At the beginning of the movie, the Justice League is depicted as a loose association of superpowered individuals, each with their own unique abilities and motivations. However, when they are suddenly transported to the alien planet of Warworld, they are forced to put aside their differences and work together in order to survive. Warworld is a brutal and unforgiving place, where gladiatorial combat is a way of life, and the heroes must quickly adapt in order to stay alive.

As the film progresses, the Justice League begins to unite and form a cohesive resistance against the oppressive forces that control Warworld. Led by Batman and Superman, the team must navigate treacherous political alliances, uncover hidden secrets, and harness their combined powers in order to liberate the planet and its people. Along the way, they discover the true meaning of unity, sacrifice, and the power of friendship, making 'Justice League: Warworld' a must-watch for fans of superhero stories and action-adventure films alike.

Full Cast of Justice League: Warworld

Jensen Ackles
plays Batman / Officer Wayne (voice)

Jensen Ackles as Batman / Officer Wayne (voice)
Jensen Ackles delivers a captivating performance as Batman / Officer Wayne in 'Justice League: Warworld'. His deep, gravelly voice perfectly encapsulates the brooding and mysterious nature of the Dark Knight, making his portrayal both commanding and intriguing. Ackles's ability to switch between the gruff Batman and the more refined Officer Wayne adds depth to his character, showcasing his versatility as a voice actor. Overall, his performance is a standout in the movie, contributing to the engaging narrative and immersive world of 'Justice League: Warworld'. See Jensen Ackles's other roles

Darren Criss
plays Superman / Agent Kent (voice)

Darren Criss as Superman / Agent Kent (voice)
Darren Criss delivers a captivating performance as Superman / Agent Kent in 'Justice League: Warworld'. His vocal prowess brings depth and emotion to the iconic character, making Superman's heroism and inner struggles feel authentic and engaging. Criss's ability to switch between Superman's stoic demeanor and Agent Kent's more human, vulnerable side adds layers of complexity to the role. Overall, his performance is a standout feature of the movie, showcasing his talent as a voice actor and further solidifying his versatility as a performer. See Darren Criss's other roles

Stana Katic
plays Wonder Woman / Diana Prince (voice)

Stana Katic as Wonder Woman / Diana Prince (voice)
Stana Katic delivers a captivating performance as Wonder Woman / Diana Prince in 'Justice League: Warworld'. Her strong, commanding voice perfectly encapsulates the iconic character's strength and determination. Katic's portrayal adds depth to Diana's complex emotions, showcasing her compassion and unwavering resolve. Her delivery of the dialogue is both powerful and nuanced, making her performance a standout in the film. See Stana Katic's other roles

Ike Amadi
plays Martian Manhunter / J'onn J'onzz (voice)

Ike Amadi as Martian Manhunter / J'onn J'onzz (voice)
Ike Amadi's performance as Martian Manhunter in 'Justice League: Warworld' is a standout, as he brings a commanding presence and gravitas to the role. His deep, resonant voice perfectly captures the alien nature of J'onn J'onzz, while also conveying the character's wisdom and compassion. Amadi's delivery of Martian Manhunter's lines is both powerful and nuanced, making him a memorable and compelling presence in the film. See Ike Amadi's other roles

Troy Baker
plays Jonah Hex (voice)

Troy Baker as Jonah Hex (voice)
Troy Baker's performance as Jonah Hex in 'Justice League: Warworld' is a standout, bringing the iconic character to life with his gravelly voice and impeccable delivery. Baker's portrayal perfectly captures Hex's rugged, no-nonsense demeanor, making him a memorable addition to the ensemble cast. His voice acting skills elevate the character's presence, making Jonah Hex a compelling and intriguing figure in the animated film. See Troy Baker's other roles

Matt Bomer
plays Old Man (voice)

Matt Bomer as Old Man (voice)
Matt Bomer delivers a captivating performance as Old Man in 'Justice League: Warworld'. His voice acting skills bring depth and emotion to the character, making Old Man a standout figure in the movie. Bomer's delivery of dialogue is both powerful and nuanced, showcasing his ability to convey a range of emotions through his voice. His performance adds a layer of complexity to the story, making it a must-watch for fans of animated movies and voice acting enthusiasts. See Matt Bomer's other roles

Roger Cross
plays Machiste (voice)

Roger Cross as Machiste (voice)

Roger Cross is a Jamaican-born Canadian film and television actor, best known for playing recurring and leading telev...

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Brett Dalton
plays Bat Lash (voice)

Trevor Devall
plays Drifter (voice)

John DiMaggio
plays Lobo (voice)

John DiMaggio as Lobo (voice)

John William DiMaggio is an American voice actor. A native of North Plainfield, New Jersey, he is known for his gruff...

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Robin Atkin Downes
plays Mongul (voice)

Robin Atkin Downes as Mongul (voice)

Born in London, England, Robin Atkin Downes is an English actor who is one of the most prolific voice-over actors in ...

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Frank Grillo
plays Agent Faraday (voice)

Frank Grillo as Agent Faraday (voice)

Frank Anthony Grillo is an American actor known for his roles in films such as Warrior (2011), The Grey (2012), End o...

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Rachel Kimsey
plays Mariah Romanova (voice)

Rachel Kimsey as Mariah Romanova (voice)

Actor, Voice Actor, Teacher and Coach, you'll most likely find her behind a microphone or on a set, doing voiceover f...

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David Lodge
plays Sheriff (voice)

David Lodge as Sheriff (voice)

In an industry without a loss of excellent talent, David is honored in 2018-19 to be working on a vast array of actin...

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Damian O'Hare
plays Deimos (voice)

Damian O'Hare as Deimos (voice)

Damian O'Hare is an Irish actor.

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Teddy Sears
plays Warlord (voice)

Teddy Sears as Warlord (voice)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Edward M. "Teddy" Sears (born April 6, 1977) is an American television actor,...

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Kari Wahlgren
plays Harbinger (voice)

Kari Wahlgren as Harbinger (voice)

Kari K. Wahlgren (born July 13, 1977) is an American voice actress who has provided English language voices for dozen...

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