Cast and Crew of INXS : Never Tear Us Apart

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INXS : Never Tear Us Apart

About INXS : Never Tear Us Apart

  • Released on February 09, 2014
  • Drama

The uncensored story of one of Australia's most successful bands, INXS. A story of mateship, a story of success and excess, talent and sheer bloody will, set to a pulsating soundtrack including all of INXSs greatest hits.

Full Cast of INXS : Never Tear Us Apart

Luke Arnold
plays Michael Hutchence (2 episodes)

Hugh Sheridan
plays Garry Gary Beers (2 episodes)

Andrew Ryan
plays Andrew Farris (2 episodes)

Alex Williams
plays Kirk Pengilly (2 episodes)

Ido Drent
plays Jon Farris (2 episodes)

Nick Masters
plays Tim Farris (2 episodes)

Jane Allsop
plays Pat Hutchence (2 episodes)

Brendan Barnett
plays Bono (2 episodes)

Daniel Bowden
plays Adam Ant (2 episodes)

Laura Brent
plays Beth 'Buffy' Farriss (2 episodes)

Kylie Gulliver
plays Kym Wilson (2 episodes)

Jane Harber
plays Michelle Bennett (2 episodes)

Jacob Holt
plays Young Jon (2 episodes)

Mitchell Hope
plays Young Tim (2 episodes)

Sam Howard
plays Young Kirk (2 episodes)

Mallory Jansen
plays Helena Christensen (2 episodes)

Tim Langdon
plays Young Andrew (2 episodes)

Rarmian Newton
plays Young Garry (2 episodes)

Garth Ploog
plays Jason Donovan (2 episodes)

Toby Wallace
plays Young Michael (2 episodes)

Katryn Broido
plays Female Record Executive (2 episodes)

Jessica Callaghan
plays Girl (2 episodes)

Tessa Cash
plays Topless Girl (2 episodes)

Maria Coviello
plays Reporter 2 (2 episodes)

Ciara Davis
plays Naked Girl (2 episodes)

Georgie Harkin
plays Kempsey Girl (2 episodes)

Caroline Hoe
plays Naked Girl (2 episodes)

Chernae Howlett
plays Pretty Girl in Crowd (2 episodes)

Peter Karlos
plays Bus Driver (2 episodes)

Czarina Lapus
plays Woman (2 episodes)

Carlos Mabjaia
plays College DJ (2 episodes)

Samara Alana
plays Naked Girl (2 episodes)

Celeste Markwell
plays Receptionist (2 episodes)

Alex Mccarthy
plays Motorcycle Policeman (2 episodes)

Ben Ronec
plays Bully (2 episodes)

Alexandra Paterson
plays Julie (2 episodes)

Nikita Sage
plays Naked Girl (2 episodes)

Tegan Short
plays Birthday Girl (2 episodes)

Vanessa Vescio
plays Kempsey Girl (2 episodes)

Lisbert Vester-Fraser
plays Neuro Surgeon (2 episodes)

Jim Xyga
plays Offsider (2 episodes)

Samantha Jade
plays Kylie Minogue (2 episodes)

Georgina Haig
plays Paula Yates (2 episodes)

John Adam
plays Kel Hutchence (2 episodes)

Carolyn Bock
plays Jill Farriss (2 episodes)

Alfred Coolwell
plays Aboriginal Man (2 episodes)

Ivy D'Orsogna
plays Female Interviewer (2 episodes)

William Emmons
plays Doug Morris (2 episodes)

Andrew S. Gilbert
plays Dennie Farriss (2 episodes)

John Hastie
plays Reporter (2 episodes)

Paul Ireland
plays Lee James (2 episodes)

Ryan Johnson
plays Gary Morris (2 episodes)

Nathaniel Kelly
plays Gendarme (2 episodes)

Dave Lawson
plays Cary Grant (2 episodes)

Virginie Le Brun
plays Lysette (2 episodes)

Ashlee Lollback
plays American Girlfriend (2 episodes)

Stephen Lopez
plays Head of Security (2 episodes)

Darci McDonald
plays Alison (2 episodes)

Lisa McGregor
plays Jane (2 episodes)

Amanda McKay
plays Midwife (2 episodes)

James William O'Halloran
plays Kym's Boyfriend (2 episodes)

Grant Piro
plays Molly Meldrum (2 episodes)

Darío Quiroga
plays Customs Officer (2 episodes)

Sarah Roberts
plays Shelley (2 episodes)

Olaf Savage
plays Cabbie (2 episodes)

Robert Shook
plays Hotel Staffer (2 episodes)

Zac Soderstrom
plays James Farriss (2 episodes)

Freya Stafford
plays Kim D (2 episodes)

Jacinta Stapleton
plays Reen Nalli (2 episodes)

Brett Swain
plays Dez Jose (2 episodes)

Emily Taheny
plays Annie (2 episodes)

Christie Whelan
plays Shelley Blanks (Farriss) (2 episodes)

Sandy Winton
plays Detective Chambers (2 episodes)

Victoria Jacobsen
plays French Girl (1 episode)

Crew of INXS : Never Tear Us Apart