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Joe Pickett is an exciting new show that follows the life of a game warden and his family in a small rural town in Wyoming. The main characters include Michael Dorman, who plays the role of Joe Pickett, and Julianna Guill, who plays his wife, Marybeth Pickett. As a game warden, Joe is responsible for enforcing the laws and regulations that protect the town's vast wildlife and natural resources. However, as the town grapples with changing political and socio-economic climates, Joe and his family find themselves in the middle of a web of secrets and schemes that have been hidden for decades.

The show is set in a stunningly beautiful yet remote location, where the town's residents are deeply connected to the land and its history. The Pickett family, including their two daughters, navigate the challenges of living in a community on the verge of economic collapse. Amidst the breathtaking landscapes and rich wildlife, the town hides a darker side, full of secrets and corruption that threaten to disrupt the peaceful life that the Picketts have come to know and love.

As Joe goes about his duties as a game warden, he uncovers a series of crimes and conspiracies that threaten the town and its inhabitants. With each new discovery, Joe is drawn deeper into a dangerous world of intrigue and deception, putting his family and his own life at risk. Despite the challenges, Joe remains committed to upholding the law and protecting the town and its people. As the series progresses, viewers can expect to be enthralled by the show's complex characters, gripping storylines, and stunning visuals, all of which come together to create a truly unforgettable viewing experience.

Joe Pickett ran for 2 seasons.

Main Cast of Joe Pickett

Mustafa Speaks
plays Nate Romanowski (10 episodes) , Nate Romanowski (20 episodes)

Vivienne Guynn
plays April Keeley (19 episodes) , April Keeley (10 episodes)

Mustafa Speaks
plays Nate Romanowski (17 episodes)

Chad Rook
plays Deputy McLanahan (18 episodes) , Deputy McLanahan (10 episodes)

Kamryn Pliva
plays Lucy Pickett (20 episodes)

Dan McDougall
plays Bartender (10 episodes)

Evie Marsten
plays Julie Scarlett (10 episodes)

Zebastin Borjeau
plays Young Joe Pickett (10 episodes)

Mark Bellamy
plays Mitch (10 episodes)

Kyle Mac
plays George Pickett (10 episodes)

Oliver Mandelcorn
plays Young Victor Pickett (10 episodes)

Aadila Dosani
plays Cricket Ludlow (13 episodes)

Roger LeBlanc
plays Hank Scarlett (11 episodes)

Secondary Cast of Joe Pickett

Oliver Mandelcorn
plays Young Victor Picket (1 episode) , Young Victor Pickett (8 episodes)

Blair Young
plays LESS (1 episode)

Cassie Dzienny
plays Sadie Pickett (9 episodes)

Zebastin Borjeau
plays Young Joe Pickett (8 episodes)

Evie Marsten
plays Julie Scarlett (8 episodes)

Judith Buchan
plays Opal Scarlett (7 episodes)

Kyle Mac
plays George Pickett (6 episodes)

Sean Wei Mah
plays Charlie Left Hand (6 episodes)

Emily Alabi
plays Shenandoah (6 episodes)

John Ralston
plays Derek Longbrake (6 episodes)

Cheryl De Luca
plays Alisha Whiteplume (6 episodes)

Alex Breaux
plays Camish Grimmengruber (5 episodes)

Jacqueline Robbins
plays Violet Bouvier (5 episodes)

Tanchay Redvers
plays Marissa Left Hand (as T'áncháy Redvers) (5 episodes)

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