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A revenge-seeking gold digger marries a womanizing Beverly Hills lawyer with the intention of making a killing in the divorce.

Full Cast of Intolerable Cruelty

George Clooney
plays Miles Massey

George Clooney as Miles Massey

George Timothy Clooney (born May 6, 1961) is an American actor and filmmaker. He is the recipient of numerous accolad...

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Catherine Zeta-Jones
plays Marilyn Rexroth

Catherine Zeta-Jones as Marilyn Rexroth

Catherine Zeta-Jones, CBE, (born 25 September 1969) is a Welsh actress. She began her career on stage at an early age...

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Edward Herrmann
plays Rex Rexroth

Edward Herrmann as Rex Rexroth

Edward Kirk Herrmann (July 21, 1943 – December 31, 2014) in Washington, D.C., was an American television and film act...

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Geoffrey Rush
plays Donovan Donaly

Geoffrey Rush as Donovan Donaly

Geoffrey Roy Rush AC (born 6 July 1951) is an Australian actor. He is known for his eccentric leading man roles on st...

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Richard Jenkins
plays Freddy Bender

Billy Bob Thornton
plays Howard D. Doyle

Billy Bob Thornton as Howard D. Doyle

Billy Bob Thornton (born August 4, 1955) is an American actor, screenwriter, director and musician. Thornton gained e...

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Stacey Travis
plays Bonnie Donaly

Stacey Travis as Bonnie Donaly

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Stacey Travis (born August 29, 1966) is an American actress whose films includ...

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Cedric the Entertainer
plays Gus Petch

Cedric the Entertainer as Gus Petch

Cedric Antonio Kyles (born April 24, 1964), known professionally as Cedric the Entertainer, is an American actor and ...

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Paul Adelstein
plays Wrigley

Paul Adelstein as Wrigley

Paul Adelstein (born April 29, 1969) is an American television and film actor, best known for the role of Agent Paul ...

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Julia Duffy
plays Sarah Sorkin

Jonathan Hadary
plays Heinz, the Baron Krauss von Espy

Tom Aldredge
plays Herb Myerson

Jack Kyle
plays Ollie Olerud

Irwin Keyes
plays Wheezy Joe

Judith Drake
plays Mrs. Gutman

George Ives
plays Mrs. Gutman's Lawyer

George Ives was born on January 19, 1926 and passed away 11 years ago at the age of 87 on February 22, 2013.

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Kristin Dattilo
plays Rex's Young Woman

Kristin Dattilo as Rex's Young Woman

Kristin Dattilo was born on January 1, 1970 and is currently 54 years old.

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Wendle Josepher
plays Miles' Receptionist

Mia Cottet
plays Ramona Barcelona

Mary Pat Gleason
plays Nero's Waitress

Mary Pat Gleason as Nero's Waitress

Mary Pat Gleason (February 23, 1950 - June 2, 2020) was an American film and television actress. From 1983–85 she app...

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Booth Colman
plays Gutman Trial Judge

Kiersten Warren
plays Claire O'Mara

Rosey Brown
plays Gus's Pal

Ken Sagoes
plays Gus's Pal

Ken Sagoes as Gus's Pal

​From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Ken Sagoes (born 1967) is an American actor who has starred in films and in t...

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Dale E. Turner
plays Gus's Pal

Julie Osburn
plays Stewardess

Douglas Fisher
plays Maitre d'

Isabell O'Connor
plays Judge Marva Munson

Mary Gillis
plays Court Reporter

Blake Clark
plays Convention Secretary

Allan Trautman
plays Convention Lawyer

Kate Luyben
plays Santa Fe Tart

Kitana Baker
plays Santa Fe Tart

Kitana Baker as Santa Fe Tart

Miss Baker was born on July 15, 1977, in Anaheim, California, and raised in Riverside, California, the younger of two...

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Camille Anderson
plays Santa Fe Tart

Tamie Sheffield
plays Santa Fe Tart

Bridget Marquardt
plays Santa Fe Tart

Emma Harrison
plays Santa Fe Tart

John Bliss
plays Mr. MacKinnon

Sean Fenton
plays Bailiff

Patrick Thomas O'Brien
plays Bailiff

Patrick Thomas O'Brien as Bailiff

Patrick Thomas O'Brien was born on January 26, 1951 and is currently 73 years old.

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Colin Linden
plays Father Scott

Nicholas Shaffer
plays Waiter

Nicholas Shaffer was born on March 15, 1951 and is currently 73 years old.

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Bruce Campbell
plays Soap Opera Actor on TV

Bruce Campbell as Soap Opera Actor on TV

Bruce Lorne Campbell (born June 22, 1958) is an American actor, producer, writer and director. One of his best-known ...

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